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DJ Mix
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mp3 DJ Hektik - early unreleased Shoota mix


--> 320 kbps mp3

00. intro
01. Shoota - "Sechster Stock" [2001, unreleased]
02. Shoota - "Stahlträger" [2001, unreleased]
03. Shoota - "Lost Love" [2001, unreleased]
04. Shoota - "Essentchilla" [2001, unreleased]
05. Budoka & Shoota - "Khazard Dûm" [2002, unreleased]
06. Shoota - "Beyond The Walls" [2001, unreleased]
07. Shoota - "NO2" (Trockeneis) [2001, unreleased]
08. Shoota - "Tsunami" 1 [2001, unreleased]
09. Shoota - "Tsunami" 2 [2001, unreleased]
10. Shoota - "Enigma" feat. Elke Wunderle [2002, unreleased]
11. Shoota - "Nema 16" [2002, unreleased]
12. Shoota - "Hungy Kaiza" VIP [2003, unreleased]
13. Shoota - "Blutsturz" (Edit) [2002, unreleased]
14. Shoota - "Touchin" (fka Kammerflimmern) [2002, unreleased]
15. Shoota - "Schlangenzunge" [2003, unreleased]
16. Shoota - "Bo.Ro.Cop" [2003, unreleased]
17. Polarity & Shoota - "Stylegame" [2002, unreleased]
18. Shoota - "Emo-Coaster" [2003, unreleased]
19. Shoota - "Kaltes Licht" [2003, unreleased]
20. N.Phect & Diz:Play - "Botfunk" (Shoota Remix) [SHADYBRAIN01106001 2006]
99. bonus: excerpts from mixtapes, radio shows and parties with some of MC Shoota's lyrics circa 1999 to 2003

In the late 90s / around the millenium MC Shoota, founding member of Trio / the Mannheim based Trio-Music crew, made himself the first German DnB MC to drop English entirely and to MC fully in German not much unlike pioneers of German Hiphop / Deutschrap circa one decade earlier in the neighbouring city Heidelberg as referenced in his lyrics. Then in 2001 he also started to make tunes, influenced by producers such as "Konflikt, C4C, DJ Armir aka Falcon, Stakka & Skynet, Cannibal Corpse" and by DJs like Tobestar, Phace fka DJ Energize and most of all the towering Bad Boy Kaiza (and myself). Unfortunately he left the Trio-Music crew and went to Munich to study economics and marketing in 2003 just around the time we began to start our own label between Darmstadt and Mannheim. A couple of years later he had a second brief music career as Techno producer Felix Lupus. Now this are the bulk of his early unreleased DnB tunes, from the early Reason 1 demo version liveact-style tunes to Reason 1 full version and later Reason 2, mastered from the original wav files by Chris Schulz for this mix in 2019 (except for the pre-brickwalled tracks 15,18,19,20) and for bonus a short collage of some of Shoota's MC lyrics taken from party recordings, radio shows and mixes of the time. Nevar forget they didn't hang themselves, but Shoota was a true pioneer. First he was laughed at, then booked & copied, and later he was too quickly forgotten like yesterday's jam. Respect.

Some of his ancient MC appearances:

Shoota accompanying Phace on his second appearance in our weekly radio show in 2003 pt.1 and pt.2

Tobestar live in Kaiserslautern with MC Shoota in 2003

The best one of my own mixtapes with MC Shoota on them in 2002

Tape recording of Kaiza's and my b2b set with MC Shoota at a Trio-Music party in Frankenthal near Mannheim in 2001 (a short excerpt of which got featured in the "Jungle68" documentary film which debuted in Mannheim's Cinema Quadrat in November 2002)

The full tape recordings from a party with MC Shoota on Bad Boy Kaiza's set and Bailey's set getting stopped & party cancelled after his first tune dropped at a forgotten location in Landau in December 2000

Tape recordings excerpt from a party at a legendary location in Mannheim that unfortunately burned down in 2022; our first party in that location just some months earlier, "Runde Eins" in 2000, was the first party there with more than 50 visitors (we had 200, and again on "Runde Zwei")

Tape recordings excerpt from a DnB party in Mannheim's Antifa headquarters celebrating a Phishmaol Crew member's birthday in 1999

Shoota's first proper mixtape with Bad Boy Kaiza in 1998

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... wieso finde ich das erst jetzt, wo ich eine ganze Weile keine Zeit mehr haben werde?
"Wherever you go, there you are"
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