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Exclamation N-Phonix Techstep & Neurofunk 1997-2003 Essentials

N-Phonix Techstep & Neurofunk 1997-2003 Essentials

Several months of hard work - and here it is, my 10-hour megamix of best (in my opinion) techstep & related genre tunes
from the golden age of harder d&b - 1997-2003!


Full 10-hour version:

four 2.5 hour parts:


01.Krust - Soul In Motion [Full Cycle]
02.Optical - To Shape The Future [Metalheadz]
03.Vagrant - Stealths [Fuze]
04.Ed Rush&Optical - Funktion [V]
05.A-Sides - The 4th Dragon [Fuze]
06.Mampi Swift - The One [Charge]
07.Dillinja - Hard Noize [Test]
08.Skynet - Amorphia [Audio Blueprint]
09.Jonny L - Piper [XL]


10.Matrix - Mute '98 [Prototype]
11.Photek - Knitevision [Science]
12.Dj Teebee - Droids [Audio Couture]
13.Ram Trilogy - No Reality [Ram]
14.Source Direct - Mind Weaver [Science]
15.Psion - Airships [Audio Blueprint]
16.Ed Rush&Optical - The Medicine (Matrix Remix) [Virus]
17.Ed Rush&Optical&Fierce - Alien Girl [Prototype]
18.Bad Company - The Nine [BC]
19.Optical - Slip Thru [Virus]
20.Ram Trilogy - Terminal 1 [Ram]
21.Roni Size&Reprazent - Watching Windows (Ed Rush&Optical Remix) [Talkin Loud]
22.Moving Fusion - Turbulence [Ram]
23.Ed Rush&Optical - Crisis [Virus]
24.Ram Trilogy - Mind Overload [Ram]
25.Boom Boom Satellites - Dub Me Crazy v.02 (Optical Remix) [R&S]
26.Brockie&Ed Solo - Turntable 1 [Undiluted]
27.Fibre Optics - Sin [Renegade Hardware]
28.Genotype - The Germ [Renegade Hardware]
29.Future Forces&Dj Kane - Morpheus [Renegade Hardware]
30.Ram Trilogy - Scanners [Ram]
31.Ed Rush&Optical - Fixation [Virus]


32.Cause 4 Concern - E-Pox [Cause 4 Concern]
33.Bad Company - Refuge [BC]
34.Karl K - Synapse (Kemal&Rob Data Rmx) [Higher Education]
35.DJ Reality - Music Maker (Shimon Remix) [Trouble On Vinyl]
36.Kraken - Meatball [Underfire]
37.Usual Suspects - Killa Bee's (Optical&Fierce Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
38.Eye-D - Enemies [Def Wish]
39.DJ Reality - Crunch [Trouble On Vinyl]
40.Ryme Tyme - We Enter (Optical Remix) [No U-Turn]
41.Sniper&Mystical - Electric Ghost [Vinyl Syndicate]
42.Fresh&Vegas - Mekon [Breakbeat Culture]
43.Usual Suspects - Shrapnel [Renegade Hardware]
44.Ram Trilogy - System Error [Ram Records]
45.Bad Company - 4 Days [BC]
46.Moving Fusion - The Beginning [Ram]
47.Dj Reality - Detroit Blues [Renegade Hardware]
48.Outta Dynamics - Hostage [Trouble On Vinyl]
49.Ryme Tyme&Optical - Ghostbuster [Virus]
50.Usual Suspects - Hole Punch [Renegade Hardware]
51.Bad Company - The Pulse [Prototype]
52.Spy - Z-Plane [Underfire]
53.Konflict - Outpost [Renegade Hardware]
54.Playboy Revolutionary - Difference Engine (Usual Suspects Remix) [Eruption]
55.Dj Reality - Snakebite [Trouble On Vinyl]
56.Bad Company - Seizure [Virus]
57.Decorum - Contrax [Liftin' Spirit]
58.Bad Company - China Cup [Prototype]
59.Ed Rush&Optical - Sick Note [Virus]
60.Calyx - Morphology [31]
61.Fierce&Usual Suspects - Sawn Off [Renegade Hardware]
62.Kraken - Side Effects [Underfire]
63.Cause 4 Concern - Phat Cap [Cause 4 Concern]
64.John B - Adrenaline [Renegade Hardware]
65.Konflict - Bad Acid [Renegade Hardware]
66.Profound Noize - Dropzone [Underfire]
67.DJ Reality - Primate [Trouble On Vinyl]
68.Notorious J - Rupture [Trouble On Vinyl]
69.Dylan&Facs - Blowpipe [Fuze]
70.DJ Kontrol&Usual Suspects - Launchpad [Trouble On Vinyl]
71.Dieselboy - The Descent [Palm Pictures]
72.Modern Moves - High Density [Based On Bass]
73.Konflict - Beckoning [Renegade Hardware]
74.Kraken - Analogue Spikes [Underfire]
75.Dj Reality - Half-Life [Trouble On Vinyl]
76.Drumsound&Simon Bassline Smith - Hypnotic Regression [Urban Takeover]
77.Usual Suspects - Doorway [Renegade Hardware]
78.Bad Company - The Fear [BC Recordings]
79.Dylan - Blackout (Remix) [Droppin Science]
80.Capone - Tudor Rose [Hardleaders]
81.Technical Itch - Scope [Moving Shadow]
82.Fresh&Vegas - Stealth [Breakbeat Culture]
83.Dj Teebee - Instant Iradification [Audio Couture]
84.Decoder&Substance - Last Stop [Tech Itch]
85.Konflict&Usual Suspects - Contact [Renegade Hardware]
86.Pressure Rise - Stranger (Bad Company Remix) [Aspect]
87.Ed Rush&Optical - Bacteria [Virus]
88.Dj Loxy&Usual Suspects - Fracture [Renegade Hardware]
89.Special K&D'Cruze - Carbonite [Bomb]
90.Konflict - Phobia [Renegade Hardware]
91.Ram Trilogy - Mindscan (Ed Rush&Optical Remix) [Ram]
92.Konflict - Roadblock [Renegade Hardware]
93.Konflict - Roadblock (Matrix Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
94.Absolute Zero&Subphonics - The Code (Future Cut Remix) [Renegade Hardware]


95.Absolute Zero&Subphonics - The Code (Usual Suspects Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
96.DJ Teebee - Future War [Certificate 18]
97.Bad Company - Sentient [BC]
98.Dungeonmaster&Instil - Blueprint [Flex]
99.Eye-D&Kid Entropy - Wireless [Piruh]
100.Konflict - New World Order [Renegade Hardware]
101.DJ Red&Earth People - Ride [Stealth]
102.Redeemer - Pitbull [Position Chrome]
103.Bad Company - Oxygen [BC]
104.Kemal - Bleed [Negative]
105.Stakka&Skynet - Nu-Level (Remix) [Underfire]
106.Drumsound&Simon Bassline Smith - Aneurysm [Technique]
107.Bad Company - 4 Days (Moving Fusion Remix) [BC]
108.Su-4 - Time Warp [Music4ever]
109.Bad Company - The Pulse 2000 (Remix) [Prototype]
110.Biostacis - Brain Hack [Tech Itch]
111.Ebk - Vision [Composite]
112.Kraken - Spinal Cord [Underfire]
113.Sonic - Nautilus [5HQ]
114.Dylan&Facs - Beartrap [Biotic]
115.Mampi Swift - The 1 2k [Charge]
116.Twisted Anger - Acoustic Cage [Dread]
117.Dj Reality&Usual Suspects - Scalpel [Trouble On Vinyl]
118.Dom&Ryme Tyme - Iceberg [Moving Shadow]
119.Decoder - Relapse [Tech Itch]
120.State Of Play - Poor Mans Deal (Konflict Remix) [Aspect]
121.E-Sassin - Genome [Pneuma]
122.Elementz Of Noize - Terminal [Fuze]
123.Current Value - This Recording [Position Chrome]
124.Accidental Heroes - Sirus [Formation]
125.Dj Teebee - The Execution [Thermal]
126.Bad Company - Night Train [BC]
127.Dylan&Facs - Plankton (Technical itch Remix) [Biotic]
128.Bad Company&Dj Trace - Nitrous [BC]
129.Bad Company&Dj Trace - Son Of Nitrous [BC]
130.Technical Itch - Relic [Moving Shadow]
131.Cativo - Variation [Position Chrome]
132.Mampi Swift - Roxy [Blade]
133.Decoder - Lo-Voltage [Tech Itch]
134.Konflict - Messiah [Renegade Hardware]
135.DJ Red&Earth People - Silo [Stealth]
136.J Majik&Danny Jay - The Lizard [Infrared]
137.Bad Company - Forgotten [BC]
138.Facs&B Key - Antics [Biotic]
139.Teebee - Spaceage (Remix) [Certificate 18]
140.Loxy&Dj Ink - Quasimodo [Renegade Hardware]
141.Future Cut - Overload [Renegade Hardware]
142.Bad Company - Crucafixion [BC]
143.Dom&Roland - Cant Punish Me [Moving Shadow]
144.Bad Company&Dj Trace - Flashback [BC]
145.Drumsound&Simon Bassline Smith - Electrotech [Technique]
146.Q Project - Champion Sound (Bad Company Remix) [C.I.A.]
147.Ryme Tyme - Judgement Day [Moving Shadow]
148.Ram Trilogy - Titan [Ram]
149.Future cut - Busted [Renegade Hardware]
150.Decoder - Bounty Hunter [Tech Itch]
151.Bad Company - Hunted [BC]
152.Nu Era&DJ Loxy - Cyborg [Architecture]
153.Rascal&Klone - The Grind [Moving Shadow]
154.Gridlok - Dilusion [Rawkuts]
155.Usual Suspects - Shrapnel (Stakka&Skynet Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
156.Bad Company - Breathe [BC]
157.Stakka&Skynet - Knight Lore [Underfire]
158.Usual Suspects - Killa Bees (Konflict Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
159.Dj Reality - Cobra [Trouble On Vinyl]
160.Pyro - Mechanize [Outbreak]
161.Usual Suspects - Sceptic [Renegade Hardware]
162.Optical&Ryme Tyme - White Lightning [Virus]
163.Drumsound&Simon Bassline Smith - Tsunami [Technique]
164.Signal To Noise - Nanobugs [Pleroma Inc]
165.Konflict - Maelstrom [Renegade Hardware]
166.Matrix&Fierce - Climate [Metro]
167.John B - Gollum vs. Poison Arrow [Beta]
168.Kemal&Rob Data - The Mummy [Negative]
169.Bad Company - Brain-Scan [BC]
170.Kemal&Rob Data - Star Trails [Audio Blueprint]
171.Stakka&K.Tee - Synthesis (Remix) [Underfire]
172.Sonic - Destination [Formation City Series]
173.Skeptic - Diagram [Diagram]
174.Konflict - Obsidian [Deeper Realms]
175.Ed Rush&Optical - Crash [Virus]
176.Special K - Force 9 [Urban Takeover]
177.Juju - Invocation [Higher Education]
178.Stratus - Let's Go Crazy (Skynet Remix) [Argon]
179.Ed rush&Optical&Matrix - Flightpath [Virus]
180.Stakka&K Tee - Auto Ignition [Audio Blueprint]
181.Matrix - Asylum [Virus]
182.Cause 4 Concern - Angel Dust [Cause 4 Concern]
183.Andy C&Shimon - Firewire [Ram]
184.Basic Unit - Scaler [Flex]
185.Skeptic - Grip [Fuze]
186.Ed Rush&Optical&Ryme Tyme - Resurrection [Virus]
187.Matrix - Temperament [Virus]
188.Bad Company - Dead-Side [BC]
189.Dieselboy - Invid (E-Sassin Remix) [Palm Pictures]
190.5th Assassin - Perimeters [Hardleaders]
191.DJ Reality - Anger [Trouble On Vinyl]
192.Disorder - Cumshot [Position Chrome]
193.Bad Company - Toxin [BC]
194.Neutrik - Full Contact [Hard:Edged]
195.Konflict - The Beckoning (Usual Suspects Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
196.Ufo! - My Personal Blackmail (Konflict Remix) [Skunkrock]
197.Usual Suspects&Universal Project - The Craft [Renegade Hardware]
198.Pro-Active - Cactus [Moving Shadow]
199.Bad Company - Hysteria [BC]
200.Calyx - Catapult [Moving Shadow]
201.Static X - Love Dump (Optical Remix) [Higher Education]
202.Kemal - Re-Animation [Architecture]
203.Cause 4 Concern - Just Cause [Cause 4 Concern]
204.Ed rush&Optical - Pacman [Virus]
205.Dieselboy - The Descent (Phunckateck Remix) [Palm Pictures]
206.Dylan - Spasm [Renegade Hardware]
207.Magnetic Media - Bad Seed [Liftin Spirits]
208.Usual Suspects - Carnage [Renegade Hardware]
209.Decoder - Tag [Hardleaders]
210.Aikon - Six Hours [Spektrum Audio]
211.Kemal&Rob Data - Lime [Architecture]
212.Aquasky - Spectre [Moving Shadow]
213.Konflict - Celestial [Renegade Hardware]
214.Ram Trilogy - Reflection [Ram Records]
215.Stakka&K Tee - Terratorial [Audio Blueprint]
216.Bad Company - Spraycan [DSCI4]
217.4 Red Eyes - Signal [Hard:Edged]
218.Stakka&Skynet - Molecular [Audio Blueprint]


219.Cause 4 Concern - Strange Nature [Timeless]
220.Arcane - Polygon Sea [Audio Blueprint]
221.Bulletproof - The Klink [Cyanide]
222.Black Sun Empire - Firing Squad [DSCI4]
223.Nu Balance - Street Knowledge [Trouble On Vinyl]
224.Cause 4 Concern - Skewer [Renegade Hardware]
225.Mad Max - The Storm (Kraken Remix) [Black Pearl]
226.Bad Company - Grunge 2 [BC]
227.Stakka&K Tee - Rubber Bullet [Underfire]
228.Ryme Tyme&Nasis - Abyss (Remix) [1210]
229.Bad Company - The Running Man [BC]
230.Roots - Carve [Square One]
231.Ed Rush&Optical - Kerbkrawler [Virus]
232.Stakka&Skynet - Decoy [Underfire]
233.Citizen - Nothing 2 Fear (Aquasky Remix) [Aspect]
234.Hive - Futura [Vortex]
235.Future Bound&Recall - Hypnotizin [Infrared]
236.Acetate - Waves [Emotif]
237.Pyro - Despair [Deeper Realms]
238.Cause 4 Concern - Relentless [Cause 4 Concern]
239.Nico&Rukkus - Defender [No U-Turn]
240.Stakka&Skynet - Clockwork [Underfire]
241.Bad Company - Mindgames [BC]
242.Cause 4 Concern - Synergy [Cause 4 Concern]
243.Pieter K - Liquifaction (Stakka Remix) [Breakbeat Science]
244.Kemal&Paul Reset - Kontempt [Underfire]
245.Sinthetix - Anomaly [No U-Turn]
246.Mo-Funk - Slipstream [Argon]
247.Cause 4 Concern - Soul [Cause 4 Concern]
248.J Majik&Jay - Solarize [Infrared]
249.Ed Rush&Optical - Capsule [Virus]
250.Cause 4 Concern - Give It 2 Em [Renegade Hardware]
251.Visitors - We're Into That [No U-Turn]
252.Rascal&Klone - Convicted [Emotif]
253.Cause 4 Concern - High Down [Timeless]
254.Pressure Rise - No More Rain (Kemal&Rob Data Remix) [Aspect]
255.Kraken - Dominion [Zero Gravity]
256.Pyro&Shiraz - Falling [Perspective]
257.Skc - Recharger [Nerve]
258.Aquasky - You've Got Me (Hybridz Remix) [Aspect]
259.Cause 4 Concern - Eurotrash [Cause 4 Concern]
260.Bad Company - Planet Dust [Prototype]
261.DJ Red - Near Earth [Stealth]
262.Cause 4 Concern - Night Gasp [Idioma]
263.Futurebound&Future Cut - Homicide [Infrared]
264.Bad Company - Believe [BC]
265.Usual Suspects - Bodycount (Cause 4 Concern Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
266.Stakka&Skynet&Kemal&Rob Data - Biosfear [Underfire]
267.Ebk - 2000-2000 [Composite]
268.Ed Rush&Optical&Fierce - Pod [Virus]
269.Chris.Su - E.M.D. [Music4ever]
270.X-Plorer&Dee Pulse - Avalanche [Renegade]
271.Paranoid User - Pitch Black [Cryptic Audio]
272.Cause 4 Concern - Peep Show [Virus]
273.Amir - Bulletproof Vest [Synthetic]
274.Stratus - The Future [Subtitles]
275.Vector Burn - Quiet Wars [Cyanide]
276.Pyro - Concentration [Perspective]
277.Kemal&Rob Data - The Encrypter [DSCI4]
278.Concord Dawn - Escher [Low Profile]
279.Cause 4 Concern - White Widow [Subtitles]
280.Bulletproof - The Nephilim (Kemal&Rob Data Remix) [Cyanide]
281.Vector Burn - Reflective [Technorganic]
282.Moving Fusion - Black Hole [Ram]
283.Stakka&Skynet&Dj Friction - Altitude [Underfire]
284.Kemal&Rob Data - Konspiracy [Industry]
285.Phuture Assassins - Future Sound (Cause 4 Concern Remix) [Suburban Base]
286.Nu Balance - Short Kut [Trouble On Vinyl]
287.Cause 4 Concern - Abduction [Cause 4 Concern]
288.Acetate&Stratus - Come With Me [Circuit]
289.Sonic&Silver - Hard Times [Timeless]
290.Drumsound&Simon Bassline Smith - Distortion (Aquasky Remix) [Technique]
291.Moth - Sugar Crashing (Kemal&Rob Data Remix) [Terraformat]
292.Black Sun Empire - Bombrun [Piruh]
293.Bug Nyne - Demolition [Reinforced]
294.Danny C - Citrus [Portica]
295.Bad Company - Spider [BC]
296.Ryme Tyme&Dj Trace - Move (Drum Kru Remix) [1210]
297.Vagrant - Bomb Squad [Fuze]
298.Usual Suspects - Ed 209 [Renegade Hardware]
299.Faith In Chaos - Possession (Kemal&Rob Data Rmx) [Outbreak]
300.Kenny Ken&Footmasters - Fat Cap [Unkut]
301.Hive - Surreal Killer [Violence]
302.Cause 4 Concern - Luca (Teebee Remix) [Cause 4 Concern]
303.Technical itch&Decoder - Abduction [DSCI4]
304.Facs&B Key - Studly [Biotic]
305.Cause 4 Concern - Research (Usual Suspects Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
306.Future Cut - The Specialist [Infrared]
307.Drum Kru - Thin Air [1210]
308.Cause 4 Concern - Blindside [Renegade Hardware]
309.Kemal&Rob Data - Gene Sequence [Negative]
310.Usual Suspects - Therapy [Renegade Hardware]
311.D'Cruze - Ybor City [Spray Can]
312.Stakka&Skynet&Shimon - Spider Monkey [Underfire]
313.Bad Company - The Voice [BC]
314.John B - The Sky's The Limit [Shoebox]
315.J Majik - Tell Me [Infrared]
316.John B - Up All Night [Metalheadz]
317.Counterstrike - Questions [Allied]
318.Stakka&Skynet - Timelines [Underfire]
319.Skc - Awakening [Inflection]
320.Stakka&Skynet - Pathogen [Audio Blueprint]
321.Cause 4 Concern - Symptom [Renegade Hardware]
322.Amir - Mayday [Synthetic]


323.Lynx&Jarman - Jynxed [Late Licence]
324.2 Cities - Concrete Vein [Commercial Suicide]
325.Fission - Oracle [Transparent]
326.Dissident&Ruffen - Chip [Tilt]
327.Vector Burn - Propaganda [Replicant Audio]
328.Default - Optic [Replicant Audio]
329.Universal Project - Vessel [Virus]
330.Concord Dawn - Aurora [Renegade Hardware]
331.Future Prophecies - Acid City [Subtitles]
332.Sta&Paul B - Gush [DSCI4]
333.Cause 4 Concern - Slimeball [True Playaz]
334.Skc - Flex [DSCI4]
335.Dj Ink - Mirage [Renegade Hardware]
336.Optiv - Flat Worm [Red Light]
337.Stakka - Strange Daze [Zero Gravity]
338.Ink&J Dub - Scourge [Architecture]
339.Lutin&K Fra - Crash [XXX]
340.Cause 4 Concern - Sarin [True Playaz]
341.Plex - New Episode [720 Degrees]
342.Subhuman - 3 Sixty [Red Light]
343.Skc - Delirious [DSCI4]
344.Cause 4 Concern - Skewer (Sinthetix Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
345.Networx - Escape Hatch [Flex]
346.Paul B&Dissident - Technecium [Renegade Hardware]
347.Kemal - Plan b [Timeless]
348.Arcane - Implant [Audio Blueprint]
349.Matrix&Fierce&Ryme Tyme - Light Sleeper [Cause 4 Concern]
350.Black Sun Empire - Fragment [A New Dawn]
351.Vector Burn - Rift [Replicant Audio]
352.Black Sun Empire - 1-800 Contact [DSCI4]
353.Concept 2 - Presence [Liftin Spirit]
354.Skinny&Lynx - Frost Byte [Audio Blueprint]
355.Klute - Traffico (Cause 4 Concern Remix) [N/A]
356.Accidental Heroes - Ghost Train [Infrared]
357.Cause 4 Concern - Facelift [1210]
358.Sinthetix - Ultraviolet [Cryptic Audio]
359.Mosquito&Midnight&R.I.S.K. - Outbreak [Square One]
360.Timecode Audio - Hardcore Massive [Citrus]
361.Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune (Cause 4 Concern Remix) [Moving Shadow]
362.Bulletproof - Seige [Cyanide]
363.Subhuman - Eggplant [Red Light]
364.Ed Rush&Optical - Rehab [Quarantine]
365.Skc - Lobotomy [DSCI4]
366.Rob F&Impulse - Fallout [Shadow Law]
367.Optiv&Nomis - Raw Nerve [Red Light]
368.Accidental Heroes - Berserk! [Science Fiction]
369.State Of Play - Play At Your Own Risk [Aspect/Perspective]
370.Lil Louis - French Kiss (Ed Rush&Optical Remix) [Not On Label]
371Sonic&Silver - Rocket Launcher [Virus]
372.X-Plorer&Dee Pulse - Swamp [Hard:Edged]
373.Calyx - Deviation [Moving Shadow]
374.Cause 4 Concern - Psyke [1210]
375.Silent Witness - Descent [No U-Turn]
376.Accidental Heroes - Doodlebug [Infrared]
377.Exile&Temper D - Warehouse [Renegade Hardware]
378.E-Sassin - Nightstalker [Phunckateck Communications]
379.Fierce&Fresh - Innocence [Quarantine]
380.Black Sun Empire - Smoke [DSCI4]
381.Black Sun Empire - Smoke (Sinthetix Remix) [DSCI4]
382.David Carbone&Dominique Woolf - Innocence (Cause 4 Concern Remix) [Industry]
383.Kemal&Rob f&Impluse - Creature [Cryptic Audio]
384.Future Prophecies - Rock Steady [Outbreak]
385.Hive - Surreal Uncut (Teebee Remix) [Violence]
386.Subwave - Digital Symphony [Tech Itch]
387.Kryptic Minds - Whiplash [Monitor]
388.Dylan - Headcharge [Renegade Hardware]
389.B-Key - Higher Level [Outbreak]
390.Future Prophecies - Fire [Outbreak]
391.Concord Dawn - Take Me Away [Commercial Suicide]
392.Sta&Paul B - Come Closer [DSCI4]
393.Concord Dawn - Morning Light [Timeless]
394.Rawthang&Kari - Epilogue [Black Sun Empire]
395.D Kay&Epsilon - Platinum [Renegade Hardware]
396.Technical Itch - Decontrol [Moving Shadow]


397.Black Sun Empire - Gunseller [Transparent]
398.Kiko - Ronin [Ohm Resistance]
399.Paul B&Subwave - Something Sick [DSCI4]
400.Silent Witness&Break - Higher Rates [No U-Turn]
401.Pyro - The Outer Rings [Scientia]
402.Brockie&Ed Solo - Bioplasma [Undiluted]
403.Skynet - Daytona [Skynet]
404.Dj Reality - Sphinx [Outbreak]
405.Facs&Scythe - EVP [Biotic]
406.Pyro - Sentinel [Nerve]
407.Fission - Vandalism [Transparent]
408.Raiden - Pinball [Transparent]
409.Modul8 - Minimamal (Cause 4 Concern Remix) [Incite]
410.Falcon - Switch [Ohm]
411.Counterstrike - Damaged [Core]
412.K Step - Samara [Gain]
413.Rascal&Klone - Delta 9 (Remix) [Frequency]
414.Psidream - Wendigo [Nerve]
415.Optiv&Bulletproof - Camouflage [1210]
416.Gridlok&Controlled Substance - Witch Hunt [Project 51]
417.Ed Rush&Optical - Why [Virus]
418.Fierce&Cause 4 Concern - Carrier [Quarantine]
419.Dissident - Forward Thinking [Blindside]
420.Noisia - Silicon [Nerve]
421.Funk Parlor - Something For The Dancefloor (Stakka&Skynet Remix) [Canvas]
422.Rascal&Klone - Witchcraft [Noizworks]
423.Dj Ecco&Sabotage - Word Games [Frequency]
424.Ed Rush&Optical - Goodfoot [Virus]
425.Stakka&Skynet&Shimon - Spider Monkey (Cause 4 Concern Remix) [Underfire]
426.Counterstrike - Stickfight [Leet]
427.Militia - Amnesia [The Militia]
428.Future Prophecies - Total Confusion [Subtitles]
429.Bad Company UK - Bullet Time [BC]
430.Kiko&Submerged - Beyond Repair [Ohm Resistance]
431.Break - No More Sounds [Eastside]
432.Ed Rush&Optical&Ryme Tyme&Scratch Perverts - Get Ill [Virus]
433.Bad Company - Nectarine [Stealth]
434.Militia - Paranoia [Renegade Hardware]
435.E-Sassin - Interface [Moving Shadow]
436.Bulletproof&Concord Dawn&Optiv - Scorched Earth (Kemal Remix) [Cyanide]
437.Chris SU - Check Mate [Music4ever]
438.Psidream - Zoom In [Breakbeat Science]
439.Pyro - Transcendence [Scientia]
440.Gridlok - V_Ger [Payload]
441.Stare&Phibbs - Air Pocket (Optiv Rmx) [Blindside]
442.Noisia&Milo&Prolix - Wastelands [Payload]
443.Calyx - Leviathan [Metalheadz]
444.Bad Company - Grunge 3 (Dieselboy&Kaos&Karl K Remix) [Human Imprint]
445.Counterstrike - Monster Munch [Outbreak]
446.Agent Babylon - Betrayal (Stakka&Skynet Remix) [Terraformat]
447.Pyro - Collision [Leet]
448.Calyx&Dom - See The Light [Moving Shadow]
449.Hive - Neo [Violence]
450.Technical Itch&Kemal - The Calling [Moving Shadow]
451.Spirit - Out of Control (Cause 4 Concern Remix) [React]
452.Dieselboy&Kaos - Barrier Break [Human Imprint]
453.Concord Dawn&Optiv - Zulu [Red Light]
454.Ed Rush&Optical - Puerto Rico [Virus]
455.Chris Su - Astrosine (Ill.Skillz Remix) [DSCI4]
456.Current Value - A.I. [Ruff-Teck]
457.Militia - Electrolux [Charge]
458.Noetic&Dj Skinny - Bleep In Love [Heavy Rotation]
459.Gridlok - Malfunction [Project 51]
460.Counterstrike - Synergy [Cell]
461.Bulletproof - Hardwired [Commercial Suicide]
462.Technical Itch - The Risin (Subwave Remix) [Moving Shadow]
463.Pyro&Paul Reset - Reflexions [Industry]
464.Bulletproof - Seduction [Cyanide]
465.Usual Suspects - Calimist [31 Records]
466.Pyro - Sea Of Change [Nerve]


Daily drum&bass news: @wizdnb
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Alt 16.01.2011, 21:07   #2
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so viele schöne klassiker

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Alt 16.01.2011, 21:57   #3
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Das geht jetzt auch die schnelle nicht so^^
Aber ich werd mir das anhörn!

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Alt 17.01.2011, 12:13   #4
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great collection of tracks! I am listening already the first 2.5 hours and at some point I can hear how much fun N-Phonix has with his music.. thats nice
the true "Fangirl"

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Alt 19.01.2011, 16:12   #5
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"Auflegen ist Ficken und nicht Wichsen!"
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Alt 21.01.2011, 14:47   #6
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da krieg ich echt n harten!!!
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Alt 25.01.2011, 13:25   #7
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zu geil! wird zwar wohl monate dauern bis ich das mal komplett durchgehört hab aber auf die monate freu ich mich
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Alt 30.01.2011, 17:47   #8
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oh ist das geil. das ist soo geil!
www.doubled-town.de [dresden drumnbass resource]
www.drumnbass-munich.net [dnb-munich]
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Alt 23.02.2011, 16:34   #9
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immer wieder volle punktzahl!!! leider fang ich immer wieder von vorne an, ich komm nicht über das erste drittel raus... das ding wird eines meiner all-time-faves!!! nochmal digges dangge!! YEAH!!
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