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Alt 23.06.2005, 09:29   #1
Registriert seit: 09.02.2005
Ort: Aachen Germany
Beiträge: 3
Talking V: Neu Drum & Bass Sammlungauflösung

Hallo leute ! Habe ungefähr 80 drum ' Bass scheiben zu verkaufen:

Record Label - Artist - Vinyl

Record Label Artist Vinyl

Renegade Hardware Keaton The Invisible Man EP 2xMaxi
Microdot recordings Delta Format Influx UK A:East of the River Night. B:Emotions
C.I.A - Limited Edition Baron / Total science A: Meet the Creeper[VIP Mix] B:Zanzibar[Zero t + Beta 2 Remix]
Ram Records Movin Fusion A.Thunderball . AA.Lazy Bones
True Playaz Brockie & Ed Solo A.Mars AA.'Echo Box'
Fullcycle I Kamanchi A.Hold it Down AA.Movin Fast
Unkut Recordings Kryptic Minds A. It - AA.Take it Easy
Unkut Recordings Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch A. Bust it Up - AA.The Gift
True Playaz Dj Hazard No More Games EP
Fromation Records Formation 100 - Part 3Twisted Individual Heavy Metal & Mindfield
C.I.A - Limited Edition S.Basslline Smith + Drum Sound A: Friday - AA.If you need Someone
Balck Sun Empire Recordings BSE004 A.Stone Faces - AA.Benjie
Liftin Spirit Records Red One A.Pitch Switch - AA.Screwball
Technique Recordings Tech 020 Heavy FC & Bigheadz
Charge Recordings The Militia - Music for The Masses 2 x Maxi
Sonix Recordings Aquasqy vs Sketch Structure & Like this(Aquasqy Rmx)
Transparent Recordings Transglobal Series A.The Militia - Flip teh Script / B.Fissin - Vandalism
Metalheads recordings The Rufige Kru Remix EP - Metalheadz 50 2 x Maxi - Terminator Remix
Musica Recording G - Squad A.Dance B.Bonnie & Clyde
Fullcycle Roni Size Feel The Heat EP
Frecuency Recording The Truth - Night Walker - Delta - Word Games Full Frecuency EP 2 x maxi
Solution Recordings Dj Marky & XRS / D.Kay/Calibre/Artifficial Intelligent Solution Series 1 Part 3 2 x maxi
Emotif Reocrdings Silver / Filthy Dirty Rich vs G-Enetic feat. Anjelai Emotif Gold 50 Seal EP
Industry Recordings M.I.S.T Barracuda & Freaky
Industry Recordings Q-Project / David Carbone YO YO & El Dorado
Phuturo Recordings Drumagick - Mickrob - Dj Marnel - Telefunken Ritmoas De Brasil EP 2 x Maxi
V Recordings Dj Narky & XRS Lk & Faithless Remixed by Scorpio (aka Ronie Size & Dj Die)
Worldwide Audio Recordings War 002 / 2dB Oscilator / Circle Square
Phuturo Recordings Telefunken A.Liars - AA.Skeptics
BC Recordings Hive / Dieselboy + Kaos + Karl remix Grunge 3 / Mass Hysteria The remixes

Infrared Records J Majik & Wickaman Elephant Maxi
Oneeye Records Pressure Drop Legacy & Spirits Fall
V Recordings Capone Chronic 19
Serious Records Matrix vs . Goldtrix It's Love(Trippin)
3D Mode Recordings Dj Hazard & Dj Devize & Three A A. Supercharged - AA.Heavy Monsta Sound
Unknown April April
New Identity Recordings Twisted Individual A.Scurvey - AA.Disfunktional
Ram Records Movin Fusion Ramm 42. Star Sign / Party People
Infrared Records J Majik vs Hatiras Space Invaders
Kaos Recordings Adam F feat . M.O.P & Capone & noreaga Stand Clear(Matrix & Fierce rmx) - Listen Here(Dillinja Rmx)

Virus recording Ram trilogy Pacman Remixes
Trouble on Vinyl Here Comes trouble Twiste ' em out - Dillinja (Dj Freshremix & Skibadee vocal mix)

Renegade Hardware Cause 4 Concern Symptom EP 2 x maxi
Test Recordings Dillinja & Lemon D The Crash test EP 3 x Maxi
Kaos Recordings Distorted Minds The Tenth Planeth & T-10
Urban Music Musyka A. De Fileros - AA. City Sounds
Ice Minus Recordings Ice Minus & Decoder A. Break the Ice AA. Angel
Invaders Recordings Invader Counterstrike EP
Fullcycle I Kamanchi (Krust & Die) A.Back to Boogie AA. Disaster must fall
Third Eye Records Bad Boy DJ (Mo Vibes) A. Bad Boy Dj Part one AA. Bad Boy Dj Part 2
No Frills Dj Ron(DAN Remix) New Blood (Original Mix) Worries in da Dance
Timeless Recordings Total Science A.Face Riders AA.Ghost town
Hard leaders Total Science - (Greg Parker) A. It's not over AA. We hear Drumz
V Recordings Chronic 22 - Silver (Accidental Heroes) A:Get Down B:Studio 54
Formation Records Formation 100 - Part2 Dj Hazard / Generation dub A:No 6 Betonate
Fullcycle I Kamanchi (Krust & Die) A.Never can Tell AA:Soul beat Calling
Refomed Recordings Generatino Dub A: Ghost Buster AA: Monster Sound
BC Recordings Bad Company feat. Rawhill Crew / Dillinja Mo' Fire / Nitrous (Dillinja Remix)
Basswerk Records Basswerk 14 A: Funkfeuer AA:Wüstensturm
Back 2 Basic Recordings JB A: No Competion AA: Spanisch harlem

Virgin Records Fallacy Big & Bashy (feat. Tubby T)
Cause 4 Concern Recordings Cause 4 Concern A: Bedhead AA:Soul(Matrix + Fierce remix)
Trickdisck Recordings Harddrive A: Devine AA:Recall
Movin Shadow Music Goldie A: Temper Temper AA: Temper Temper(VIP Remis)
BC Recordings Bad Company Shot Down on Safari LP
Music4Ever Recordings Anorganik / Chris Su A: Overload AA: Check Mate
Underfire Recordings Clockwork Clockwork the Remix EP 3x Maxi
Architetur Recordings Instinct The Remixes Original & Dillinja Remixes
BC Recordings Bad Company A: Rush Hour AA:Blind
Renegade Hardware Dillinja A: Twist ' em out B:Kids Stuff

BC Recordings Fierce Dream Thief / Infinity
Valve recordings Dillinja This is a Warning EP
Renegade Hardware The Four Element_Water (Part 4) The Four Element_Water (Part 4) 2x maxi
BC Recordings Mo Fire Rawhill Crew Mix Andy C Vs. Fresh BC Mix
Penetration Records Technical Itch Penetration 8
Unknown Rob&Goldie - Technical itch- Robbie rivera- Dom &Optical Reborn in the USA 2x Maxi
Unknown Hyper on Experience Hyper on Experience

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Alt 25.06.2005, 15:04   #2
Metal Head
Registriert seit: 10.03.2005
Ort: KL / LU
Beiträge: 315
hoi was willstn für:
Valve recordings Dillinja This is a Warning EP
Renegade Hardware Dillinja A: Twist ' em out B:Kids Stuff
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Alt 30.06.2005, 12:45   #3
Gold Head
Registriert seit: 19.12.2002
Ort: Kronach (Oberfranken) / Jena
Beiträge: 1.158
geld bei dir angekommen?
03.03.12 Ausnahmezustand Pt. 4 mit FORBIDDEN SOCIETY & KATHARSYS @ Sächsischer Bhf, Gera
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Alt 30.06.2005, 13:34   #4
Silver Head
Registriert seit: 02.03.2004
Ort: Stuggitown
Beiträge: 655
Wäre an dieser hier interessiert:
Basswerk Records Basswerk 14 A: Funkfeuer AA:Wüstensturm

Schreib mal ne PM wegen Preis
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