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Alt 22.03.2010, 16:29   #1
Diamond Head
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mp3 [free mp3] Tim Reaper & Relapse / Algorhythm - Propa Tings / Against The Tid [DBM028]

DBM028 - Tim Reaper & Relapse / Algorhythm - Propa Tings / Against The Tide

Homepage: www.digibeatmusic.org

Artwork: http://www.digibeatmusic.org/release...dbm028-art.png

Download: http://www.digibeatmusic.org/dbm028.html

Digibeat Music is back once again!

So.... No looking back, Lets hit the 4th release of 2010...

This time it's a colaborative release from Tim Reaper, Relapse & Algorhythm!
Starting with a true junglistic track, with some serious choppage - 'Propa Tings', and to accompany, 'Against The Tide' - a more techy sounding heavy roller.....
Hopefully these two tracks should satisfy your beat needs! :falcon:

Welcome to Digibeat guys!

All tracks written and produced by respective artists :applause:

Artwork kindly provided by Mr Tim Reaper himself... Thanks! :thumbu:

Check http://tim-reaper.daportfolio.com

Please download, enjoy, and show some love!

Thank you! :drums:

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Radioshow- "Massive Drums"- Querfunk 104,8 http://www.querfunk.de/live.html

Ringe Raja Rec. Release #26 out now 4 free !!! --> http://ringerajarec.nsf-music.com/releases.html
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Alt 23.03.2010, 18:18   #2
Diamond Head
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algorhythm, digibeatmusic.org, relapse, subvercentral, tim reaper

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