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Lightbulb Dictate - Technical Glitch (NeuroFunkSet)

Dictate (drumnbassTakeover Stuttgart) - Technical Glitch (NeuroFunkSet)

You know these gigs where everything's just taking a stand against you? Mixer knobs loose, needles skipping, ground's lost without a trace, ... you name it!
I had one like this a couple of hours ago, went back home frustrated, slept for two hour,s got up and recorded a 2 hour mix out of the box. Technical Glitch, you go fuck yourself! Enjoy!

Ryme Tyme, Jade - Smashface feat. Ryme Tyme (Original Mix)
Cause 4 Concern - Reality Check - Original Mix
Jade, Black Sun Empire - No Cure - Black Sun Empire Remix
Rido - Remedy - Original Mix
Ed Rush, Optical - Compound (Original Mix)
Sub Focus, Howtek - Verano (feat. Brookes Brothers)
Stakka, Skynet - Decoy (Original Mix)
Controlled Substance - Droptone (Original Mix)
Spor - The Eyes Have It
The Upbeats - Tor - Audio Remix
Total Science, S.P.Y - Stay
Elrey - Muddy Tape (Original Mix)
Serial Killaz - Send Dem - Original Mix
Optiv, BTK - Gateway
Mindscape, Jade - Insomnia
Audio - Stratosphere - Original Mix
Aeph - The Burning Shadow - Prolix Remix
Encode - Magic Points - Original Mix
Place 2B, Paimon - Name (Original Mix)
Nymfo, Black Sun Empire - Battlefish
Optiv, BTK - Into The Wild
Amoss - Tripped
Concord Dawn - Electrocute
2Sides - Ghost Train (Original Mix)
Qo, Hostile MC - Distress Signal feat. Hostile MC (Original Mix)
Audio, InsideInfo - Honey Bee (Audio Remix)
Allied - Concept - Original Mix
Treo, Kinetik - Frozen (Original Mix)
Flare - Other Space (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
Noisia, The Upbeats - Dustup
Prestige - Can't Hide (Original Mix)
Tyke - Infected Headphones
Hoax - Stick Insect - Original Mix
Serial Killaz - Authentic
Athys, Duster - Barfight
Konflict, Spor - Messiah (Spor Remix)
Chris.SU - Illusions
Ed Rush - Arcadia - Original Mix
Hadouken!, Break - Parasite (Break Remix)
Mindscape, Jade - Orion
Cause 4 Concern - Drop Out - Original Mix
Fourward - Stick To The Rules
Evol Intent - Dead On Arrival
Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)


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