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Alt 09.02.2006, 20:18   #1
Silver Head
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Ort: Heilbronn
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10.03.06: InFection pres. HEIST & Freesteppa @ qube club, Heilbronn

Event: Drum’n’Bass InFection

Datum: 10.03.06

Location: Qube Club, Heilbronn ( Om – Dancehall, Paulinenstr. 15, 74076 Heilbronn )

DJ HEIST ( Metalheadz, Co-Lab, Valve, Outbreak, Steppasoundz. London, UK ),
DJ FREESTEPPA ( Steppasoundz Rec. MA ),
DJ TOLLSCHOCK ( Dreamworld Rec. HN ),
DJ RIDICK ( InFection, E-culture.de, happybass.com. FRA )
DJ JAGSTER ( InFection. FRA )

MJ FUTURELINE ( mjfutureline.com, Adelsheim )
MC INJA ( E-culture.de. HN )

Eintritt: EUR 9.-

link zum flyer: http://e-culture.de/_img/infection_final.jpg

Drum’n’Bass der ganz besonderen Art gibts am 10.03.06 im QUBE CLUB in Heilbronn.
Zu Gast an diesem Abend wird DJ HEIST ( Metalheadz, Digital Soundboy, Valve, Co-Lab, Steppasoundz Rec. ) aus London, UK sein. HEIST, der zum ersten Mal seinen einzigartigen Sound in Deutschland praesentieren wird, ist momentan einer der vielseitigtsen Producer/DJ im DnB Circus und wird das an diesem Abend garantiert auch unter Beweis stellen. Ausserdem wird DJ FREESTEPPA zu Gast sein, der gerade frisch von seiner 4. US Tour zurueck gekommen ist. Unterstuetzung gibts von Heilbronns Plattendealer No. 1, DJ TOLLSCHOCK ( Dreamword Records ) und die beiden Veranstalter RIDICK und JAGSTER werden selbstverstaendlich auch mit von der Partie sein.
Don’t miss it !



Artist Information:

HEIST [Metalheadz, Outbreak, Valve, Steppasoundz, Colab - London / UK]

Jim Muir also known as Heist & Strider, has been a DJ for eleven whole years now. It has been his number one love from day one, to be involved in the music industry in some way. He knew from such an early age that he wanted to be playing the music in the clubs, rather than dancing to it. Heist has played at many top events in the U.K. like Champion Sounds, Epidemik events, Venom as well as DJ slots in USA & Europe. Heist has had slots on radio stations, one been on 88.2 Rude FM for two years, before leaving to concentrate on the production side of things. Heist now has been producing tunes for just under two years. He started his own record label Co-Lab Recordings back in 2002 with his friend Benny. First 12" release was 'Company 7' and 'Salsa Jive' which sold out. The second release also followed on with great success & things are going from strength to strength. Not just his own label is Jim releasing quality tunes, but he also goes under the name Strider. Strider was quickly picked up by one of the hottest producer teams about, Dillinja and Lemon D's Beatz imprint. Also Jim recently had released on Media Recordings with good mate La Roque, showing his different styles of drum'n bass production. Forthcoming releases from Heist we see 12"s on Metalheadz, Crative Source, Valve, Steppasoundz Recordings, Peshay's Cubik Music Imprint, Outbreak Records, Planet Funk, Suv's Studio Love records. Remixes also forthcoming are 'Time Is Fire' due on Randalls label Mac2, along with other label remixes for Inneractive, DSCI 4, UCR (Ed Funks Label) and of course his own Imprint Co-Lab Recordings...

FREESTEPPA [Steppasoundz, DynamiteClub - Mannheim / GER]

just came back form his huge 2 months usa promotion tour for the 4th time with gigs in newyork, dallas, austin, miami and many more....! steppasoundz recordings labelowner marc free aka dj freesteppa rocks the wheelz of steel regulary worldwide from europe to the usa and back again. he is since the early 90s part of the breakbeat/jungle/dnb scene, deejaying was always his biggest passion! in the year 2000 the idea "steppasoundz" was born by freesteppa himself and so he founded the label steppasoundz recordings in a official way with the first vinyl-release back in 2001. his latest release (steppasoundz 007) just came out this spring ...he is always workin on interesting music-projects in studio as well promoting clubnights such as dynamite-club in mannheim. freesteppa is playin regulary all big raves such as One Nation, Kings of the Jungle, Made in Germany and many more...watch out for more infos about him and his succesfull label steppasoundz recordings in the future...
07.03. / 13.05. / 18.07./ 04.09. / 21.11.
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Alt 13.02.2006, 21:42   #2
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suuuuuper booking ... da hau mer rein
[MysteryJungle]i´m 16. oh so young
[mcinja]yeh... thats a good age to start fisting !!
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Alt 15.02.2006, 16:15   #3
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Thumbs up

Nice 1. Wünsche Euch viel Erfolg Jungs!

"Ich finde, sich wegen Musik so anzustellen, zeugt doch von einem engen Geist. Die Intelligenz zeigt sich darin, neue Wege zu finden." (Carl Craig)

"tiefer als limbo"
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Alt 24.02.2006, 20:02   #4
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Thumbs up Freu Mich Auch Schonmal Aufs Cube

da hauen wir mal rein !!! würd ich auch sagen grüßle sven
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Alt 26.02.2006, 00:45   #5
Metal Head
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Registriert seit: 15.01.2004
Ort: Heilbronx
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sooo hab hier nochn fines interview ::


In 2005, many producers really came into their own. Some wrecked the dancefloor, while others stuck to the more subtle side of things. Heist, aka Strider, likes to play both sides of the fence. Tracks like "Nature of the Sith" and "Pum Pum Stabber" were primed and ready for dancefloor damage, while other cuts like "Loyalty" and his Co-Lab recordings have satisfied the other side of the DnB spectrum. In this interview, the one like Heist gives us a glimpse at a producer on the verge of doing some big things.

Khal: First off, thanks for taking some time out to let the DOA crew know what is going on with you. For those who may not know, can you break down on how you went from being a budding Drum & Bass DJ to a producer who is dropping tunes everywhere, from Dillinja's Valve stable to Grid and Horizons.

Heist: I had been DJing for a number of years before I knew anything about studios or how tune make a tune. My sets were always a variety of artists and styles and that's how I wanted to produce. I really got into Producing through realizing that I'd gone as far as I was going to go as a DJ. By saying that though and looking back at what I've learnt and done in the studio - I really do just love making tunes. It becomes so much more enjoyable when you have your technique of how you get, say your beats for example and a way of achieving your own signature in your tunes.

Khal: You have done some amazing work as a producer, especially in 2005, but you are also a seriously skilled DJ. If you could only do one, which would it be and why?

Heist: It'd probably have to be producing. Making music is a thing that you never seem to get to the bottom of - and you're always learning all the time as well.

Khal:In tune with the last question, do you ever produce tracks based on what you think will work well in your mixes?

Heist: Sometimes I've done that. For instance starting a tune with a nice tight drum break is great for mixing, you tend to know where you are straight away. Sometimes though it's nice to have a tune that's a bit against the grain and not necessarily aimed at the dance floor.

Khal: There are only a few producers in the scene who are truly versatile: SKC, D.Kay, and yourself. Are you consciously trying to keep your sounds so varied?

Heist: I am because I do like a lot of styles of DnB and a range of flavas and edges. It's the way I've always been as I described earlier. I'd get bored of just making one type of style to be honest.

Khal: Hearing a track like "Nature of the Sith", you cannot deny the Dillinja/Valve influence. I know you have worked closely with that stable, and I am wondering how closely does one work with Dillinja when you are in that situation? Are you like an apprentice or does he act as more of a guide, steering you and giving you insight into how you can make your tracks sound better?

Heist: Dillinja is cool cos he's honest about wot he hears. I've been in his studio a few times and I've played tracks to him at the Valve office and he gives me feed back on what he thinks. I'd say he guides me more than anything else, he's waiting for the track from me that's right for Valve so I just keep writing tracks and sending them his way. That's why the Strider name was set up, just for Valve and my own label Co-Lab. Funny that u should mention "Nature of the Sith", cos Karl was really into it, playing it on dub, but I think that tune came out on the right label for the tune it was.

Khal: Now, with all of your work for everyone else's labels, what's the story with Co-Lab? The last thing I have heard was the series of remixes that came out earlier this year. Do you have anything dropping soon?

Heist: Yeah next up we've got a series of 12's coming out called the 'alter ego's series. These will be getting released over this year and Co-Lab 8 is the first part of these, which is Strider vs. Heist and has had good support from Grooverider, Fabio, Flight, Bryan G, L Double and Pendulum. That should be out in the shops now. Up after that we've got the TC Remix of 'Herb Smoke' by Aries backed with a tune by me (as Strider) and Shox called 'Legends' which has had good support over last year from Fabio and Flight

Khal: With the DnB scene so varied and worldwide, there is new talent and new tracks popping up from everywhere, every week. Who are you rating these days on the production tip?

Heist: Right now for me people that I rate are people like Break and Silent Witness. They always have a great edge to their sound that catches my ear. Also TC; I've known Tom about 2 years now and by both being with the Valve camp, we were always sending each other beats and stuff to see wot the other person thought. There's always something from him in my set and his mixdowns are just on another level above a lot of other producers in my opinion. I also really rate Calyx, who's been an inspiration to me for ages and doesn't get the props he deserves.

Khal: What's the story with Funk Audio? I heard this release with Ed Funk & Diane Charlamagne, and I'm kind of surprised more heads didn't pick up on it. How did this collab come about, and is there anything forthcoming from that outfit?

Heist: Yeah that's kind of on hold at the moment. Ed's been busy doing his Hip Hop stuff and that's going really well for him. We have got material lined up but we'll have to see how the year goes. There are a couple of things by me and Diane on dub a in a select few DJs box though.

Khal: Do you have a current top 10 that you can hit us with?

1. Strider - Jack Pot - Dub
2. Break - The Myth - DNAudio
3. Dillinja - Warm your Heart - Dub
4. Heist - What Once Was - Metal Headz
5. TC - Money Shot - Dub
6. Calyx and Kontrol - ????? - Thunderous
7. Silent Witness - Trip Wire - DNAudio
8. The Imp - Toe Jam - Dub
9. Paradox - Hologram - Dub
10. Strider - Stone Cold - Dub

Khal: Finally, now that everyone knows a lot more about you, where can you be heard? I know you do the radio show, where can we find it? What upcoming releases do you have out there? Info, please!

Heist: Radio show is off at the moment I'm afraid, It is due to return though. However I'm gonna be guesting on Bryan G's show on Ministry of Sound Radio on the 19th of January. Also u can catch me on the BBC 1Xtra bass week on March the 14th at Detonate in Nottingham. I think I'm there with Goldie and Bailey that night and will be streaming My set live on 1Xtra. I've also got some bookings in Germany in march and Belgium in April. Releases wise watch out for the first solo Metal Headz 12 from me, which is called 'What Once Was' and has 'Metal Slug' on the flip. Also a tune on the first Album on Chronic (big up Mosus & Ruff stuff) which is called 'Just Roll It'. There's other stuff due too but I'm not saying too much right now

Khal: Finally, before we take off, do you have any shout outs for the people out there?

Heist: I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who's supported and believed in me to be honest. All the people on DOA, people that knew me from there before I even knew how to produce.

Khal: Thanks again for letting me pick your brain. Good luck in the New Year!

Heist: No probs, have a good one Bert!

Interview by Khal.

Check out Co-Lab Recordings website:

Colab Recordings

You can hear Ministry of Sound Radio at:

Ministry Radio

[MysteryJungle]i´m 16. oh so young
[mcinja]yeh... thats a good age to start fisting !!
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Alt 04.03.2006, 17:35   #6
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@ turrican
vielen dank ;-)
und hoffentlich nicht das letze mal.. dann werden wir dich ganz bald wieder einladen ;-)

and not to forget :

Am 11.03. ab 06.00 Uhr ( a.m. -> also direkt nach der Party im Qube Club ) werden wir zusammen mit MJ Futureline eine Afterhour im Club B27 in Bad Friedrichshall anbieten !

Zu horen gibts dort Drum and Bass der etwas haerteren und technoideren Gangart !


Datum: 11.03.2006 - ab 06.00 Uhr ( a.m. )
Location: Club B27, Bad Friedrichshall ( jagstfelder Str. 11 - nur ca. 500 m vom Bahnhof entfernt )
Eintritt : EUR 3.-

An den Decks:
DJ ROME (blu saphir rec. FRA)

DJ COPTER ( e-culture.de )
DJ RIDICK ( e-culture.de / happybass.com / InFection )

MJ Futureline
MC Inja

more infos under:
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Alt 04.03.2006, 17:40   #7
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...der etwas haerteren und technoideren Gangart !
DJ ROME (blu saphir rec. FRA)
The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it. (George Orwell) مُسْتَقْبَل'
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Alt 07.03.2006, 22:59   #8
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Thumbs up

bin aufjedenfall gespannt ... denke sowas hat Heilbronn in Sachen Drum n Bass bestimmt noch nicht gehöhrt ....

vorallem die Location ist ganz nett ..

aufjedenfall vorbeikommen - es lohnt sich garantiert !
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Alt 08.03.2006, 14:12   #9
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Die Überlegung ist es wert.

Wenn mein Lohn rechtzeitig da ist schau ich vllt mal rein.

der Club sieht schon mal recht goil aus!

!!!watch out for 'XS-DUBZ 001' !!!OUT NOW!!!

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Alt 08.03.2006, 22:40   #10
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würde mich aufjedenfall freuen dich dort zu sehen ..

....noch wei Tage .... dann wird gefeiert : )
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Alt 09.03.2006, 09:01   #11
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Lightbulb not to forget...

HEIST - the first time in Germany !!!

not to miss ...
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Alt 10.03.2006, 11:25   #12
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aber hoffentlich nicht das letzte mal !
every saturday 19-20 h ruffm, radio x 91.8 Stereo
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