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Alt 06.05.2005, 01:19   #1
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Music Warehouse Wax | Were Not Dead - The Album CD | Breakbeat Hardcore, Oldskool

Vinyl Junkie Proudly Presents: Were Not Dead - The Album CD

In the early 1990’s a new genre of urban style dance music emerged from an already popular and ever growing rave culture in the UK. It was hardcore in its purest and earliest form. Producers who were former B-Boys started sampling from hip-hop’s heritage and injecting sped up hip-hop breaks and interweaving them with all manner of craziness including old reggae licks, uplifting pianos riffs, dirty techno stabs, samples from kids TV shows and even a certain cat who told us the dangers of our public highways!!! It was this almost unashamed experimentation that gave the music a freshness and a feeling of raw energy the likes of which had never been known before. Carved out by teenagers sweating it out in bedroom studios, rattling out a few hundred white labels and selling them to underground London record stores from the back of a van, a multitude of self propelled musical missionaries inspired by the party, creating music for the party and each one of us really believing the sentiment that “Hardcore Will Never Die”. By 1992 “UK Breakbeat Hardcore” had taken the nation by storm. It was a magical and euphoric time for those who experienced it, however it was short lived and by the end of 1993 it had mutated itself into something completely different. The vibe changed at the parties and this sound was lost.

A decade later Warehouse Wax was launched as a spearhead label for the reincarnation of a genre of music that spawned so many other genres and inspired a nation of DJ’s and producers. Drum & Bass would not even exist today if it wasn’t for this early hardcore sound… neither would Happy Hardcore. Two of the most popular styles of dance music in the UK today. Well if they are so popular then surely the genre that gave birth to the pair of them deserves to be heard??? We think so, that’s why we have done this album… You can’t call this Old Skool now mate because its brand spanking new. We’re not dead, we were just resting!!!

Vinyl Junkie & Producer.
Copyright 2005 Warehouse Wax Records.

Heres the Final Tracklist:

01. Phuture Assassin – Forever (2005 Relick)
02. Nebula 2 (Featuring MC Fury) – Thousand Miles
03. Enzyme – Play Back The Music
04. Austin – Can You Feel It
05. Vinyl Junkie & Dope – Forbidden Zone
06. D’State, Darkus & Tension – Dub Chemist
07. Vinyl Junkie & Darkus – Pacemaker
08. Whizzkick – Take You There ’92
09. Vinyl Junkie & Producer – Ease Back
10. Orca (Featuring Yaz) – Rise Up
11. Vinyl Junkie – We’re Not Dead
12. Teknotik – SSP
13. Storm & Euphony – Coming On Strong
14. Sub Love – Rubber Band

Clips auf : http://www.warehousewax.co.uk/

Cost is £10.99 + Postage
Postage costs are £2.00 UK, £4.00 Europe, £6.00 Rest Of World
my paypal address is john@djvinyljunkie.co.uk

Ist momentan glaub ich noch nicht in normalen Shops erhältlich. Kommt aber diesen Monat.
Alle die auf Breakbeat Hardcore, Oldskool oder Nuskool Breakz stehen sollten sich das mal anhören.
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Alt 23.05.2005, 17:10   #2
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Hier ist noch ein review aus dem

'Trip To The Moon', 'Infiltrate 202', 'Champion Sound', 'Such A Feeling'... If those track titles have you wishfully reminiscing about evenings spent dancing in white gloves and a face mask whilst lasers tore through the air above you, then 'We're Not Dead' is going to make you very, very happy indeed. Put together by old-skool rave devotee Vinyl Junkie, it features 14 brand new cuts from 'ardcore legends such as Phuture Assassin, Orca and the Producer, all of whom revisit the nutty breakbeat stylings of the early nineties using the studio technology of today. Even more fun than it sounds.
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Alt 28.06.2005, 15:35   #3
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fette oldskool/nu oldskool compilation!!!

schade das hier keine 100 vorbestellungen für einen vinyl-release zustande kamen!!!

aber die cd ist ein must-have goodie!!!!!!!
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