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ESP AGENCY NEWSLETTER (loads of release news and tours inside)

Hi all,

We hope that both promoters and fans enjoy the newsletter with the latest news from our acts. Feel free to post in here if you have questions about anything you read including any releases etc. and we will try to answer or encourage the artists to reply themselves.

Promoters, you can e-mail me with your inquiries: mark@esp-international.co.uk

Mark @ ESP



Festival promoters feel free to get in touch now, whether you only want a standalone act or a full line-up with several artists!



Featured Tour:

- April 2006 onwards -
“Metalheadz MDZ.06 Launch Nights” feat. Goldie, Doc Scott, Randall, Storm, Fabio, Grooverider, Bailey, Marcus Intalex, Klute, Blame and many more (full list on request)
MDZ.06 will be released on 05. June 2006 with tracks by Marcus Intalex, Doc Scott, A Sides, Blame, Spirit, Concord Dawn, Commix, Bailey and Rufige Crew !!!
Also featured is a double cd with bonus tracks and a mix by Bailey as well as a limited edition triple cd with an additional old school mix by Bailey.
Metalheadz has also found a new guest residency at Club L’Usine in Geneva (Switzerland), with DJ Storm, DJ Lee & MC Stirlin havin rocked the first event on 31. March, and Klute, Total Science and MC LowQui are set to do the same on May 27th. We are looking to set up further Metalheadz residencies across Europe. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

“THE TURNING POINT” Album Tour feat. Blame
The album will be split into three 12” singles, due for release on Blame's own label 720 Degrees in March, April and May. Loads more releases coming from Blame as well during that time. See further below for details.

“I.T.” Label Launch Tour feat. The Invaderz, Klute, Spirit, A Sides, Total Science, Ill.Skillz & MC Stirlin
Invaderz relaunch their label as I.T. in February, closely followed by Invaderz singles on Commercial Suicide and Innerground.
Press wise it's looking good for I.T. already. After a recent appearance on BBC 1xtra, their first single on I.T. already made it to tune of the week on dogsonacid.com and the boys have a feature in Knowledge Mag this month as well.
Darrell, the DJ of the three, plays a versatile and upfront selection of tunes by the likes of Klute, Break, Calyx, Goldie etc.

- JUNE 2006 onwards -
BLACK SUN EMPIRE present the ‘Endangered Species’ Tour feat. BSE and optional guests
The BSE guys’ latest forthcoming project will be an artist compilation Album titled ‘Endangered Species’ which will consist of a Sampler, 3 EP's and a Double CD.
Artists featured on the compilation will be: BSE, Noisia, Bad Robot, Chris.SU, Calyx, Jade, Optiv, State Of Mind, D.Kay, SKC, Corrupt Souls, Vicious Circle, Audio and more. For more details see roster section further below.

- SEPTEMBER 2006 onwards -
”MISTICAL” album tour feat. Marcus Intalex & MC DRS with optional addition : Calibre
Good things take time and the the Mistical album is now to drop on Soul:r slightly later than expected, around September/October 2006. This will no doubt be a hot contender for ‘album of the year’. We are looking to set up ‘Soul:ution’ residencies across Europe. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.



Featured Artist:

latest addition to ESP roster

KLUTE (Commercial Suicide, Metalheadz, Soul:r, 31 Records, Hospital)
Klute is the latest addition to the ESP roster. We now represent him exclusively for the World excluding N. America.

In between working on numerous film scores and scripts Klute has managed to find time to grace the drum and bass world with his fabulous talent. With the world still reeling from the release of the massive Hell Hath No Fury on Commercial Suicide and We're All Dying on Soul:r Klute has now turned his attention to releasing the talents of other great artists on his own imprint Commercial Suicide.
In your shops very soon is the compilation e.p. Anything & Everything vol.3 featuring new artists such as Mista, Agent Alvin and more established names like Muffler and Invaderz. Next up is the outstanding debut album from the legendary Slough hero Amit. Never Ending is due for release on both Vinyl and CD format on 29th May.
To follow is the start of the SKC album project with the release of the first single from the album entitled Cold Sweat. Look out for that in June. His album, still untitled is due to drop in the autumn. Further releases include a new single from Break, a debut 12" from Mista and a more goodness from Klute himself.
Klute will be playing selections from all the above releases alongside his wide selection of goodness.

DJ Roster:

Alley Cat is keeping busy this year. Having recently rocked crowds in Berlin, Krakow, Oxford, Birmingham, the Metalheadz VIP Lounge, Germany, Latvia, and at Technicality in London, she has just returned from Holland this weekend having played in Zwolle with DJ Storm. …. Check out her new website for mixes, Life FM playlists, and regular blogs and news : www.djalleycat.com . Also catch her monthly radio show this Sunday April 30th on lifefm.co.uk from 6-8PM !

Globetrotter A Sides is clocking up the airmiles with New Zealand, Australia, China, and Thailand, the USA and across Europe and the UK all within the past two months. A trip to Brasil is also planned for this Summer. So catch him if you can on one of his many tour stops.
No wonder he is so busy with a release schedule like this, and the dj skills to back it up:

”Mista Muscle” feat. MC Fats is out now on Liq-Weed Ganja.
“Reunions / Inspirations” out now on Bingo.
“Hidden Fears” out in May on Metalheadz MDZ.06 album
“Cry Solitaire” out soon on Jenna G’s album on Bingo
“Turn to stone / picking up the pieces” next up on his own label Eastside cat # 74

The big one, Eastside cat # 75, will feature the start of a series of several singles with remixes by the likes of marky & bungle, gremlinz, logistics, twisted individual, and still tbc: klute, break and commix. The first of these singles is the massive ‘crazy feat mc fats’ (A Sides 2006 remix) / tear (skeptic remix)
”Picking up the pieces” has been signed to Twisted Individual’s ‘liquid allsorts’ series
“Soul Forever” , his collaboration with Marky has been signed to Marky’s label Innerground
“Showstopper / Set It Off” will be out in Summer on Metalheadz Platinum 006

A Sides over his career has had around 500 releases…so if you u don't know….get to know! This is one producer / DJ with a big history in this scene.

The BSE guys’ latest forthcoming project will be an artist compilation Album titled ‘Endangered Species’ which will consist of a Sampler (due in June), 3 EP's (due in June, September & November) and a Double CD. Featured artists will be: BSE, Noisia, Bad Robot, Chris.SU, Calyx, Jade, Optiv, State Of Mind, D.Kay, SKC, Corrupt Souls, Vicious Circle, Audio and more:

Endangered Species LP Sampler (due early June):
A - Bad Robot - Forever /// B - BSE & Chris.SU - Skyrider

Endangered Species EP 001 (due June):
A - BSE - Potemkin /// B - Noisia & BSE - Winter War
C - BSE - Don't You (State Of Mind Remix) /// D - Jade - Acid Flood

Watch this space for more audio! and don't forget to check the new website www.blacksunempire.com

Loads of new releases from Blame:
Blames long awaited solo artist album "The Turning Point" is available on CD on April 24th at all good d&b stores. Tracks include : Sabotage,
Skyline, Congress, Diablo, Reign Of Fire, Sparticus, Red Alert, Desert Planet, Shadows Of Technology and Solar Burn. (720NUCD002).
These tracks have had heavy support from all the big players on the drum and bass scene including Fabio, Grooverider, Goldie, Mampi Swift, Andy C, Marky, Hype, Zinc, Friction, Bryan G, Bailey, Ed Rush and High Contrast to name a few.
As always you can listen to soundclips of these tracks at www.720-degrees.com (soundclips section), or download our tracks at www.beatport.com

The massive 'Second Sun' album out now on Calibre’s own label Signature, and the Mistical album is due for release in September/Otober 2006.
Out now on Signature is the “Late Night Squeeze EP” (SIG008) with three tunes by the man himself and one collaboration with ST Files. Currently on TP is the follow-up double pack ‘Corner Dance EP.’Calibre has been touring relentlessly throughout autumn and after taking a break from dj-ing, him and DRS jetted off on a US tour, followed by selected European gigs in March and April and shortly he will be off again to play the MISTICAL tour alongside Marcus Intalex in Australia and New Zealand in May.

… is currently preparing to launch a new label for his own productions and collaborations. In the meantime he is keeping busy with frequent dj work across the UK and Europe. Plans for his label 31 Records, include the "31 RECORDS WORLD SERIES 2006", a line of 10+ releases by up and coming producers from around the globe. And last not least, his track ‘Michigan’ has now been signed to Metalheadz for release on the MDZ.06 album due out on 22.05.2006.

Dom’s label ‘Dom & Roland Productions’ is going from strength to strength with DRP 002 (Dom/Sketch: ‘Ritual’ + Dom: ’45 Special’) out now and DRP 003 out in May featuring ‘Hear My Call / Electric Smile’ , two tracks by Dom himself. (Promos 18th May, Vinyl Release 7th June through stholdings.co.uk). Forthcoming is DRP 004 - Dom&Matrix/Dom&Calyx due for release in August. More DRP collaborations to follow inc. Vicious Circle,CultureShock,Rymetyme,Fierce,Noisia....

Watch out for domandroland.com / domandrolandproductions.com appearing on your screens within the next couple of weeks....

Doms latest Dj sets include exclusive unreleased tracks from the likes of Gridlok, Hive, Noisia, Calyx, Matrix, TeeBee, Vicious Circle, Break, Unknown Error, Optiv, Rymetyme, Psidream, Break, and many other well produced vibey tunes....

relaunched their label as I.T. in February, and have the following forthcoming releases:
Out on Mon 24th April --- Invaderz - "Run Deep / From My Soul" – INV 010
May 2006 --- Invaderz - "Simple Beauty / Mainline " – INV 011
May 2006 --- Invaderz - "Ircam" – Commercial Suicide (Anything & Everything EP Vol. 3)
Spring 2006 --- Invaderz – “Just Cant Give U Up" – Innerground
Spring 2006 --- Klute “Take A Breathe (Invaderz rmx)" – Commercial Suicide
Forthcoming - Invaderz - "So Low (Marky Bungle +XRS Rmx" Invaderz - The Source (Break Rmx"

is currently working on Mistical album for Soul:r (release September) and DAT music project (cd) on Revolve:r, due later this year.
His track “Nebulus” has been signed to Metalheadz for release on the MDZ.06 compilation in May.
Out now is soul:r 019 = klute – Were All Dying / Come Back To Me and revolve:r 009: Martyn: I Wonder Why / Share My Wings.
Soul:ution, the Soul:r camp’s infamous Manchester event is now also held quarter yearly at London’s superclub Fabric. The first show at Fabric is launched on April 14. The party, hosted by MC DRS and featuring Marcus, Calibre, Klute, and DJ Lee, was a massive success and the boys represented their sound to the fullest. We didn't believe it would ever happen, but here it is: www.soulr.com / www.soulr.co.uk is live and running. Check out the excellent soul:ution radio mix by Marcus.

On tour in Europe right now, Mathematics completely smashed it down at Swerve earlier this month, with his own track ‘Fire’ getting the massive rewind at the end of the night by Fabio himself. He’ll be out here until May 15 so any last minute inquiries are welcome.
No wonder, as unlike the many producers with mediocre dj skills, James is a true drum’n’bass dj with 13 years experience, who delivers a tight mixed and versatile dj set in its true sense, rather than just a showcase of his latest works.
Mathematics and their label Social Studies offer yet another deadly collaboration with Hungarian super collective, Tactile: ‘Chonga’ b/w ‘Vibra Theme’ in shops now. Social Studies sostud008 is on promo soon : Mathematics:: Fools gold / Qur'an. Other projects include a vocal project with NYC R+B street minister Peter Hadar and also due out soon is a 12” by Mathematics on DJ Hype’s new ‘Liq-weed Ganja’ label. So watch this space!

Storm’s excellent ‘Winter of Content’ mix cd is out now on Metalheadz. Storm has been touring heavily of late, with international gigs almost every weekend and UK ones to fill the gaps… plans for the coming months include a tour of Asia in May with gigs in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore, followed by additional trips to Australia and New Zealand later this year. Storm is also in preparation for the launch of her new radio show with Red Bull Music Academy. This monthly 2 hour show will be sure to offer the most upfront drum’n’bass in the scene, with general chat with Storm and MC Rage and also a mixed section as well. Originally approached to highlight her favourite DJ’s, Storm will be presenting classic mixes from DJ Kemistry’s live sets from the Blue Note era And further back in the day. So don’t miss it!

TEEBEE (we book him for Germany and Switzerland only!)
Subtitles no.50 is coming up with artists like Noisia, Break, Phace, Chris.Su, Brooklyn, Commix, Hidden Agenda, Optiv, Calyx and Teebee.
In addition there will be two double packs and 3 mix CD's containing the best music from the label since it started.
Also watch out for Teebee’s mixed cd of Renegade Hardware’s upcoming Carpe Diem album, out soon.

MC Roster:

DRS recently returned from a USA tour with Calibre and is currently supporting both Marcis Intalex and Calibre on their gig across Europe. His Broke'n'English Hip Hop project is also going from strength to strength.

The "Mixed & Dispatched" album, featuring music from Dispatch Records mixed by TC1 and hosted by MC LowQui will be available via ST Holdings in the next few weeks. LowQui is touring heavily with ArtificiaI Intelligence as part of the "Big Picture Tour" and has forthcoming bookings throughout Europe, Japan and China with Goldie.

Stamina is currently enjoying a heavy touring schedude alongside DJ Marky as well as his many solo gigs and residencies such as for Movement and V.

Stirlin is busy performing on both the I.T. and Metalheadz Tours this Spring…other performances include gigs across Europe with the likes of Bailey, Flight, Dom & Roland, and many more.

Watch out for his artist album this year on Liq-Weed Ganja titled “A Matter of Fats”. This will be full of heavy collaborations with some of the scenes best known producers

Justyce has travelled the world alongside artists like Goldie and Roni Size but most notably he is still Doc Scott’s preferred MC. Justyce can can of course also be booked with any other of my Djs.

Label Nights:

I am looking for one-offs and residencies of the below mentioned label nights anywhere in the world.

31 RECORDS Nights feat. Doc Scott & guests

COMMERCIAL SUICIDE Nights feat. Klute and guests

EASTSIDE Nights feat. A Sides & MC Fats

METALHEADZ SESSIONS feat. Goldie, Doc Scott, Randall, Storm, Bailey, Marcus Intalex, Klute, Blame and many more.

SOUL:UTION Nights feat. Marcus Intalex, Calibre, MC DRS, Stamina MC and guests

ESP International

London / UK
tel: +44 - (0)20 - 89 94 84 15
fax: +44 - (0)20 - 89 94 17 72
e-m: mark@esp-international.co.uk
aim: ESPinternational
msn: espinternational@hotmail.co.uk
web: www.esp-international.co.uk

Alley Cat, A Sides, Black Sun Empire, Blame, Calibre, Doc Scott, Dom & Roland, Invaderz, Klute, Marcus Intalex, Mathematics, Storm, Teebee (D+CH) /// MC Fats, Stamina MC, MC DRS, MC LowQui, MC Stirlin, MC Justyce /// Label Nights: Metalheadz, 31 Records, Soul:ution, Commercial Suicide, Eastside, Skunkrock

Promoters Terms of Business. The Regulations and the guide to the Regulations can be found at:
http://www.hmso.gov.uk/si/si2003/20033319.htm and http://www.dti.gov.uk/er/agency/conduct.pdf

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