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Esprit podcast 19 mixed by Wreckage Machinery

Esprit podcast 19 mixed by Wreckage Machinery

Wreckage Machinery takes over this month Esprit podcast to deliver the freshest beats, dubplates, neurofunk dnb mainly. This one ought to be our finest podcast yet.

Esprit podcast 19 mixed and hosted by Wreckage Machinery

65:42 min, 63 MB, November 2010


01.Noisia – Machine Gun (Amon Tobin remix) – Vision
02.Shockone – Polygon (Dirtyphonics remix) – Viper
03.Xilent – Crystalia – Tongue Flap Records dub
04.Wreckage Machinery & Bowser – Power Of Control – Trust In Music dub
05.Hemoglobin – Zeroes – Esprit Records
06.Unknown Error – The Yearning (Apex VIP) – Horizons music
07.No Money – Final Solution – Esprit Records
08.Mindscape – No Escape (Noisia remix) – Citrus
09.Ketz & Wreckage machinery – Damnation – Mindtech Recordings
10.Inside Info – Shoulder Cannon – Trust In Music dub
11.Wreckage Machinery & Inward Phase – Story Of The Hidden – dub
12.Xilent – Outer Inside (Wreckage Machinery remix) – Ammunition Recordings dub
13.Peejay – Last Time – Drumandbass.cz
14.Kinetik, Treo & Wreckage Machinery – Legacy – Sinuous Records dub
15.Zoom – Beneath A Steel Sky – Deafmuted dub
16.Phace – Cold Champagne – Neosignal
17.Neonlight & Miss Redflower – Dessert – Trust In Music dub
18.Mefjus & Bowser – Cerberus Paws – Mindtech recordings
19.Optiv & Maztek – Quarks – Trust In Music dub
20.Jade – Bitch (Audio remix) – Citrus
21.Noisia & Amon Tobin – Sunhammer – Vision
22.Andels – Qualities – Esprit Records


Mirror dnbshare:

Soundcloud link:

Old Esprit podcasts 1 - 18 can be downloaded at http://www.espritrecords.net
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dnb, esprit, podcast, wreckage machinery

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