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7.5.2022 - “το σπίτι του Ηρακλή” - Stirpe999 V.A Release party @ Backsteinboot Berlin


“το σπίτι του Ηρακλή” - Stirpe999 V.A Release party[/big]

Celebrating Decadence While Everything Burns

From collective memory’s subconscious, the
story of an imperfect God comes to us, Heracles
myth. Illegitimate son of Zeus, who will face
with superhuman strength 12 trials to atone a
single moment of madness. The semi god in his
wrath kills his family and relatives, not sparing
his children, destroying his own life. For the
ancient Greeks madness was not to be attributed
to the human being, to his behavioral or mental
dysfunctions but to the will of the Gods.
It is in fact Hera, wife of Zeus feeling betrayed,
grows such a strong hate towards Heracles that
induces him to madness and murder.
Heracles’ madness and its consequences, as
well as its matrix, superior to human will and
conscience, suggest a parallel with the situation
we are currently experiencing, imprisoned in a
dimension of collective madness.
“And me,
who adduce my house to such a disastrous end,
like the vessel behind the ship,
I follow Tesèo “As the imperfect God alleges his house to
shameful purpose, the human being today seems
to want to destroy his own house, the Earth he
inhabits, as much as the ideal house he thought
he had built over centuries of “progress” and
The pandemic has accelerated the unraveling
process of a social and political system long gone
dead already, releasing nightmares that would
frighten even Heracles.
The post-human man in his collective body has
become a monster, ready to devour anything
before himself. Prey of latest divinity’s up-grade,
the social media bubble.
Once again translate the dystopian landscape that
surrounds us through a multi-handed work.
A VA, different tracks and artists reinterpreted
by the gestures of Nadia D’Alessio. Imprinted
forever on a limited number of zinc engravings.
The artist acts as a filter between the visual and
sound planes, collecting, filtering and reworking
the sound objects instantly, injuring the surface
with a three-dimensional sign, in a low relief
obtained from the slow corrosion of the metal
plates thanks to the use of compositions
chemical. Unstructured rhythms, rarefied and
dark textures, distant dimensions sewn together
by barbed wire.
Through the artist’s vision radical sounds and
corroded metals are taking a new and complicit

The album “το σπίτι του Ηρακλή” can be heard/ordered here: https://stirpe999.bandcamp.com/album/va

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/3407045496247647

More music from Stirpe999: https://soundcloud.com/stirpe999antilabel , https://stirpe999.bandcamp.com/


- Linx
(Praxis Rec.)

- Bloio / Live

- Christoph Fringeli
( Praxis Rec)

- D'Arcangelo / Live
( Rephlex. Analogical Force, Stirpe999)

- Fire At Work & Nil Wu Ming / Live

- Death Qualia / Live

- Death Cascade / Live

- Egon Frinz

- Reel b2b Mogano

- Goedel

- Francesco di Marco

- Crash 0.1

Line up order may change
check the event to keep updated

Start: h 22.00


Eiswerderstrasse 18, Aufgang D
13585 Berlin Spandau

No Fascism, No racism,
No Sexism, No HomoTransphobia
leave your ego at home

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dark techno, experimental, idm, industrial

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