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Alt 15.05.2010, 07:45   #1
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02.07.10: Perkussiv JAM! w A. Paul & Autistic @ SAKOG (AT)

FRIDAY 2nd July 2010 | Perkussiv JAM! Austria @ SAKOG


_Floor |

A. Paul | Naked Launch (Portugal)
Autistic | Younique, Perkussiv (Italy) "first time in austria"
Steve Looney | Electronic Motion
Skaiwokr | Perkussiv, Plattentat

_Floor ||

Amex | Perkussiv, Italo Business (Germany)
Tony Vegazz | Wired, Panormus Music
Aron de Lima | Minimalbewegung
Lex Wilder | Plattentat, Plattentat

_Aftershow |

Pumpin Chris B | Re:Fuse, Rotation Group
Resp | Cybnetic


FTc & RudE | Visual Department
Adisign | equaleyes


Friday | 2nd July 2010

SAKOG Kulturwerk
A-5120 Trimmelkam 112 (near Salzburg)
Google Map







Google Map

Win 2 Tickets!


About Perkussiv Music

Perkussiv launched in February 2010 with its debut Drum and Bass release by The Sect with ‘Stranger’ and the remix by Amex. This first release shows the label’s philosophy to bring only quality to the fans. With highly regarded artists like Skynet, Masheen, Pyro and suchlike, the label will keep its standard and even wants to improve itself in the future.
Another goal for Perkussiv is to expand. This is why the head honchos are planning an event series called “Perkussiv JAM!“. Several events are planned to take place in different countries in the world. Exclusive label artists will represent the label, DnB wise like The Sect, Cooh, Pyro or Allied.
Furthermore Perkussiv will not just release Drum and Bass, but Techno and Minimal as well. You can expect great things in late 2010 when the second release interval of Drum and Bass starts. Techno releases by high rated artists like Dandi and Ugo, Piatto, Constantino Nappi & Micky Da Funk, Autistic and Karo will complete Perkussiv’s music styles.
The roots of Perkussiv are very simple. After getting to know each other on a gig in Austria in late 2008 Amex proposed for Tamas to join the project. He was instantly on board. As luck would have it, in early 2009 at an event in Switzerland another passionate enthusiast called Rufftex was found. After he visited Amex in Germany he was very willing to join Perkussiv and thus has put his whole expertise into the project. Later on Rufftex introduced Pao to Perkussiv who is another great swiss addition for the label. His incredible forces and reliability have already been proven in his work, e.g. correct book keeping, sales management and other decisive impulses for the label.
Now that perfect basic conditions are set the four head honchos of Perkussiv are ready to succeed. They work hard and stay focused on their common goal to bring high quality, individual, deep and creative music to their fans.
Be prepared for 2010 and the future!




A.Paul was born in Lisbon (Portugal) in 1971. His first contact with music was at the age of 6 through the influence of his older sister who was really into the funky disco sound. His musical roots are deeply connected with great musicians such as George Benson, Imagination, Al Jarreau, Quincy Jones, Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, and later with Kraftwerk, true pioneers of what we now call electronic music.

He also received some electro and hip-hop vibes from the 80´s, and by the time acid house hit Europe by the end of the decade, he was already mixing for some time, making some parties with his own equipment, and his work was recognized by the portuguese dj J. Daniel, who gave him the opportunity in 91 to start playing as a resident in a club that held the capacity for a 1000 people and also invited him to work at his record shop and with whom he also released his first vinyl record in 94, on his imprint Question of Time. This record was also licensed to the mythical Italian label UMM & UK's Bush Records. This was a time of great discovery in music, made A.Paul forge and polish his own style of music and skills as well, leading him to become resident of two of the most charismatic clubs at that time, Climacz in 94 and Kremlin in 96 both in Lisbon.

In 1995, after his first international gig in Augsburg - Germany, he became the techno import manager for Illegal Records in Lisbon, and with this new step he is able to get all the latest promos of techno, and release his music on his own labels, first Squeeze Records with another 2 portuguese djs, and later on his own Onh.Cet. This was the when he got definitely addicted to techno music, absorbing all the new influences from Detroit, Chicago, the first minimal wave from Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Joey Beltram, Damon Wild, Steve Stoll and also the European faction with The Advent, Surgeon, Luke Slater, James Ruskin, Steve Rachmad, Maurizio among a lot of other artists and labels that deeply inspired him throughout the years.

The next couple of years A.Paul released music for other international labels which made his name more popular hence leading to an expectable increase of gigs in his country, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany and Denmark.

When he joined the X-Club agency and party organization company in 1997, he finally had the chance to play regularly with all the top techno and house djs one can imagine, transcending new ways of understanding the art of djing, different styles of music, and the chance to start co-producing music with renowned artists and establishing good friendships with them, even remaining in contact with some of them today. Besides music, he also embraces a new artistic passion with visuals, being the graphic designer for X-Club for over 2 years, and created his own visuals company - ‘Oblivion Visual Concepts’.

In 2001 he opened an online record shop called Genesis Records, which grew to the point that he had to open an actual shop, promoting techno and new styles of open minded music like no other place in Portugal. He also created a label for the shop where he released a few records.

The following years were filled with remarkable success, increased popularity, which made him become the Best Portuguese Techno Dj 3 years in a row, voted by the readers of Dance Club Magazine, the main media vehicle for dance music in Portugal.

New projects and ideas kept on coming, he created Mooshi Mooshi a merchandising shop, he founded Secret Society, a night in Lisbon dedicated to techno, and more recently he opted to quit all his other activities (design, promoting, chronicle writer and record reviewer), dedicating himself strictly to music production and djing and also to the labels, co-owning MPC Distribution alongside his long time mates Cisco Ferreira & michaelangelo, and running his most successful project to date Naked Lunch, and sublabels Parallel 125 & Dirty Ego.

He feels more active than ever and finally he is breaking some of his own boundaries, producing from tech-house under the pseudonym Luther Miek, techno as A.Paul and one cannot forget his rebel soul which is manifested in his minimal and experimental works this time under the alias of Loudon Kleer.



Autistic are Italian Djs/ producers/ composers hailing from the new techno-minimal scene.

Thanks to their style they have participated to numerous events throughout Italy, Europe, Middle-East and Latin America.

Their fame as great producers and djs grew up fastly thanks to the big number of tracks that reached the top of many digital and vinyl stores around the world.

In the May 2009 they were elected as the best minimal artists according to Myspace, and in the start of 2010 they reached the top 10 on the Myspace list of techno artists.

Their EP “Sich Dopen” released by 303Lovers was a huge success, like many others EPs such as “Muse ottuse” and “Hot mom” that reached the top according to Beatport for twice, released by Tractor rec.
One other of their most popular track is “ Spaghetti Wonderful” , that got on the stores thanks to the label Stereo Seven; actually it’s one of the most played track in these days.
“Minimal Existenz” released by Autist got the top minimal for three times and was a big success in particular in the Middle-east of Europe, and thanks to this track they started a long series of events in Ukraine.

Autistic are also versatile artists and like to travel inside different genres and unusal melodies: “ My technique “ and “ Jimbo” became famous tracks all over the world.
“Kozzuto Pulp” released by Overdrive Musik reached the top 5 minimal according to Beatport and stay there for one month.
The top techno was also reached by Autistic thanks to “Urbino is Minimal” , released by Italo Business, and the top minimal by many other tracks such as “Minimal Polizei” that became also first on World Of House, and many more projects soon to be released, and thay are playlisted by many wellknown artists of this time: Abnormal boyz,Ahmet Sendil,Alex Kenji, ,Andrea Bertolini,Andrea Mattioli,Andrea Roma,Dandi & Ugo,Francesco Zappala', ,Kanio, ,Kaiserdisco,Ji-fi,Joseph Capriati,Hugo Rizzo , Levan,Marco Unzip,Marshall,Massimino Lippoli,Mc Flipside,Minicoolboyz,Rino Cerrone,Piatto,Piemont,Popof,Richie Hawtin,Rino Cerrone,Sara Galli,Spektre, ,Umek,Xpansul and many more.

During 2010 Autistic will open Younique . a new electronic label (Digital and Vynil) , to promote new and old artists into the music business.

Fans love Autistc’s live set, that travel into techno, minimal and also tech house.
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Alt 15.05.2010, 07:45   #2
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Ort: austria
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APAUL @ Alcantara Club - 26.02.2010 - UBConnection


Autistic - May 2010 Dj Set
Encoding: MP3 128kb Stereo


Track list:
1. Deepchild- Backroom (Butch remix)
2. Julian Jeweil- Color
3. Marco Bailey, Tom Hades- Brabant
4. Victor Ruiz- Subcastle
5. Cirez D- Glow (In the dark dub)
6. Secret Cinema- elevate
7. Autistic, Tesla - Bullshit
8. Tesla- Clockwork
9. Umek- Spare good for me (Tomy Declerque remix)
10. Jack De Molay & Libex- Monkey (Pig & Dan remix)
11. H2- Day tripper
12. Pfirter- Mi Estudio
13. Secret Cinema- Shake ur tech ass
14. Mark Broom- She don't like the collar
15. Dustin Zahn- Stranger to Stability (Len Faki podium mix)
16. Tesla- Incomings (Autistic remix)
17. Daniel Portman & Stanley Ross- Tiny Dolls
18. Umek- Twisted Route
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Dankbarkeit für die gemeinsame Nutzung dieser Diskussion mit uns. Aber ich bin vor kurzem über die Arbeitsbedingungen itil certification well es sehr lehrreich und obligatorisch für mich ist.
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