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Vinyl 23.09.16 Teatrino Elettrico / Greta Christensen @ Spektrum

Teatrino Elettrico / Greta Christensen

23 September | 20:30

SPEKTRUM | art science community
Bürknerstraße 12 12047 Berlin

Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:30
Entrance 5-10 euro (up to your offer)

Teatrino Elettrico - CECI N'EST PAS UNE MUSIQUE

Teatrino Elettrico was created from the need of mixing machinery sonorities with the emotion of live sound performance, keeping an eye on sound starting from electronics and machinics tones, constantly tending towards the physicality of live performance. To move into this area of intersection, Teatrino Elettrico has deepened the assembly and use of parts of appliances of common use, including homemade devices, the appearance of unpredictable factors and of the raw materiality of sound which referrs to entropy as generator of variety and of life. The crew realized concerts, live-media performances, theatrical shows, multi-media installations, workshops and others hybrid projects.

CECI N'EST PAS UNE MUSIQUE is a way on the border dividing sound from noise, pleasure from offense, method from fury, mechanics from electricity, minus from plus, on from off. Paradoxical electrical and mechanical devices for an hard and unclear a/v ritual elevates unknown above known and irrational above conscious.




Greta Christensen - "You Cannot destroy, what was never created"

Greta Christensen is a Berlin based sound artist. She works in collaboration with Camilla Sørensen on the project Vinyl, Terror & Horror, which focuses on the relationship between objects and sound through different situations such as installation, sculpture, composition or as live performances. The project uses sound to create a narrative that always directly refer to the medium playing it or the situation it is presented in. The sculptural work includes amounts of various materials, where the live performances focuses exclusively on LP-records and turntables: vinyls are deconstructed and rearranged by using hacked, multi-tiered turntables, upside-down tone arms, and precision cutting devices to cut and recompose the records. All of this affects their sound output in a very direct way; creating cinematic soundscapes and a high probability of self-imposed 'hi-fi disasters'.



More information about the event here:



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experimental, noise

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