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02.04.11 DUBWARS pres. KOKESHI Night w/Kryptic Minds & Alley Cat @ Mobilat, Heilbronn

SA. 02.04.2011_ DUBWARS pres. KOKESHI LABEL NIGHT w/ Kryptic Minds & Alley Cat @ Mobilat, Heilbronn


Da 2011 ein ganz besonderes Jahr für uns ist - wir werden nämlich schon 5 Jahre alt - gibts dieses Jahr auch nur ganz besondere Gäste! Und so präsentieren wir Euch im April die erste “KOKESHI RECORDINGS” Label Night in Heilbronn. Hier wurde eben erst der zum Remix des Jahres 2010 gekürte Tune “Afterlife Rmx” von KRYPTIC MINDS released. Und da die Jungs am 04.04. auch Ihr neues Album “Can’t Sleep” veröffentlichen, dachten wir uns, wir laden die Beiden samt der Labelchefin ALLEY CAT von Kokeshi einfach mal zu uns ein.Seid gespannt auf einen der momentan angesagtesten Sounds der elektronischen Musikwelt.
Um dem Ganzen aber noch die Krone aufzusetzen konnten wir noch ES.TEREO aus Berlin verpflichten, der beste deutsche Nachwuchsproducer im Moment, von dem Ihr ganz sicher noch vieles hören werdet. Support kommt von RIDICK & ZOMBEATZ. Auf dem 2. Floor gibts natürlich auch wieder etwas Spezielles - und zwar eine LIVE Dub und Roots Reggae Session mit den Jungs von CONSCIOUS HIFI sowie der neuen Heilbronner Dub Formation P&P SOUND FOUNDATION.

Line Up:

MAINFLOOR ( Dubstep / D’n’B ):
Kryptic Minds ( Swamp81, Tectonic, Osiris Music UK | London, UK )
pres. “Cant Sleep” LP ( Black Box)
Alley Cat ( Kokeshi, Offshore, Feline | London, UK )
Es.tereo ( Urban Poetry, Deep Soul Music | Berlin )
Ridick b2b Zombeatz ( DUBWARS | Heilbronn )

SECOND FOOR ( Roots Reggae & Live Dub Session):
Conscious Hifi ( DUBWARS | Heilbronn )
P&P Sound Foundation ( Heilbronn ) _ LIVE!

Location: Specials:
Mobilat Club Live Visuals by VPP & ZpunktB
Salzstrasse 27 Extra Bass Pressure
74076 Heilbronn
Doors open 22.00 - 04.00 Uhr

Kulturbeitrag: EUR 8,-


For more Info check: http://www.dubwars.net / http://www.mobilat-club.de / http://www.bukowski-live.de


KRYPTIC MINDS ( Swamp81, Tectonic, Osiris Music UK | London, UK )
Ten years since they formed, 2009 marks a turning point in the disturbed mental explorations of Kryptic Minds. Having built an enviable back catalogue of dark, deadly drum & bass, the production duo of Si & Leon aka Kryptic Minds have quickly established a foothold in the exploding global dubstep scene.
As the flagship artists on Loefah DMZ’s label Swamp 81, their 12”s and album “One of Us” continue dubstep’s tradition for stone-cold halfstep, flying against the dancefloor’s natural urges for momentum and release. Instead they unleash fearsome sub bass assaults that lead listeners into an edgy otherworld and have become staples of sets by halfstep innovator Youngsta (Rinse FM) as well as Loefah himself.
The Kryptic Minds sound acknowledges the difference between edgy and too angry; that restraint often has more impact than chaotic release. This deft understanding of the tensions and contradictions buried within dubstep, and how you use them is played out yet further on their new album “One of Us,” due on Swamp 81. Whereas some albums try to cover many different moods, tempos and directions, the album zooms in on edgy 140bpm halfstep, forcing the listener into a headspace where perfectly placed details come into vivid focus, like the hyper-real intensity of night adrenalin. Everything is taughtly coiled, as if priming the listener for a flight-or-fight reflex. The tension is barely unleashed throughout the album.
Kryptic Minds, then just Si, first gained prominence in the drum & bass scene when Andy C’s Ram subsidiary Frequency released ‘The Truth’, quickly earning itself anthem status. The track’s success brought Si new creative opportunities: it was at this time Si and Leon Switch began a long and fruitful production partnership. Together the duo released tracks on some of the drum & bass scene’s flagship labels, such as Penetration, Renegade Hardware, Tech Freak, Freak Recordings, and Goldie’s seminal Metalheadz. They also established their own label Defcom Records, on which they released 27 singles, including ‘Take the Pain Away’ and ‘No Escape,’ as well as their debut album, the drum & bass opus “Lost All Faith.” 2007 saw it declared by ATM magazine as one of the best drum & bass albums of all time. It was also at this time they set up new label Osiris Music uk, to release a wide range of music.
Inspired by Mala Digital Mystikz, Loefah and Burial 2008 saw the duo re-discover their musical faith through dubstep, following the establishing of creative alliances with halfstep dons Youngsta and Loefah. One of Loefah’s classic’s “Root” received the Kryptic Minds remix treatment. They also played at one of dubstep’s most hallowed institutions, DMZ. The future’s dark, the future’s Kryptic Minds.

ALLEY CAT ( Kokeshi / Offshore | London, UK )
Longevity in the dance music scene is hard to achieve but Alley Cat has managed to roll it out since 1997. From her DJing, to production, label work and as a director at ESP Agency she has managed to forge her way through the evolving state of the bass music scene over the last 13 years.
The groundwork was set in motion many years before, when growing up, Alley spent time listening to her brother’s 80s vinyl releases and playing various instruments from clarinet to sax to guitar. The passion for music came about early and finally things were set in motion during the mid 90s when the electronic music scene was experiencing a ‘moment.’ For Alley Cat her time came in about 1995 when she first heard drum’n’bass and two years later she started DJing.
Her first drum’n’bass tune was released in 2000 and over the years others followed, including a collaboration with Native Minds on the legendary label Reinforced. Over the decade she DJed all over the globe, from Tel Aviv, to Hawaii, Reykjavik, Johannesburg, Moscow , her native San Francisco and back to London again, where she’s been planted for over 10 years. Along the way there has been various mix CDs released including a cover CD for KMag, several releases, managing a couple labels and working at ESP Agency.
2009 brought her first solo release on Offshore Recordings in the form of ‘Sweet Spot’ which inspired Alley Cat to really push the production forward and additionally start off her own imprint, Kokeshi, which has achieved a cult following in a fairly short amount of time.
Kokeshi was born with the desire to release Alley Cat’s own music but soon became much more. After the first release with two drum’n’bass tracks by Alley Cat (Drum’n’Lace / ‘Ice Box’) in digital format, things went onwards and upwards quickly. The Kokeshi ((pod)) kasts launched in summer 2009 and offered a moody electronic emotiveness linking dubstep and drum’n’bass together with ambient interludes. After only the 2nd edition it was already featured as ‘New & Notable’ in Itunes Podcasts and has gained more and more followers over the year.
Alley yearned to discover other young artists who share the same musical philosophies. These were featured in the Kokeshi ((pod)) kasts and offered a platform to test and showcase the new material. Having secured the epic dubstep tune ‘Afterlife’ by Lung, it brought the label to the next level after securing distribution with ST Holdings. As a top dubstep seller in numerous sales charts and featuring in the high selling and charting dubstep compilation ‘This is Dubstep Vol. 2’ it’s put Kokeshi on the map as a label with forward thinking music.
Alley Cat was back on production duties this time in the 140 bpm region for Kokeshi 003’s release, with Kiat. ‘Purple Clouds’ which was best described by Boomkat: ‘Electrified dubstep from Kiat & Alley Cat on Kokeshi. 'Purple Clouds' zooms Kraftwerk into a dubstep future populated by subbass shuddered zombies instead of robots...’ She has also done a tune with MC DRS (Runnin’ Away) which is shortlisted for his album forthcoming on Soul:r later this year. Future plans for the label include introducing more artists and a high profile remix project that will be announced soon. Kokeshi showcases have already taken place in London and Manchester with the aim to do more later in the year.
In the meantime Alley is keeping busy DJing as well since this year brought many high profile UK gigs including Hit & Run in Manchester, Detonate in Nottingham, Fabric and Hardware, In addition to regular trips to the continent, Alley Cat continues her long standing residency at the legendary Icon Club in Berlin, where she has been holding court since 1999.
Daily Alley Cat is helping to run the boutique artist agency ESP, where she is looking after artists such as dBridge, Instra:mental, Kryptic Minds, Youngsta, S.P.Y , Marcus Intalex, Klute, Black Sun Empire, Calibre and many more. The agency is about to celebrate its 15th year in business, with Alley being on board since 2004.
As if all this isn’t enough, Alley Cat does the daily working‐mum juggle as she is mother to an 8 year old daughter who keeps her busy, and grounded, every day.

Es.tereo ( Urban Poetry / Deep Soul Music | Berlin )
Dieser junge Mann aus Berlin hat wahrlich das Zeugs dazu, ein ganz grosser im DnB Biz zu werden. Sein Sound erinnert stark an die Autonomic Podcats von D-Bridge & Instra:mental, welche u.a. auch zu seinen Fans gehören, und das Interesse der führenden Labels an dem jungen Kerl ist enorm. Sein letztes Release auf dem Berliner Label “URBAN POETRY” gehört für uns zu den besten im Jahr 2010 und so war ein nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis wir Euch den Mann der Stunde endlich in Heilbronn präsentieren werden.

Ridick & Zombeatz ( DUBWWARS | Heilbronn )
Sozusagen die treibenden Kräfte hinter DUBWARS und auf stetiger Mission, Euch den besten Sound des Universums zu präsentieren. Mit Ihren Sets bezaubern Sie die gesamte Republik und wer die beiden noch nicht live erlebt hat sollte dies schnellstens heute Abend erledigen!

Conscious Hifi ( DUBWARS | Heilbronn )
„Für UK Dub und Roots Reggae sorgen Stefan, Jo und Mari von Conscious Hifi, die Euch die
Roots des Dubstep näher bringen werden. Heavy Bass meets Space Echo…”

P&P Sound Foundation ( Heilbronn )
Dub im Ländle – P&P sound foundation aus Heilbronn
“Wir können alles. Außer Hochdeutsch.”
Dass dieser Spruch der Schwaben nicht nur blödes Geschwätz ist, wird hier unter Beweis gestellt. Denn sie haben auch das Dubben drauf, diese Schwaben.
Peter Rügner und Philipp Seitz produzieren in Heilbronn sehr angenehme, relaxte und warme Musik. Dub zum Mitschwingen, sanftem Kopfnicken und Träumen von wärmeren Tagen.
07.03. / 13.05. / 18.07./ 04.09. / 21.11.
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