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2 new DNB/Jungle mixes from Audio1

2 new hot sets full of goodies of all varieties. Check em out!

Audio1-The Primary Element
October 25th 2005

Download Here

PVK-As Far Back (Intro) [Dubplate]
Shy FX-Simple Tings [SOUR]
PVK-Audio1's Roll (Rain Coat Mix) [Dubplate]
Ray Keith-Keep On (Dub Beats Mix) [Urban Gorilla]
Tribe Of Issachar-Wardance [Congo Natty]
Sappo-Oh Gosh [Rinse Out]
Coaxial-Atomix [Rinse Out]
Goldie feat. KRS-One-Digital [FFRR]
Dilinja-Thugs [Test]
EBR Kru and Mr. Mendez v. Dido-Eminanthem [White Label]
E$KR, Stunna and Diatrybe-G Funk [Dubplate]
E$KR and KOKiGAMi-One By One [Dubplate]
Benjie-Here I Come [Dubplate]
Fixation v. Silent Killer-Coming 4 War (Fixation VIP Mix) [Dubplate]
BTK and Spleen feat. GBX-Destruction [Dubplate]
Benjie v. Chaos In Motion-Badness [Dubplate]
Diamond Geezer-Grimey [Dubplate]
General Malice feat. MC Ambussh-Beat Ya At Your Own Game [N2O Records]
Rototom-Shinobi [Dubplate]
Benjie-Rule The Nation [Dubplate]
General Malice feat. KRS-One-Mad Skills [N2O Records]
MURS-Hustler (N2O All Stars Mashup Remix) [Charged N2O]
Miklo-East Bay Gangster [Dubplate]
Kuttah and Crown feat. Hue-E-Fuck What Ya Heard [Dubplate]
Miklo-5 On It (Yay Area Refix) [Dubplate]
Miklo-Fight Music [Dubplate]
Hed PE-Represent That Mashup (N2O All Stars Remix) [Charged N2O]
Rototom-BBoy [Dubplate]
Linkin Park-Breakin' The Jungle (General Malice Remix) [Charged N2O]

Audio1-The Primary Element
October 18th 2005

Download Here

Juelz Santana-Murda Murda
2pac-My Block (Jamrock Refix)
Klashnekoff-Jamrock Freestyle
Unknown-Jamrock [White Label]
Equilibrium-Cold Blooded [OG Records]
BTK and Spleen-No Cause For Alarm [Dubplate]
Technical Itch-Critical Switch (Infiltrata and Hochi Remix)
Aphrodite-Sometimes (ESKR Remix) [Dubplate] *Tease
Pawn and SUFX-Live Forever [Dubplate]
Benjie-TOK (Remix) [Dubplate]
ESKR, haDJi and Kokigami-Rave Rock [Dubplate]
>Doja-Pistol Point Boost [Dubplate] *Tease
The Panacea-The Bear of Berlin [Dubplate]
>Doja-Pistol Point Boost [Dubplate] *Tease
ESKR and Diatrybe-Deaf Grip [Dubplate]
Doja-Mad World [Dubplate]
Technical Itch-The Legend (Remix)
>Livewire-The Zone [Big Cat] *Tease
Livewire-Foot Soldier (Mash It Up) [Big Cat]
Livewire-The Zone [Big Cat]
Benjie-Just Say [Dubplate]
Tek Infektion-Bloodbath [C2D Recordings]
Juelz Santana-Mic Check (Dipset DnB Remix) [White Label]
Gein-Street Sweeper [Moving Shadow]
SPL-Death [Dubplate]
Benjie-Rule The Nation [Dubplate]
Prodigal Son-Before You Move [Dubplate]
Diamond Geezer-Cracklabcalifornia (Remix) [Dubplate]
Rototom-Shinobi [Dubplate]
Rototom-Under A Pale Grey Sky [Dubplate]
Edgey-Residual Burn [Dubplate]
Diamond Geezer-Cash Money (Diamond Dub) [Dubplate]

for more info: http://www.djaudio1.com
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