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Cool Drums.ro Podcast - Podcast No.2 - Ross D

Hey, peeps!

Following the first podcast by Vlad Cheis (Big DaBass Promotion - Moscow), the current goes straight to the dancefloor through the backstage with Philly’s own, Ross D.
Along with the podcast we can treat you with a mini-interview/chat alongside the man himself and get an insight on his production background and more.


Ross D


Stefan: First things first: What is your full name mr. D? Are you willing to disclose it?

Ross D: Haha, yeah, Ross Dettmering. Ross D was a lot easier as most people just butcher the name when they try to pronounce it. It's German.

Stefan: Do you use hardware and/or software? (I have to mention that you are free to deny me answers to the questions you think are better to remain unanswered. )

Ross D: Haha. No worries, I don't keep too many secrets. As far as instruments are concerned, I lean more towards analog gear, when it’s available, as opposed to softsynths. I have a Rhodes 73, which I use a lot. I don't think I'll ever get tired of using it. I also have a Nord Lead and MS2000 which are my main synths of choice. I'm planning on adding a couple more vintage synths in the near future, probably a Moog and Juno.
On the soft synth side, I use some Native Instruments VSTs. They seem to be pretty solid and have a good amount of flexibility.

Stefan: It seems a little bit weird to me... knowing that you use a lot of synths. Your music sounds very "organic" if I may say so myself.

Ross D: Yes. Well a lot of the organic sounds are pretty much sample based, like the horns and strings, etc. If I could, I would certainly keep a horn section trapped in my studio to use at will.

Stefan: Yeah, I guess most bedroom producers dream of that. A full size orchestra always comes in handy

Ross D: Haha. Yeah, that wouldn't hurt either.

Stefan: What seems to be a big issue these days: MP3 or Vynil?

Ross D: It's tough to deny that vinyl certainly has that added "warmth" to it, and I would love to see it stick around, but it's up against technology, which is essentially the David vs. Goliath, I suppose. I, for one, need convenience, so I go the digital route.

Stefan: Back to production... Mixing down as it goes along or each instrument at a time?

Ross D: Actually, I do it both ways. For the most part I'll mix as I go along. If I get a track finished and it sounds right, then I leave it, but if it doesn't and something is missing after any minimal tweaking, I'll go back and start mixing from the beginning, one at a time.
I do prefer to do “mix-as-you-go”, because I feel that as I arrange and record, I have specific sounds and ideas in mind, that after a long production, I may forget about, if I do a new mixdown.
There have been tracks though, that I will mixdown from scratch to get a different perspective, even though I was happy with the "mix-as-you-go" mixdown. Doing that may cause me to come up with an end result that, although different, may be better. At the very least I have two mixes to choose from.

Stefan: What is the thing that helped you the most in making your music?

Ross D: I'd probably have to say patience.
There's so much to know and learn in this genre. A lot of the getting things right, like most things, just comes with time. You just can’t rush, and have to pace yourself, otherwise you'll crash and burn, and give up before you've given yourself a fair chance to develop.
When I started I read a lot. I'll say it again, I read and I really tried to school myself and get a good understanding for the basics rather then just trying to jump in all at once.
So being patient has really helped. That and Ableton hahaha.

Stefan: Did you find it hard promoting your stuff and sending it to labels and giving out dubs for dj's to play?

Ross D: Yeah, at first it's certainly a little intimidating trying to get labels to notice you, because there is so much competition out there and with technology leveling the playing field, you realize how many other people you are up against. If you have a good sound, keep at it and work hard, I truly believe that you'll find you're niche, things will go in your favor. People shouldn’t take it too seriously if they don't get good feedback or attention when they first start off sending demos.
I can recall sending some tunes to a label some ways back, and never heard anything from them. Then, a while later they got in touch with me asking about the tune after hearing it from someone else. I didn't tell them that they already had it.

Stefan: Any other important advice for young, aspiring producers?

Ross D: Have a passion about the music you create, and things will fall into place. May sound a bit corny, but I truly believe in it.
You can give people tip after tip and some of the best advice from the best producers in the game, but if a person isn't truly into what he/she creates, I think that they will fall short.

Stefan: A bit of an unconventional question: What other styles of drum’n’bass do you listen to, but wouldn't play yourself in a club?

Ross D: Probably ragga influenced dnb. I've always loved those vibes, but would rarely drop a track. That and some of the more electro influenced DnB you see nowadays.

Stefan: How do you cope with sharing the time between Ross D the producer/ Ross D the DJ/ Ross Detterming?

Ross D: It's definitely tough. Music is my life, so I'm always doing something related to it, but I will definitely go through phases, where I'll sit in the studio non-stop for a couple of weeks straight, then spin records for like a week, then do the party thing for a bit. I don't find myself going full force at all these things all at once, as it becomes quite stressful. I like to be able to fully focus on what I am doing at the present, so I can give 100% to it.

Stefan: Regarding inspiration/muses/etc... Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Ross D: I think for the most part, from music. I'll draw ideas from my musical influences. I don't think I really sit down and write a tune based upon how I'm feeling or something I read somewhere. I leave that up to singer/songwriters. I try to listen to as much different music as possible so I can get as many ideas as possible and try to be diverse and fresh.

Stefan: What does the future hold for Ross D? Apart from the album, coming out on "Playloop", "Musical D-lite". Any collabs?

Ross D: I'm definitely planning on doing some collabs at some point. I'm trying to clear my current plate which has a lot of unfinished business. So once that’s done, the collabs can start happening. I'm also working on a bit of a live dnb project which has been an on going thing for a while. We are still in the beta phase, but it's essentially myself alongside a drummer. I have a couple drummers I'll be working with on it.

Stefan: Looking forward to that. This is the end of the interview and it was a pleasure. Any last words?

Ross D: Definitely stay tuned. The future is looking bright. Lots of surprises in store.

Chat/Interview by Stefan (Scuffle)


Artwork by DiStress

Drums.ro Podcast # 2 mixed by Ross D


1. Ross D - Smooth Talker [Playloop Records Dub (“Musical D-lite” album)]
2. Crix – Disco [Dub]
3. Ross D - The Music [Liquid Brilliants]
4. The Funktastics - Private World [Spin Recordings]
5. Greg Packer - Talk to Kenny [Interphase Digital]
6. Random Movement, Noah D, Mixmaster Doc, Focus - Sacrifice [Innerground Dub]
7. The Funktastics - Moanin’ [Spin Recordings]
8. Peyo - Old Times [Good Looking Records]
9. Kaleidoscopio - Você Me Apareceu (Gui Boratto remix) [Irma]
10. Ross D - Love Child [Playloop Records Dub (“Musical D-lite” album)]
11. Ross D - To the Stars [Playloop Records Dub (“Musical D-lite” album)]
12. Random Movement - Back in My Life [Innerground Dub]

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- http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=69381062153
Drums.ro Radio - http://www.drums.ro

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what a selection! wicked mix.

best dnb club ever: www.brain-bs.de

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indeed, great tracklist ! boogie mix
Drums.ro Radio - http://www.drums.ro
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