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EVOL INTENT - B-Boy Metal from Atlanta

EVOL INTENT play B-Boy Heavy Metal, the sound to make you change your mind if you think drum edits are strictly for nerds, this is the next level.

EVOL INTENT is what happens when punkrockers are having fun with decks and computers, no prisoners, strictly adrenaline. Listen to corrupt cops, where's the score Rmx, swept away, ghetto style Rmx, filth bath or a call to arms, EVOL tunes are not your average tech itch wanna be amen terror type stuff.

There are a lot of hiphop und hardcore references in this interview, use google if you don't get them.

What was the first exposure you got to DNB? Did you like it instantly or did it take time to grow on you? What made you want to start producing yourself?

AJ: It was through bits & pieces of triphop and experimental IDM around '96 which led to hearing the edited style drums in jungle tunes. I was sold when I first heard it, didn't need to grow on me. I got into producing as a musical outlet when my band broke up (drummer moved away for college)

Looking at you guys, NOISIA, BSE, Pendulum etc, three men teams seem to be quite effective in DNB production. Does everyone in EVOL Intent do everything, or do you guys each have clear responsibilities in the crew? If you can't come to a decision democratically and it comes down to punching each other in the face, who wins?

We all can cover the bases solo if needed. Of course we each have strong points in different areas that stick out, but over all we share the producing responsibilities evenly. The only punching we do is to
the official E.I. cat (sweet little Killy-bird)

When you started making beats US DNB was still considered somewhat exotic in the UK and abroad, do you think it gets the recognition it deserves today? Who should we be looking out for?

Yeah, it's crazy how much things have changed in the last couple of years. Drum'n'Bass worldwide gets respected if it's done properly. I think it's all due to the internet and the technology of production software.

Three dudes: Knick, Gigantor, The Enemy
Based in: Atlanta
Most likely to dance: the pizzamaker
Labels released on: Renegade Hardware/Barcode, Human, Outbreak, EVOL INTENT
Secret powermove: the remix
Most recent superhit: Police State ep on Hardware

Don't you love your life at the moment? Travelling, djing all over the world, releasing on the biggest labels and all that, what will be the next level for the EVOL, what are you trying to achieve?

It's great right now. Next in line for us is to take it further, we have plans to turn Evol Intent into a full live show / band, which will allow us to expand our sound and probably upset some fundamentalist die-hard dnb/jungle heads, but we've always looked at drum'n'bass as a very progressive type of music and so naturally, we want to progress with it. We don't have anything solid we are trying to achieve from this point on, just make the songs we want to and play shows to (hopefully) receptive crowds.

What are your plans with the crew and label, upcoming releases? If you had the means to sign whoever you wanted to your label, which would be your top drafts?

We've got the next couple of label releases planned out from artists such as: Ewun, Mumblz & Dave Akuma, Counterstrike & more. I'm not sure specifically who else I'd sign, but we plan on releasing more IDM/experimental type songs on the B-sides soon. Try to get a little variety in the mix.

Can we expect an album from you guys in the future?

Coming next year if everything stays on track.

Will you do any more Merchandise soon? Does cafe press suck or what? (we ordered shirts there over a year ago and never got them)

Yeah, big plans for merchandise, and yes cafe press sucks balls- sorry about that. Even if you did get them you would be disappointed. I'm working with a guy to get our online shop in order and we'll have
a new line of merch coming soon.

Considering your popularity, by HipHop logic you would need to branch out by now, EVOL clothing line, signature rims and sneakers, EVOL Juice..what would you like to see your crew's name on?

Probably bug spray and/or an E.I. signature harmonica.

If Hasbro asked you to chose between 12" vinyl EVOL action figures like KISS had, and Darth Vader style EVOL Masks, which would you pick?

Easily, action figures. I'll give Hasbro a call later and get this sorted out stat!

What do you do outside of DNB? Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

A few other genres and freelance web/print design. I will probably be doing the same thing, but with a longer beard.

In case you're still doing music then, how will you keep yourself inspired? Is it even possible to age gracefully in D&B?

I think it's possible to age gracefully, there's quite a few artists pushing the 10 year mark who have continually produced good music. I'm not sure how I'll stay inspired, but if that becomes too hard to find inspiration, I'd just give it up.

I fucking love call to arms, to me it sounds like a transition of hardcore song structures and open e chords into DNB, was that what you had in mind? What similarities do you see between the two styles?

That was exactly my intention when I started that. We had never been into the cheesy guitar riff metal/dnb tunes that have come about in the last few years, even though our backgrounds come from the punk and/or hardcore scenes.

My idea going into this track was to created a tune the same way I would write a hardcore tune without the traditional instruments. There is still some presence of guitar in this track but mainly just feedback and things of that sort.

How much hardcore do you listen to these days, and what are some of your favorite albums? Did you ever play in HXC bands yourself?

I still listen to a good bit but it's hard to stay on top like I used to. My favorite fairly current hardcore albums have been: Amanda Woodward - la decadence de la decadence, Daughters - canada songs,
Shai Hulud – that within blood ill-tempered, Bane - the note, Off Minor - innominate. Those have been pretty steady in the rotation. The bands I played in would be considered more punk that hardcore, but we played a bit of hardcore here and there.

I understand you don't drink or smoke, do you consider yourself straightedge?

Not really, I didn't decide that lifestyle based on the straightedge movement. For clarification purposes I'll sometimes tell people I'm straight-edge, but I never got into the tattoos, etc.

I like quite a few straightedge bands, but some of them are ridiculous about it. It's lame to do stuff (or in this case- not do stuff) just to fit into a scene.

You guys are doing lots of collaborations, who are you working with at the moment, and who are you planning on working with?

Right now we're working with Gein, Counterstrike, Dylan & Tech Itch, Mayhem and Ewun. In the near future, we are going to work with Aaron Bedard from Bane, see what his vocals/lyrics sound like over some hardcore styled dnb (ala Call to Arms).

Lil Jon, Ludacris and Andre3000 are all calling the same day asking for beats, who do you call back first?

Luda luva luva, the others would be very shortly after.

Who's the scariest; Killer Mike, David Banner or Pastor Troy? Where's Crunkstep?

You are truly a prophet, in the works ;) And to answer the first question- probably Killer Mike. I mean he's got killer in his name, doesn't really compare to 'pastor' or 'david' ya know?

Your favourite Geto Boy?

Scarface, but Bushwick Bill comes in close second.

Who's the real King of the South?

Young Jeezy is runnin it at the moment, but it changes every week.

Since Evol duz it, do any of you plan on growing Jheri Curls? Would you roll up to a $600 per seat republican party supporter banquet in an adidas tracksuit and NWA cap?

I'm down for all of that, minus the AIDS.

If Eazy was alive today what would he do to Jim Jones for biting his style?

Obviously, pull a 1.8.7 on um

You've been travelling a lot lately, what was the best place you played yet? Is there anywhere you can't wait to go?

I like the Nighttown parties in Rotterdam. Can't wait to go play in Compton.

The Utah rave video got spread all over the world, but few people actually made it out there, was that incident typical for that state? Have you experienced similar things elsewhere?

I don't think the incident was typical at all, no one expected it. I wasn't there personally, Knick was playing that show.

I've played at parties that get shut down or raided by the cops, but nothing to that degree. It's part of the war on drugs here in the US.

Do you ever miss the days when noone knew who you were and you could just use any vocal or other sample with no fear of being sued? Has clearance been an issue yet?

Sample clearance? What's that?

Evol is recognized and loved for percussion heavy sounds these days, will there ever be flashbacks to the few trance-ish bits you did like three or four years ago, or is that sound over?

I wouldn't say it's over. I think everyone goes through phases, it'll come back around.

Between you guys, Shadow Law and Trilogy, Atlanta seems to have a pretty balanced and healthy scene, what else is good about ATL, sell us your city!

It's top secret, you would have to visit here to find out. Atlanta is great.

What do you want Evol to stand for looking back ten or twenty years from now?


Ok, shout outs if you have any:

Shout outs to everyone who supports us and have helped us grow to what we are today, the other evol bros: Knickrophilia and the Notorious G.I.G., everyone on the EI label, chris @ hardware and family, all the promoters who don't mind putting up with us for a night, the angerfreaks friends, many more.


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