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mp3 Loop deVille - The One (w Z-Listers/Butter Party Remixes) [TC007]


LOOP DEVILLE - THE ONE with remixes from Z-Listers & Butter Party [TC007]

For the seventh Trickery Collective release, we bring you Loop deVille, a Brighton-based trio with a penchant for tomfoolery. Their track The One is summer festival breaks at its best, with glitched-out female vocals sitting atop huge drums and sub bass, with a lush mid-section drop that's simply irresistable.

On remix duty, we call on electro-house superstars Z-Listers, whose sound has blown up in a massive way in 2009, becoming a DJ crate staple worldwide. Their sawtooth-heavy remix keeps the lush midsection from the original, but flips everything else on its head with some hard-as-hell bass, rave stabs and distinctly "Z" beats.

Last but not least is Butter Party, who loops, chops and crushes the original bassline, hardens up the vocals, and throws in some trademark techy stabs for good measure.

AUDIO SAMPLES - click to launch mp3

Loop deVille - The One (Original Mix)
Loop deVille - The One (Z-Listers Remix)
Loop deVille - The One (Butter Party Remix)




"All versions are cool. Liking the Z-Listers mix best tho. Like the Butter Party mix as well, but would play the z listers one." - Aquasky (Passenger)

"All mixes are good but the butter is the best! gets your insides tickled red!" - Soul Of Man (Fingerlickin)

"Yes, Z-Listers mix is very dancefloor friendly!" - Anne Savage (Ministry Of Sound Radio/Most Wanted)

"Original and Butter Party Remix are tight!" - Jaytech (Hussle & Bussle)

"Original is great. and remixes are great too. good stuff." - Asle Bjorn (Full Blown/Size/Cr2/Yoshitoshi)

"Great energy and atmosphere in the original (best mix). Great to hear from fellow Brightoners." - Desyn Masielo (SOS)

"All good tracks here, original mix is the one for me. Hot!" - The Beatmonkeys (Chibuku Shake Shake)

"Like the orginal and Z-Listers remix, pretty sick bass line!" - Ben Hebel (Urb Magazine)

"Z-Listers mix is the pick of the bunch for me!" - Dylan Rhymes (Lot49/Adrift)

"Original mix is getting good reactions out, keep 'em coming!" - General Midi (Distinctive/TCR/Kilowatt)

"Original sounds sweet." - Kosmas Epsilon

"Z-Listers is the one here for me." - JDS (TCR)

"Z-Listers is the one for me, love it!!" - 10 Rapid (Burrito)

"Original and Z-Listers mixes been going down well, nice one." - Cut La Roc

"Another great release from Trickery Collective. Played the BP remix on the weekend and certainly had the desired effect." - Nick Thayer (Breaking Point/Triple RRR Radio/Inpress

"It's all about the Butter Party mix! Monster tune!!" - Introspective (Sinister)

"Playing all mixes!" - Peter Paul

"Butter Party mix is DOOOOPE!!" - The Scumfrog

"Both remixes are rollin' it. Nice action..." - Force Mass Motion (Critical Mass Recordings/Lot49)

"Top stuff from the LDV boys who seem to be on a roll. Butter Party remix is probably my pick." - Plaza De Funk (Mantra Breaks/West)

"All good mixes here! Favourite is the original, with its emotive groove and cheeky vocals to spice it up." - Kickflip (NSB Radio/Fat!)

"Yeah wikid stuff! Full Groove Diggerz support on all 3! 8/10" - Groove Diggerz (Breakin Even)

"Nice release! Thanx!" - DJ Aleksij (Sloevenia)

"Wow... Butter Party mix? You mean Burning Man peak hour 4am right?!! Will giver a few spins for sure, nice one!" - Mephisto Odyssey

"Kicking energetic stuff with electro lick, not so stupid as usual electro is now. Except of original I also like Butter Party mix." - Josef Sedlon (Radio 1 Prague)

"Nice release... I'm digging the Original and the Z-Listeners the best." - Simply Jeff

"Butter Party are really on a roll, their version gets nicely demented. Lufff it!" - Janette Slack (iBreaks/Re:Connect)

"Butter Party mix for me!" - Kid Blue (Lot49/Chew The Fat!)

"Two good rmxs in this package, will play 'em both!" - Jnr J (/Fakt)

"The original and Z-Listers remix are alright, but the Butter Party one is the one doing it for me the most... wicked remix! Their stuff keeps getting better... excellent track. Played it out a few times recently and it rocks!" - McQueen (Technique)

"Quality electro house... Butter Party remix is sick too." - Joel Xavier (Whoop!)

"Huge stuff from Butter Party on the remix, nice heads down feel. Sure to bring out the clepto in you..." - Hyperion (U&A)

"The Butter Party remix is the bomb, I kind of like Z-Listers but it's not really the sound that I normally play out. Thanks!" - Tini Tun (We Are Here Records)

"Z-Listers remix is the winner! love the zipper sound and phat bassline..." - Connie Wong (DJ Icon)

"Love the original, unique and original ideas there - doesnt try too hard, great production/engineering tho a few more hooks would have made it an anthem. Top marks! Loving Butter Party's as well, chunky, glitchy, all the right sounds! Z-Listers is sonically really tight but not up our alley. Great package." - Bitrok (PACK Music)

"Great release from the LDV boys once again, can't get enough of the storming Butter Party mix though, madness." - Jung (NSB Radio/Muujuun Blog)

"Full support here. Original has a great groovy percussion feel, while the Butter Party remix shows a darker well done club version. Not to mention great vocal work on both these mixes! Thanks!" - Ariel G (behold)

"Three equally strong mixes with distinctive styles and very playable too, my personal favourite would be equally between the original and Butter Party remix." - Vladimir Sokolov (TCR/Breakneck/Sokolov Sounds/Ministry Of Sound Radio)

"Butter Party remix is the one for me " - Pablo Decoder (Lot49)

"Loving all three of these, and as usual it's horses for courses on which one you choose. I think for me the original stands out. I'll be showcasing them all on the radio show though, and playing out the original in club sets." - High Eight (Re:Connect)

"This is a nice package but it is all about the punishing Butter Party remix here - what a monstrous take! Love it. Straight into my box, my chart and my radio playlist. Will play it out today in my Basstion radioshow. Will support it for sure." - Boogie Mafia (Radio Euro, Laif magazine)

"Butter Party mix is wicked." - Dopamine (Title Fight/TCR)

"Butter Party remix is a stormer! Wicked!" - Chris Cargo (Choo Choo/Renaissance)

"I really like Z-Listers mix, that will get many spins from me. The Butter remix is hot too, I know I will play this mix as well. Very, very good remixes - club land will love these..." - Sonique Sonique

"Both the original and Butter Party remix rock, the original has lots of funk for when you want to liven things up. Feeling the Butter Party Remix the most.. 8/10" - Filth and Splendour

"The Butter Party remix is definitely for me!" - Tony Tay (Zouk)

"I like all three mixes, hard to choose between them but a great release, cheers!" - Hexadecimal

"Quite likin this one - a little on the housey side for us, but the Z-listers remix is the one we will be droppin for sure! When the bassline drops on this mix it definitely puts a smile right there and gets you movin as it builds - wicked track and a great little remix too - will be on the lookout for more from this stable..." - Jo Stokes

"Ooooofff...this Butter Party remix is a heater. Lowslung and chugging just how I like it...will play 100%" - Tigerhook Corp

"Brilliant! Best release of 2009 for me so far... the perfect package all around. Well done!" - Chad North (NYC)

"It's all about the Z-Listers' mix for me! Awesome." - Mike Ball (Silo/Spectrum)

"Butter Party mix is sure to work, a good mix." - Swain & Snell

"Butter Party is on fire right now, this is one of his many great pieces of work." - Matthew McCurry (Nmity Sounds)

"Very well produced on the Dirty Electro Tech Break House tip. Top notch quality. The original mix is my fave, I love it... Z-Listers 2nd... Butter Party 3rd..." - Mezzy Matos (Mestizosix9/Nike DJ)

"Really good release, the butter Party mix is one of the best tunes i've heard for a long time, liking this a lot." - Simon Jackson

"3 excellent tracks! Z-Lsters is my fav... dirty wonkey electro! 10/10, perfect for a Disco Science set!" - Disco Science
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