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IMLPS001 - Blue Motion - Stay Forever Sampler [28.02.11]

IMLPS001 - Blue Motion - Stay Forever Sampler


Since forming Blue Motion in 2009, Slovakia’s Dirrrty B and Belgian's Influenza Media founder Eros have set out across the airwaves, unleashing a relentless amount of deep and soul-moving musical allure to the masses. Lashing out like an unexpected storm, the duo has left its imprint on many well known labels, including Fokuz, Phunkfiction, Spearhead, Good Looking, Blu Saphir, Citrus, Telluric, Peer Pressure, Vibration, Point 9 Audio, Temper D Productions, Future Thinkin, and Influenza Media, and has collaborated with the likes of Sconeboy, The Square, Atmospherix, Brandon Miles, Paul SG, Mutt, Stanza, Wreckage Machinery, and SoulTec. Vocalists Grimm and MC Fava have also been heard as their vocal stylings creep through the depths of this emotional sound mosaic.

The pair’s first album, Stay Forever (to be released on Influenza Media) is a blissful journey through the valleys of deep drum & bass. Compiled on both vinyl and digital formats, each has a unique selection of tracks to offer.

First to come is this digital sampler with Fallen & Blueberry's In Autumn and will be available on ?? of February 2011 and will first hit beatport.com before hittin the other digital retailshops worldwide.

Tracklisting sampler :

(01.) - Blue Motion - Fallen
(02.) - Blue Motion - Blueberry's In Autumn


Available @ beatport on Monday 28th Of February 2011

More information about the forthcoming album

Tracklisting :

IMLP001 – Blue Motion – Stay Forever LP

(A) - Blue Motion ft MC Fava - Stay Forever
(B) - Blue Motion - Everywhere I Go
(C) - Blue Motion ft Mc Fava - Addicted
(D) - Blue Motion - Last Sunbeam
(E) - Blue Motion - Computer Love
(F) - Blue Motion - Miles Away
(G) - Blue Motion - A Foggy Day
(H) - Blue Motion - When She Is Gone

IMLPD001 – Blue Motion – Stay Forever Digital LP

(01.) - Blue Motion - Walking Trough The City
(02.) - Blue Motion - Hide Me
(03.) - Blue Motion - A Cavetroll Named Bob
(04.) - Blue Motion – Genetics
(05.) - Blue Motion - Waitin For Her.
(06.) - Blue Motion - One Step Away From Your Love
(07.) - Blue Motion - Despirado's
(08.) - Blue Motion - Haunted Forest
(09.) - Blue Motion - Open Skies
(10.) - Blue Motion - The Path Unwalked

For more information and audio, please visit the following links:
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