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Badbwoy Bass
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OUT NOW - Ways & Means "In Your Eyes" - Badbwoy Bass Recordings


ATTENTION: The monsters have escaped and they are extremely bangin watch your bassbins! UK's upcoming production trio Ways & Means does it again with a majore
club stomper! "In Your Eyes" is straight up loaded to blow up the dancefloor as a *solid tech funk break beating you up side your head! Twarped bass lines and meaty
synth leads gnarl over sick drum patterns and big dnb fills set to keep the crowd on their feet. Featuring vocals from upcoming vocal talent Trudi Mosiamo she contributes
hooks with a bite and sink right into your skin!

Ways & Means has come out the gates full steam ahead working with top labels and artist around the world including the most respectable US based Bombtraxx run by Henry D!
With their remix of BreakZhead's "The Lost" the trio received praise some the worlds tops break beat dj's and we expect that the momentum the boys have created will continue as they are a true force to be reckoned with and a great addition to the break beat genre entirely.

In August Ways & Means step up to another remix for "Dope Tito's "Take Me Away" featuring Suzi Rawn which could very well be one of our most notable releases this year aslo featuring remixes from B.Rich, Quadrat Beat and many more. The trio is also slated for remix again for our stateside resident real life superhero DJ Kayden (In real life this dude jumps outta helicopters in the middle of the wildest sea's
and other really scary stuff abroad to saves peoples lives). DJ Kayden's "Serious Business" a full on club break with nasty little vocal snippets and twisted bass setup to be the Badbwoy Bass 2009 Theme song and of course we are pleased to have Ways and Means on the remix tip.

Show some love and support for one of the hottest new acts on the scene Ways & Means!!!!

"Ways & Means do it again on this one. Bangin, yet techy, and the vocal works it quite well. will definitely be playing this one all over the radio, clubs, whatever. good show!!"
-Ian aka Daniella Downs head reviewer for www.nuskoolbreaks.co.uk

#1 Featured Break beat on Trackitdown.net 7.15.09
More big beats from the Badbwoy Bass imprint! Ways and Means step up to deliver this big club track that fuses modern day breakbeat drum
patterns with some twisted fx and some great vocals that add that accessible and crossover appeal! Check the dubstep mix too, it's great!


7.22.2009 Hot Laundry "Chromed Out" - with Dubstep remix from Atlanta's Charlie P!

7.29.2009 Skor Motion "Pure Fisica" - with remixes from Mars, Duel Calibre, Toxic Beats and finally Dirty & Acid!

Preview this and other Badbwoy Bass releases by clicking below or by checking your favorite download shop.


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