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COV OPS subscription series 2 + ICR 'Daytrip' CD!

Zitat von ASC
Covert Operations proudly presents Subscription Series 02

First off, we would like to thank all of you who subscribed to Covert Operations' Vinyl Subscription Series 01 for making it a successful foray into self-distributed vinyl record sales direct to you, the listener. Your support has helped us to forge ahead into new and uncharted territories of both music, and self-sufficiency.

We'd like to announce our next series of subscription vinyl available for order beginning today, June 20, 2005. Orders will be taken for the next four weeks, until July 18th, 2005.

Covert Operations Vinyl Subscription Series 02 will again consist of 4 plates, featuring 12 tracks of next-generation drum & bass from such cutting-edge producers as ASC, Mav, ICR, Sentient (Psidream), Rogue State, Third Rail - whose long-awaited Apprentice trilogy tracks will finally be released on vinyl. Robot Death Squad's eagerly awaited remix of ASC's "Solar Winds" is fresh out of the studio and is also featured on this subscription.


Soundclips (click title to listen)

COV010 - Mav / Sentient (aka Psidream)
A1 - Mav - Cruise Control
A2 - Mav - The Scientific Way
AA - Sentient - Theorem

COV011 - ASC & Rogue State / ASC
A - ASC & Rogue State - Space Probes
AA1 - ASC - Solar Winds
AA2 - ASC - Solar Winds (Robot Death Squad Remix)

COV012 - ICR
A - New Day
AA1 - Dislike
AA2 - Uprise

COV014 - Third Rail
A1 - The Apprentice
A2 - Return Of The Apprentice
AA - The Last Apprentice

*IMPORTANT* As this is a Subscription-based sales method, please note the following:
  • All payments for Subscription Series 02 can be placed via http://www.techgroove.co.uk/. We accept major Credit Cards and Instant Transfers through PayPal. Please feel free to contact the store at info@techgroove.co.uk if you wish to arrange to pay by other means.
  • All orders for the Subscription Series 02 will be taken up until July 18, 2005. These records will not be re-pressed, so act quickly to reserve your music!
  • Please note, as before, the vinyl will be ordered and pressed after the cut-off date of July 18th and will be sent to you as soon as possible. You will be notified by email before the records ship.

Please feel free to support us by using this banner in your signature:

Press Release
View Press Release


We know you will enjoy our next Vinyl Subscription Series as much as the last one - maybe more? Your continued support of our DIY efforts is greatly appreciated by all of us here at Covert Operations. So help fight the present, and support the future. But most importantly, enjoy the music!

-Clem & all at Covert Operations
Zitat von ASC
Subscription 02 Showcase

Just a very quick showcase - not even a mix really - to let you hear a bit more of the music you'll be buying Here's the tracklist, and it's also embedded in the ID3v2 tag. If this doesn't encourage you to buy, then we give up!

01 - Mav - The Scientific Way [COV010]
02 - ICR - Dislike [COV012]
03 - ASC - Solar Winds (Robot Death Squad Remix) [COV011]
04 - ICR - Uprise [COV011]
05 - Mav - Cruise Control [COV010]
06 - Third Rail - Return Of The Apprentice [COV014]
07 - Third Rail - The Last Apprentice [COV014]
08 - ASC - Solar Winds [COV011]
09 - ASC & Rogue State - Space Probes [COV011]
10 - Third Rail - The Apprentice [COV014]
11 - Sentient - Theorem [COV010]
12 - ICR - New Day [COV012]


Enjoy, cheers!
Zitat von ASC

We're proud to anounce the first debut full length CD album on Covert Operations, by none other than the prolific ICR. Covering a vast range of styles and sounds, Daytrip is going to be an LP you'll be talking about and listening to for years to come.

There's 14 tracks (including interludes) that span 74 minutes of aural pleasure. This is gonna be a CD only release, with vinyl versions of a handful of the tracks available on the vinyl subscriptions we're offering!

You can listen to audio of the album here:

http://www.cov-ops.co.uk > Releases > CD

This is unrelated to the vinyl subscription scheme, which we are still take orders for :wink:. We have these CD's in hand, ready to ship immediately.

Remember, you can only buy it directly from us!



ICR's previous LP - available to download!
ICR's Website
Technological Groove Webstore
01 - Before Noon (Insert)
02 - Drab Somedays
03 - Frames Of Mind
04 - Gaps
05 - Dusk (Insert)
06 - Dislike
07 - Alcora
08 - Fast & Furious
09 - Dawn (Insert)
10 - Uprise
11 - New Day
12 - Shining Down On Me
13 - Noon (Insert)
14 - Primavera
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