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Alt 25.05.2005, 18:06   #1
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Upcoming Anger Tours Summer / Fall 2005! Ja!!

Hello All!!

Hope you all are having a great week so far!

Busy bee's over here with a mission last weekend in Czech Republic (http://www.breakzine.zulu.cz/index.php?id=20&l=cz - was sick party!) and then onto the crazinest birthday nutters in Milton Keynes - with my kinda mc, who peppered every other word with fuck, fuckin, shite, or wankers (you rock LOL)! Also getting ready for first German Therapy Sessions in Dresden this Saturday (Can't wait! Let's see what you're made of)!! So the normal mania in the Freak/Anger camp...

But quickly, I thought would give everyone a heads up to tour dates roughly fo now into the fall season! Have so many great acts about, Evol Intent, Hive, DSL, Corrupt Souls, Skynet, Kaos and also the special Dylan 10 Years of Fury Tour (10 years - the old bastard!). Also we are always open to expanding Therapy events and tours in other countries, (our homegrown nights are just going from strength to strength!! Thank you all so much who come down every month for a proper dirty knees up), so feel free to enquire about that!

xxxx Robyn

Upcoming Tours

Hive - Violence album drops this next month so get on this now!! I don't even have to tell you how amazing this album is up there with Goldie's Timeless as a beautifully produced concept type album! **Late June / July**

Skynet - Now living in the US, Skynet comes over for his bi annual tour of Europe! **July**

Evol Intent - These guys are just disgusting..what more can I say? LOL Some crazy hard bastards there...If you want a night af absolute terror, these are your guys! **June / July and October**

Kaos - Finally!!!! We got one of them!! Part of Human and Circle - one of the producers from The Grunge fame (one of my fave tunes personally) part of the Philly collective, Human and Circle imprint, never been to play acorss the pond - We finally get Kaos over to our shores! **August **

Corrupt Souls - Just waved a bon voyage to Impulse (after Dylan gave him an atomic wedgie) after his fantastic virgin tour of Europe where he hit Spain, Holland, Germany, England, Switzerland and more - shaking his booty and just annhilitaing dance floors everywhere!! I can't wait for the guys to come back in October! Definately a recommended tour to get onto fast!! **October**

Dylan 10 years of Fury Tour - 10 years in the game and still fresh as a daisy!!! From his Droppin Science days, to Hardware grime, to being the nastiest Freak on the block; Countless amounts of fresh, booty shankin tunes have been the soundtrack of drum and bass soldiers Worldwide since '95! Catch him on his 10 year tour where he pulls out all his best bits for you all to enjoy!! **From September**

Dieselboy + Messinian - The Boys are back in Town!!!! The biggest Drum and Bass DJ of the United Snakes comes back out with his sidekick general disarray, Messinian, to host a set full of the tightest mixing and most energetic selection you will have the pleasure of hearing!! With a schedule that has his constantly in motion all over the World - this is definately a tour to be a part of this year!! **September**

*** Tech Itch is abroad in US on tour until end of August when he will be available again in Europe! I know a lot of you have been after him over the summer months, so just to let you know of his schedule!**

And of course check out www.angeruk.net to book any of our other fabulous artists like Raiden, Kryptic Minds, Bkey, Nightbreed, Loxy and Ink, and of course meeee
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Alt 26.05.2005, 12:57   #2
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I hope Cologne is on someones list!
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