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**new Anger Tours Summer/fall 2007!!**

Hello All!

Phew!! It took a full week and some to get over WMC and Therapy @ Viram LOL. A perfect, yet insane, end to a three month tour of madness and mayhem

But the show goes on and we have some devilishly delicious tours coming to Europe and beyond in the next few months! So here's a taste dates-wise for both promoters and partyers, and just a little info on what everyone's up to!

For more check out www.angeruk.net, www.therapysessions.co.uk, or hit me up robyn@angeruk.net or , for other territories, any of the emails below!

rock on...



Evol Intent & Ewun "Bleeding Heart" EuroTour
April 18th - Therapy Sessions London
April 19th - Timorsia, Romania
April 20th - Vilnius, Lithuania
April 27th - Budapest, Hungary
May 4th - Graz, Austria
May 5th - Brussels, Belgium

Next Evol Intent dates are with Gigantor, where he will be based in Austria, from June 27th - July 8th ONLY!

Now based in the US, plans are to bring Skynet out for a special one off weekend in early to mid May! Please get in touch asap!!

After the last major touring sessions (alongside Robyn Chaos) that spanned Oz, Nz and all over Europe and the UK, the undisputed King of Freak always pulls the most nastiest, grimiest, ready to party crowd at every date he plays! Seamless mixing, playing everything from hard, techy, evil half speed styles and VIP"s all over the shop, absolutely one of the top Dj's in the scene to get your hands on while on tour as currently based in USA!

Dates Free: May 25, 26 June 1, 2nd ONLY. Next Tour September / October!!

Robyn Chaos
Fresh (lol) from intensive touring around Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Holland, UK and finishing up at Therapy @ Viram WMC, AND with the release of the new Freak 12 alongside Dylan, Audio, Bkey, (Rapture / The Suffering), as well as organising Therapy Sessions and Anger Management Worldwide, Djing IS my form of Therapy - and god knows I need it so i love it..simple as... ( I can't do myself in third person..Its just fucking weird...)
May 18th: Berlin
May 19th: Vienna
May 27th: Bremen
Dates Free: May 25th, 26th, June 1st, 2nd ONLY. Next Tour September / October


Technical Itch
Always the Godfather of the Darkside, still celebrating the 50th release on Tech Itch Recs, touring all over the USA and Europe, and a slew of a million amazing projects in the woodworks (the CD mix release Therapy Sessions compilation upcoming on Sony, and a remix for an upcoming Tarentino flick!) There's not much more to say!
April 13th: Brussels
April 21st: Therapy Sessions Porto, Portugal
April 30th: Samara, Russia
May 5th: Fribourg , Switzerland
May 11th: Utrecht, Holland
July 7th: Belarus
Other Dates free

Fresh from winning second place for his debut dark album at the tender age of 19 yrs old at the 1Xtra DnB awards (amazing), The boy is going from strength to strength!! Agent Orange, Icicle, Evil Seed, this producer/dj makes more hardhitting, box staple tunes played by everyone from the dark enthusiasts to the likes of Andy and Ed and Op and everyone inbetween! One of the most exciting artists to emerge in Drum and Bass in the last 5 years, and always an amazing show! This year Limewax has already played, Japan, Oz, Nz, USA, and all over Europe and the UK! Get in there quick!
May 25th : Autopsy, Brighton UK
May 26th - date fee in UK
May 27th: Leeds
June 9th: Bulgaria
June 16th: Switzerland (Fribourg)
June 29th - Groningen
All other dates Free

Absolutely killing the scene with his hard hitting, full power, new new new neuro styles as well as working on releases for Virus, and a long awaited album for his home team, Freak, Audio is now, alongside heavy hitters like Tech Itch, Dylan, Raiden, Limewax, The Panacea etc, one of the most regular working Dj's on the roster! Every single booking has been more then happy with his performance and attitude (loving how he jumps around behind the decks!). In the last few months he has played Russia, Portugal, Switzerland, all over UK, Ukraine, and more!
April 14th: Holland
April 21st: St Petersburg
May 4th: Paris
May 19th: Vienna
June 1st: Holland
June 2nd: Switzerland
All other dates Free

Current Value
The Berlin bad boy has been playing all over Europe and has plans to hit the US with Anger Management US later in the year! Tunes such as Faith and Indivisible Force are still killing dancefloors Worldwide and you can also book his show alongside the very talented vocalist, Snow, for that extra live performance!
April 6th - Booked: Romania
April 14th - Booked: Dresden DE
April 20th - Booked: Lithuania
All other dates are free

Fresh from working on a new tune for Vision alongside the Noisia boys, as well as his debut album release on Subtitles, Phace has been working every single weekend since coming on the agency and is one of the most popular artists on the roster. Fronting the New Neuro revolution, with a sell out tour planned in the USA for April/May as well as dates booked through the end of June in Europe!
April - May: USA Tour!
May 11th: Estonia
May 17th: Edinburgh
May 25th: Israel
June 2nd: Booked
June 16th: Ukraine
All other dates Free!

The Panacea
Position Chrome's head honcho has been busy working on tunes, one of current fave's being the Limewax remix of Evil Seed that has been absolutely killing dancefloors all over the World, which will be part of an upcoming EP collaboration which is sure to be one of the sickest EP's of the year! Always an amazingly energetic show, with special mash up's and VIP's, The Panacea is one of the longest performing drum and bass artists out there and consistently pushing boundaries every year!
April 6th: Toronto, Canada
April 20th: Italy
April 21st: St Petersburg, Russia
June 1st: Germany
All other dates Free

The Offkey King is still bleeping out in East Europe where he is getting more fluent in Estonian every day (the easier to order Vodka) as well as promoting one off Offkey Label Showcases to huge success! Another sell out US tour is planned for June, as well as in Oz and Nz later in the year, showcasing his new three deck tear out dj performance (and soon to come: a new live project!!).
May 11th: Lodz, Poland
May 16th: London
May 19th: Fribourg, Switzerland
Dates free in May and again after USA TOUR in Early July

The Sect
Killing it with releases on Offkey and Freak, the new techy boys on the block have dancefloors heaving right now! Amazing sets full of unmatched energy! Since coming on the agency, these guys have been getting better and better, with better tunes, loads of dates all over Europe, and a staple at many of our Therapy Sessions! One's to get your hands on now!
April 7th: Moscow, Russia
April 27th: Granada, Spain
May 19th: Therapy Sessions Vienna
All other dates Free

Vicious Circle
With the EP "Welcome to ShankTown" set for full release next week (the promo's sold out like hotcakes), as well as their killer collaboration with Universal Project on Hardware's multi artist LP "Above theGame , Vicous Circle are going straight for the jugular. Next up will be a meeting of the metalists alongside none other then Dom and Roland (sickness) and top that all off with an album in the works, another mixed EP alongside Universal Project, Nocturnal and EBK, as well as a slew of high profile remixes in the pipeline; The VC are always ready to roll out dancefloors all over the World with their mixture of heavy rollers, bleepy bits and old school classics!!
April 20th: Romania
April 21st: Romania and Ukraine
May 12th: Austria
All other dates are free

Always a sell out tour every time these guys come out to Europe or America!! The next European installment of the South African dark lords is set for September 14-29th ONLY. So I think everyone interested needs to get in there quick as their tours always sell out in the first two weeks of announcement!

Unknown Error
New-ish the the roster and already making waves in the scene and getting regular bookings all over the UK and Europe! Definitely ones to get your hands on early!!

Please email me for other artists on the Roster such as Bkey, EBK, Temper D, Propaganda, Nocturnal and more!
...come i'll keep you warm....
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