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electronic music @ harvard university

die harvard university bietet neu einen kurs zum thema electronic music an


I believe it..there's more to electronic music than popping
pills and clubbing. I just looked @ the course description
and I must admit I was very impressed. Stockhausen,
Pierre Shaeffer, Steve Reich, Theramin to Eno, Juan Atkins,
Derrick Carter, Kraftwerk, Derrick May, Pole, Oval, William
Orbit,Plastikman, Mills, Akufen, Villalobos.....

This is a serious study of the history of Electronic music..
from the birth up to now..I would SO be into taking a class
like this. My love for this music extends beyond the dance
floor. What a wonderful opportunity these kids are gonna
get. VERY jealous.

Course Description (back to top | next)

In the mid-90s, the advent of the term electronica marked a mainstream arrival of sorts for electronic music. But long before marketing teams and MTV fastened on the concept, electronic music had become integral to musical experience in the mainstream and on the margins. From the tape-splicing and studio-craft that are now part and parcel of popular music production to the increasingly central and creative role played by DJs in the transmission and performance of music, electronic music—i.e., music produced, performed, and mediated via electronic technologies—has suffered from an absence in the public conversation at the same time that it has enjoyed a certain ubiquity. When discussion does turn to electronic music and its various subjects, the discourse reveals a range of assumptions about technology and musicianship, ownership and community, social change and cultural continuity, to name a few. This course aims to illuminate the many ways that electronic technologies have shaped popular music production and consumption over the last fifty years, shaping selves (and often others) in the process.

Beginning with the European and American avant-garde, this course will trace the development of electronic music through Kingston Dub, Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Bronx Hip-hop, British Rave, Favela Funk and Global Trance, among others. Analysis/appreciation of musical style and the relationship to particular technologies—aided by creative workshops and "production projects"—will accompany an examination of the music in its social and cultural contexts with an attention to popular and scholarly representations. Overarching themes will include: the dynamics of global circulation and local creation; the production of identities—racial, ethnic, class-based, counter-cultural, etc.—via electronic music; questions of musical meaning/value and cultural propriety in post-colonial circumstances (e.g., notions of authenticity, appropriation, dominance/resistance); the phenomenological aspects of listening and dancing.

a nice trailer about a movie called modulations

dial "M" for motherfucker

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