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Fresh Meat
Metal Head
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WebTV: 20 Sep | 8pm NEW RELEASES Show @ BMI / quintessenz


20 Sep // NEW RELEASES Show

Presenting the latest and forthcoming releases, promos & netlabel stuff : Musically controlled by Fresh Meat & Jonas Olson. Attentione labels + independent producer: You want your tunes to be played, charted + commented? Send us your stuff


Tune in here:


Chat with us to the tunes we play: CLICK

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Stiftung Berlintest RECORD OF THE WEEK

Marc Romboy - Sunburst - Simple Records 0724

A Sunburst (8:46)
B1 Sunburst (Alexkid Remix) (6:35)
Remix - Alexkid
B2 Sunburst (Dub Version) (8:12)


Already released in June 2007, but still hot: To be honest, the original mix and the Alexkid remix are not that much of a bummer. However, the dub version of the original tune elevates this release up in the sky. It`s another perfect warm up or open air tune on Simple, that will move the crowd with it`s warmly contained but deep melody and pervasive synths.

Awarded with the Stiftung Berlintest quality brand:

Stiftung Berlintest is a trademark of the Berlin Mitte Institut für Bessere Elektronische Musik and has become an internationally recognized trademark for the professional rating and evaluation of electronic dance music since February 2007. Titles that have been awarded the Siegel Stiftung Berlintest are accredited for their high level of quality and aspiration.

This Seal of Quality is awarded to a selected release on a weekly basis.

Berlin Mitte Institut CHARTS

Check em out here

Latest Live Recording:

Download the live-recording: Igloo Label Show
with Dilo live, Gurtz live, Funzion live & Fresh Meat dead incl interviewmegadownload here

Download the live-recording: Fish`n`Slips Party Show
with Circuit Breaker, Wiesel, 100 Tons & Fresh Meat incl interview; megadownload here

ONLY @ http://www.berlin-mitte-institut.de/...z_logo_100.gif
http://www.booty-breaks.com | funky.booty.whatever
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