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DJ Mix
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Vinyl Kemalogy (6 hours of Kemal/Konflict's releases mixed live in a club) by DJ Mix

Better streaming quality (better than YT): https://hearthis.at/djmix/kemalogy/

320 download: http://subcon-fusion.com/mixes/fridg...alogy__320.mp3

01. Paragliders feat. Sherry Morrin - "Share Of Bitterness" (Konflict Remix) [WAQT004]
02. Konflict - "Obsidian" [Deeper Realms DR001]
03. Usual Suspects - "Killa Bees" (Konflict Remix) [Renegade Hardware RH025]
04. Konflict - "Phobia" [Renegade Hardware RHLP20 Armageddon]
05. Kemal & Rob Data - "Test Tube" [Timeless TYME004]
06. UFO! - "My Personal Blackmail" (Konflict Remix) [Skunkrock SRP006]
07. Kemal & Rob Data - "Konspiracy" [Industry 12IND2]
08. Pressure Rise - "No More Rain" (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Aspect ASPLP001 Focus]
09. Moth - "Sugar Crashing" (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Terraformat TFFM003]
10. Tha Countamen & Alley Cat - "Payload" (Konflict Remix) [Skunkrock SRP004]
11. Karl K - "Synapse" (Konflict Remix) [Higher Education HE0-44827]
12. Kemal & Rob Data - "Hybrid" [Audio Blueprint ABPR013]
13. Bulletproof - "Nephelim" (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Cyanide CYAN001]
14. Konflict - "System Bleed" [Negative NTV001]
15. Kemal - "Re-Animation" (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Architecture ARX007]
16. Konflict - "Celestial" [Renegade Hardware RH026EP]
17. Konflict - "State Of Mind [Renegade Hardware RH019]
>> Konflict - "State Of Mind [Renegade Hardware RH019]
18. Konflict - "Cyanide [Renegade Hardware RH020]
19. Kemal - "Submerge [Timeless TYME004]
20. Konflict - "Outpost [Renegade Hardware RH020]
21. Kemal - "Animation [Architecture ARX005]
>> Kemal - "Animation [Architecture ARX005]
22. Kemal & Rob Data - "Lime" [Architecture ARX006]
23. Kemal - "Mechanism" [Architecture ARX005]
24. Kemal & Rob Data - "Star Trails [Audio Blueprint ABPR013]
25. Konflict - "Roadblock" [Renegade Hardware RH019]
26. Usual Suspects & Konflict - "Contact" [Renegade Hardware RHLP20 Armageddon]
27. Konflict - "Pendulum" [Deeper Realms DR001]
28. Konflict - "Bad Acid" [Renegade Hardware RH022 Armageddon Sampler]
29. Konflict - "The Beckoning" [Renegade Hardware RHLP20 Armageddon]
30. Konflict - "The Beckoning" (Usual Suspects Remix) [Renegade Hardware RH026EP]
31. Konflict - "Maelstrom" [Renegade Hardware RH026EP]
32. Konflict - "New World Order" [Renegade Hardware 026EP]
33. Konflict - "The Mummy [Negative NTV001]
34. Kemal & Rob Data - "Portal" [Negative NTV002]
35. State Of Play - "Poor Man's Deal" (Konflict Remix) [Aspect ASP008]
36. Konflict - "New World Order" [Renegade Hardware 026EP]
37. Konflict - "Messiah" [Renegade Hardware RHLP03 Aftermath]
38. Konflict - "Messiah" (Spor Remix) [Renegade Hardware RH65P]
39. Konflict - "Messiah" (Noisia Remix) [Renegade Hardware RHLP06 Guerilla Warfare]
40. Paranoid User - "Pitch Black" [Cryptic Audio CPT001]
41. Kemal & Rob Data - "Linear" [Timeless TYME019]
>> Kemal & Rob Data - "Linear" [Timeless TYME019]
42. Kemal - "Pace" [Cryptic Audio CPT002]
43. Bulletproof & Concord Dawn & Optiv - "Scorched Earth" (Kemal Remix) [Cyanide CYAN008]
44. Dom & Roland - "Imagination" (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Moving Shadow ASHADOW152]
45. Faith In Chaos - "Possession" (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Outbreak OUTB011EP]
46. Kemal & Rob Data - "Fuckin Hostile" [vinyl cut]
47. Paul Reset - "Crisis" (Kemal Remix) [Nerve NRV005]
48. Typecell - "Astrocubic” (Kemal Remix) [Protogen 004]
49. Technical Itch & Kemal - "The Calling" (VIP Mix) [Moving Shadow SHADOW160R]
50. Technical Itch & Kemal - "The Calling" [Moving Shadow SHADOW160]
>> Technical Itch & Kemal - "The Calling" [Moving Shadow SHADOW160]
51. Technical Itch & Kemal - "Signal Trace" [Moving Shadow SHADOW160]
>> Technical Itch & Kemal - "Signal Trace" [Moving Shadow SHADOW160]
52. Dom & Kemal - "Moulin Rouge" [Moving Shadow ASHADOW28LP Back For The Future]
53. Konflict - "Roadblock" (Matrix Remix) [Renegade Hardware LP20 Armageddon]
54. Kemal - "Cluster" [Cryptic Audio CPT002]
>> Kemal - "Cluster" [Cryptic Audio CPT002]
55. Kemal - "Mutationz Part 3" [DSCI4 EP001]
56. Rob F & Impulse & Kemal - "Creature" [Cryptic Audio CPT003]
57. Kemal - "Let It Move You" [Industry 12IND010]
58. Kraken - "Side Effects" (Konflict Remix) [Underfire UDFRLPS04 Clockwork Sampler]
59. Stakka & Skynet & Konflict - "Bios-Fear" [Underfire UDFRLP04 Clockwork]
60. Stakka & Skynet & Konflict - "Bios-Fear" (Stakka & Kemal Remix) [Underfire UDFR019]
61. Kemal & Dresden Codex - "Glimpse Of Truth" [Cryptic Audio CPT004]
62. Paranoid User - "Safe Guard" [Cryptic Audio CPT001]
63. Kemal - "Plan B" [Timeless TYME019]
>> Renegade - "Dark Soldier" (Part 2) [Dread 15]
64. Kemal & Rob Data - "The Encrypter" [DSCI4 LP001 23 Degrees from Vertical LP]
>> Bad Company - "The Nine" [BC Recordings BCRUK001]
>> Swift - "Soul" [True Playaz TPR125]
65. Kemal & Rob Data - "Fuckin Hostile" [Negative NTV003]
66. Technical Itch - "The Ruckus" (D.Kay VIP) [Penetration TIP007]
>> Technical Itch - "The Ruckus" (D.Kay VIP) [Penetration TIP007]
67. Peter Kurten feat. Dead Kat - "Arythmia" [Amalgam 003]
68. Nomadiqa - "Exhibition" [Bajande BAJR001 Sans Frontières]
>> Kemal & Dresden Codex - "Glimpse Of Truth" [Cryptic Audio CPT004]
69. Nomadiqa - "Evolution" [Bajande BAJR001 Sans Frontières]
70. Nomadiqa - "Capture" [Bajande BAJR001 Sans Frontières]
71. Black Sun Empire - "The Rat" (Kemal Remix) [Black Sun Empire BSELP001 Driving Insane]
72. Kemal & Black Sun Empire - "Stranded" V.2.0 [Black Sun Empire BSECD002 Driving Insane]
73. Kemal & Black Sun Empire - "Stranded" V.1 [Obsessions OBSE002]
74. Kemal & Dresden Codex - "Afterglow" [Cryptic Audio CPT004]
75. Hatiras - "Anthem" (Kemal Remix) [Obsessions OBSE006]
76. Kemal & Dresden Codex - "Glimpse Of Truth" [Cryptic Audio CPT004]
77. Naab - "Tamghra Nouchen" (Kemal & Dresden Codex Remix) [M-Atome MATOME16]
78. Dom & Kemal - "Ethnicity" [Moving Shadow ASHADOW31LP Chronology]

...there once was a small monthly club event for 50 - 100 heads in Mannheim between summer 2012 and autumn 2014. It had an actual High End PA, all proper equipment and really REALLY good sound in the room - no monitors even needed at the DJ table, insane sub bass pressure but no ear pain, clean crisp mids & highs and no tinnitus after 6 hours in there (one guest DJ with more clubs on his belt than me said that we had better sound than the Berghain in Berlin). In addition we had notable guest DJs, charged only a laughable door fee of 6 Euro and offered free mineral water and a free fruit basket on top. It was lots of work for few but lots of fun for all i.e. full on socialism and overall the best parties I ever had. Now in this optimal environment I played circa half-hour-long all-Kemal/Konflict sets almost every month for a good year and announced them in all seriousness on the flyers for lulz, one decade after I had recorded my first all-Kemal/Konflict fanboy mix. Those pre-planned sets all came from vinyl over properly adjusted Sure M44-7s with fit needles at 2.5 - 3 g weight on 1210s through an Ecler Nuo 4.0 to a Zoom H2N or the old PC respectively, and each time it was a different set with other tunes. Here are these sets cut together for posterity. Not all of them have a room mic track layered in (the ones recorded to PC don't) but only the last one was mixed at home, because the recording of the respective party was lost, unfortunately (looking at you, mister 30 secret DJ techniques). The joint tracklist omits all intro/interlude tunes and counts only the tunes from the main sets. The kemalic Don had released nearly 80 Drum & Bass tunes before his comeback in 2019 and 3 are missing from the mix(es) - name them and win a free Hat McCullough, or make Rob Data release “Smokescreen” and win the Internet. Meanwhile go to http://kemalrobdata.bandcamp.com/ and buy the collection. I visit & buy monthly and when all old Material is out there I hope to re-do this mix better and perhaps properly, on CDJs this time, without the party live/life feeling but with the previously unreleased stuff included (tunes like "The Greys", "Rupture" and "Time's Up"). One glorious day that will be when I upload it to 10- listeners as is the law of deep fandom. Take the money and spotlight, bignames, I'll just take the bigger picture because deejaying is a art (@Mista) after all and has been all along, from start, thanks to Francis Grasso (R.I.P.). Thanks and respect to Kemal, all other producers and most label heads involved, lol. It never gets old, does it. To be fair, an appropriate ammount of respect to Clayton as well for having released all that groundlaying technoid black gold back when even if by crook at times. Where are the Trouble On Vinyl digital re-releases though? Do it proper instead of writing joke books - do it like Kemal, a handful of tunes every month on Bandcamp friday, re-release after re-release, guaranteed income for years. Maybe not thousands but hundreds are waiting for it. (Street) Team Neurofunk ftw!1!! Furthermore, I would like to dedicate this mix to Chris Sullivan aka DJ Spinbad, as long as I can, one of the exceptionally greatest and constitutive masters of deejaying. He influenced me (and thousands of other DJs) more than any DnB-DJ (aside from the one Bad Boy Kaiza). I would not even have begun to develop my strobing without hearing his mindblowing "Rock The Casbah" mixtape in 2002. Here is the full thing, R.I.P. Spinbad i.e. good travels and may his needle never skip: http://hearthis.at/mixes5000/dj-spin...s-the-cashbah/
And here are about the parties these mixes were recorded at: https://web.archive.org/web/20160131.../basslabor.htm

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