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Catalog# Artist Title Label
1210 002 Ryme Tyme & Younghead Fever / Shock Therapy 1210
175 001 175 Crew Volume 1 175 Records
24K22 Elite Sounds Pink Factor / Keep Stepping 24 Karat
31R003 Dom & Roland Mechanics / Prisms 31 Records
HQ012 PR / DJ Shaggy Look Out / Ghost 21 5HQ Recordings
APH037 Aphrodite Lava Flow / Acid Life Aphrodite Recordings
APH038 Aphrodite Cloud Break / Karma Sutra Aphrodite Recordings
APH040 Aphrodite Come Down Dubbin' / Hazey Bass Aphrodite Recordings
ARX001 Magnetex Unknown Species / Spacetime Continuum Architecture
BAC002 Ominous Specialization Is For Insects / Belief In The System Bacillus
B2B 12063 DJ Spice Dynamite Back 2 Basics
B2B 12064 JB Say What Remixes EP Back 2 Basics
B2B 12077 DJ Spice The Porn Track / Mischief Back 2 Basics
BCRUKEP002 Bad Company Book Of The Bad Volume 2 BC Recordings
MUZIKLP1 Various Muzik Classics - Drum & Bass Beechwood Music
BETA 002 John B & MC Justiyc Catalyst LP Sampler (Part 1) Beta Recordings
BETA 010 John B Future Reference Remix EP Beta Recordings
BETA 012 John B & Libby Picken ElectroFreek! Beta Recordings
BETA 55 John B In Transit LP Sampler Beta Recordings
BETA LP 03 John B Future Reference Beta Recordings
BETA LP 05 John B In Transit Beta Recordings
BIO 003 Facs & Dylan 20th Century Dust EP Biotic
BIOLTD 001 Facs & Dylan Plankton VIP Biotic
74321 66391 1 War Low Rider (Ganja Kru Remix) BMG
PUFF 1 Natalie Imbruglia Smoke BMG UK & Ireland
BBSCS 001 Klute Glue Sniffer (Hive & Echo Remix) / Oshima Breakbeat Science Recordings
C4C008 Cause 4 Concern Something Else / Moongerm Cause 4 Concern
CHARGE010 Kraft Trend / Kontrol Charge
CHARGE019 Militia Music For The Masses EP Charge
Citrus 002 Falcon Bug Bite / Testdrive Citrus Recordings
Citrus 003 Falcon Firewalls EP Citrus Recordings
Citrus 008 Falcon Macros VIP / Runaway Citrus Recordings
COL 011 Realtime Yeah Come On / Sounds So Good Collusion Records
CXR 001 Saphir & Zief Ashfall Complex Beatz
CRUNK 001 Warlockz feat. Simpleton Walk With Your Friends Crunk Vinyl
CAR 002 Ed Solo Outta Space Cut & Run
CYLON 003 Dylan & Loxy Evolution / Temple Of Doom Cylon
DDRAG20 Various Gridlocked EP Dope Dragon
DREAD20 Dark Angel Neon City Dread Recordings
DSCI4LP 002 S Various Spy Technologies LP Sampler DSCI4
EAST 027 A-Sides Revolver / Calibre (Remix) Eastside Records (UK)
EW138T Natural Born Chillers Rock The Funky Beat EastWest Records UK
EBR 021 UK Apachi & Shy FX Nuttah Vip Ebony Recordings
emcee 003 CyBin Roller (Remix) / Syphon Emcee Recordings
emcee 012 Clipz Banshee / Back To The Temple Emcee Recordings
ED 001 Sugababes Soulsound (New Vision Remixes) Endandered Recordings
Evil 004 Unknown Artist Big Bad Brother / It's So Deep Evil
Evil 008 Unknown Artist Where / Valentine Evil
FED 007 Citizen (2) The Motion (DJ Kalm Mix) / Carousel Federation Records
COUN009 DJ SS Italy Formation Countries Series
COUN010 DJ SS Canada Formation Countries Series
FORM12076 Tekniq One Style Formation Records
FORM12107 John B Pressure / Sight Beyond (2004 Remixes) Formation Records
FREAK004 D. Kay & Raw.Full Be There 4 U (Remixes) Freak Recordings
FQY012 Sub Focus Acid Test / Get On Up Frequency
FK 006 Prisoners Of Technology Crazzzy / Cold Blooded Fresh Kutt Records
FK 008 Prisoners Of Technology Volume 8 Fresh Kutt Records
FRONT 022 Terminal Outkasts Deadlock / Militant Moods Frontline
FRONT 024 Terminal Outkasts Personal Vibes / Glitch In The System Frontline
FRONT 032 Aura (2) Slow Down / Escape Frontline
FRONT 033 DJ Zinc It's Like That (Remix) / Music Of Yourself Frontline
FRONT 038 Hype & Zinc Time Is Running Out E.P. Frontline
FRONT 040 DJ Zinc & Frequency (2) White On Black / Bearings Frontline
FCY 016 DJ Die & DJ Suv Mankind / Music First Full Cycle Records
FCY 028 Krust / Scorpio Kloakin Device (Vocal Mix) / 26 Bass (Special Mix) Full Cycle Records
CHANEL9614 Various Quad 2 EP Function
fuze 09 A-Sides Emunation / Doodle Bug Fuze Recordings
GTR 12004 DJ Zinc Global Thang - Volume 4 Global Thang
GLR016 PFM For All Of Us / The Mystics Good Looking Records
HIGHS11T Pressure Drop Got To Be For Real Higher Ground
HOSTILE005 Rob F Resistance / Beholder (Chris.Su Remix) Hostile Recordings
HUMA8007-1 Bad Company Grunge 3 / Mass Hysteria (Remixes) Human Imprint Recordings
INCIDENT 001 Tekken Hardcore / Lisa Incident
INFL 015 2 Nasty Slice It Up / Tommy Don't Do It Influential
INFRA 013 Aftersun Lovers Infrared
INFRA 013 J Majik & Danny Jay Jigsaw EP Infrared
INFRA LP 003 Various Infrastructure LP Infrared
INVD 006 B Key Dustcap / Lifeform Invader
JOKER 18 Dream Team, The Insane / L.A. Dreams (Pete Parsons Remix) Joker Records
JOKER 46 Dynamic Duo The Drummer / It's The New Style Joker Records
JOKER 51 Dream Team, The Freestyle Joker Records
ECIUJ020 Facs & Red Whole Car / Fat Cap Juice
ECIUJ024 Facs & Dylan E.Coli / Braindust Juice
KAOS 001 Adam F & J Majik Metrosound Kaos Recordings
KAOS 003 Adam F Smash Sumthin (Remixes) Kaos Recordings
KAR021 Trigger Happy It's For Real / What Goes Around Kartoons
ADMM 023 Various Android EP Liftin' Spirit Records
ADMM 025 Magnetic Media Vigilante / Bad Seed Liftin' Spirit Records
LIVE 002 Trend Flight 747 / This World Live Recordings
LIVE 004 Trend Tune Your Bass (Mixes Part 1) Live Recordings
LIVE 005 Live Crew Come Inside / The Next Step Live Recordings
LOVECL 001 Unknown Artist vs. Falcon Battle Of The Fates / Macross V.I.P Love Classics (D)
LOVE001 Dreazz Love / Legalize It Love Recordings (D)
LPO009 Pendulum (3) Spiral / Ulterior Motive Low Profile
METH 051 Danny C Star / Sunday Metalheadz
METH003LP Various MDZ.03 - Metalheadz Presents No Smoke Without Fire Metalheadz
RDJ 003 Modern Moves Back-Stab / Stigma Modern Moves
SHADOW 093 Deep Blue & Blame Transitions / Re-Transitions Moving Shadow
SHADOW 144 Dom & Roland Can't Punish Me / Sky Spirits Moving Shadow
SHADOW 146 E-Z Rollers RS2000 / Cops Don't Like Us Moving Shadow
SHADOW 156 Dom & Roland / Biostacis Soundwall VIP / Menace (Dom & Roland Mix) Moving Shadow
SHADOW 157 R Blame Music Takes You (John B & B.L.I.M. Mixes) Moving Shadow
SHADOW 160 Technical Itch & Kemal The Calling Moving Shadow
SHADOW 161 Dom & Roland Dynamo / Adrenalin Moving Shadow
NIR12006 DJ SS Symphonic New Identity Recordings
NIR12009 Distorted Minds Eventual Remix New Identity Recordings
12NEXT01 Dr. Dre Next Episode Remix Not On Label
FOR 001 Fugees Fugees Or Not Not On Label
POOS001 John B Blandwagon Poos Not On Label
ELC 002 CydeFX Timescape / More Than One Nu Electro Recordings
ELC 003 Castor Emily / Le Metro Nu Electro Recordings
ELC 004 Genetic Sequence Time / Photographic Nu Electro Recordings
OHM 001 Falcon Roll Over / Duckhunt OHM Recordings
OUTBLTD011 DJ Reality Shadows of Memories / Sphinx Outbreak
AQUA 1 Aquasky Orange Dust / Opaque Passenger
PPRO 8VS Teebee Life Continue / Tech G Photek Productions
PIMP 012 Starsky PIMP In Space / Louder Pimp
PIRUH 002 Eye-D / Tekken Hidden Bassline / Assassin Piruh
PIRUH 004 DJ Hidden / Tekken Incantation / Punk Piruh
PIRUH 006 Falcon / Tekken Retro VIP / Underground Resource Piruh
PC 52 LP Disorder Disorder 2nd Gen Vol. 1 / Vol. 2 Position Chrome
PC 53 LP Panacea German Engineering Position Chrome
PRO 009 Optical Moving 808s / High Tek Dreams Prototype Recordings
PRO UK 002 Various Connexions EP Prototype Recordings
RAMM 016R Origin Unknown Valley Of The Shadows / Truly One RAM Records
RAMM 017 Andy C & Shimon Quest / Nightflight RAM Records
RAMM 020 Andy C & Shimon Terraform EP RAM Records
RAMM 032 Various Ram Raiders Part 3 RAM Records
RAMM 034 Andy C & Shimon Body Rock RAM Records
RAMM 038 Origin Unknown Truly One Remixes RAM Records
RAMM 041 Ram Trilogy Chapter 6 RAM Records
RAMM 044 Ram Trilogy Screamer E.P. RAM Records
RAMM LP3 Ram Trilogy Molten Beats LP RAM Records
RATIO002 Red One Volume 2 Ratio Recordings
RATIO005 Influence (2) Persian Rug / Atomic Bongo Ratio Recordings
RIVET 132 Seiji Density / Taste Reinforced Records
RH015 Psychosis Tempest / Inner Sense Renegade Hardware
RH018 Various 3 The Hardway EP Renegade Hardware
RH049 Keaton Invisible Man EP Renegade Hardware
RH050 Various Paranoia EP Renegade Hardware
RH061 Universal Project Black Techno EP Renegade Hardware
RINSEP 001 Various Rinse Unlimited - Volume 1 Rinse Out
ROCKGOD001 Marilyn Manson / Nine Inch Nails New Shit / Closer (Remixes) Rock God Recordings
SB 013 John B Pathfinder / Krisptron Shoebox
SINC 1215 Smokester, The Special Rebirth Smokers Inc
SINC 1227 Smokester, The Westworld Coastin' Smokers Inc
SINC 1237 Babylonian Eclipse / Zulu Smokers Inc
SV001 Quest Foundation Salvation Solid Vinyl
SONIX 004 Aquasky Ghost / Lords Of Motion (Technical Itch Remix) Sonix
SUS 007 Swan-E & Undacut High Rollers / Don't Change Sophisticated Underground Sound
SUBTITLES021 Teebee & Form Return To Forever / Shape Number 1 Subtitles
SUBTITLES023 Teebee Capable / Guilty Subtitles
TLX 35 DJ Krust True Stories Talkin' Loud
TT004 MC Det Jungle Owes Me Money EP Times Two Records
TPT010 Resonant Evil Hold Your Breath / Blue Room Transparent Recordings
TOV 12 035 Various Here Comes Trouble Volume 7 - Rotation EP Trouble On Vinyl
TOV 12 037 DJ Reality / Notorious J Mission Control LP Sampler Trouble On Vinyl
TOV 42 Various Here Comes Trouble Vol. 8 Trouble On Vinyl
TOV LP 02 Various Mission Control Trouble On Vinyl
TPR 12 002 DJ Zinc Reach Out / Pranksters True Playaz
TPR 12 003 Freestyles Play The Game / Learn From The Mistakes Of The Past True Playaz
TPR 12 009 Dope Skillz Tighten Up / Blocked True Playaz
TPR 12 014 Pascal Who Can Draw / Favours True Playaz
TPR 12 017 D'Cruze Importance Of Drums / Holocaust True Playaz
TPR 12 019 Kappa Stand Up / Tough Point True Playaz
TPR 12 039 DJ Zinc Reach Out Remixes True Playaz
TPR 12 051 DJ Zinc Ska (Remix) / Fruitella True Playaz
TPR LP 002 Various Real Vibes True Playaz
TYREC 002 J. Buzz & Mighty Flores Dim Red Circle / Waiting Typhoon Tunez
UDFR012 Spy The Way / System Error Remixes Underfire
UD 001 Brockie Represents / Showdown Undiluted Recordings
UKR 2003 Footmasters Moodswing Unkut Records
V 030 DJ Krust / Bio Mechanics Warhead (Ram Trilogy Remix) / DNA V Recordings
V 037 Dillinja Grimey EP V Recordings
VIO 008 Hive Neo / Gemini Violence Recordings
VIO 009 Various The Ultraviolence EP Violence Recordings
VST 1752 Everything But The Girl Blame Virgin Records (UK)
VRS 001 LP Ed Rush & Optical Wormhole LP Virus Recordings
VRS 001 RR Ed Rush & Optical Medicine / Lifecrisis Virus Recordings
VRS 003 Ed Rush & Optical Lifespan / Crisis Virus Recordings
VRS 005 Ed Rush & Optical Bacteria / Gas Mask Virus Recordings
VRS 006 Optical & Ryme Tyme / Bad Company Twisted EP Virus Recordings
VRS 008 Ed Rush & Optical Kerbkrawler / Capsule Virus Recordings
WOR 3 Lowlife The Quick And The Dark / Expressive Technology Way Out Records
WS xx2 DJ Ben Hypnosia-Creps Woody Stuff
WS xx3 Time Stretchers, The Ideal Mistery Woody Stuff
X-86:01 Various X-869901 X-86
ZTT 125 TP2 MC Tunes vs. 808 State The 808:88:98 Remixes Part 3 ZTT

PM me or ecuadory@hotmail.com
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