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Alt 30.11.2004, 20:01   #1
Ms. Pure
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Ex-Playmate, Miss Pure, Reveals Playboy Mansion Secrets

sorra, interview im english und long read...

It's been a fascination for decades. What really goes on inside the very private and privileged walls of the Playboy Mansion, particularly in the master bedroom? Well, up until now, all we could do is imagine with a little help from the pages of Playboy magazine and some titillating stories carefully leaked or, rather, teased to the press. After all, how much fun could Hugh Hefner, who's knocking on 80's door, be having?

Well, with a little help from Viagra and a seemingly endless parade of twenty-something blonde beauties seeking fame and fortune, the founder of the world's most popular men's magazine is still having the time of his life!

Now, for the first time ever, one of those blonde beauties has done the unspeakable. She has broken the mansion's revered code of silence. Jill Ann Spaulding, a stunning professional poker player with all the obvious attributes that one might find inside Hef's stable of potential Playmates, has written a tell-all book entitled, "Jill Ann: Upstairs."

Spaulding pulls no punches as she reveals what really goes on behind Hef's closed doors. Shocking and dangerous sexual practices, misguided and backstabbing young women echo through the infamous mansion's halls... and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Surprisingly, Spaulding has chosen to publish this remarkable book on her own and has vowed to give all proceeds to PREHAD, a service that helps victims of domestic violence as well as the homeless. Still, few media outlets have touched this too-hot-for-prime-time exclusive... until now.

I recently sat down with Spaulding to discuss her Playboy experience and of course, her unforgettable week as a Playboy mansion tenant. But beware... the following interview is not for the squeamish or those easily offended. This is about as close to living the life of Hef that any of us will ever get, so enjoy.

When reached for comment regarding Jill Ann Spaulding's allegations, Hugh Hefner's representative Bill Farley said, "No one here has seen [the book] and we're probably not going to be rushing out to get it either."


Chaunce Hayden: Lets talk about this book you've written called, "Upstairs."

Jill Ann Spaulding: Okay.

To call this book a "tell-all" is an understatement.
I call it an exposé. (Laughs)

It's rare that a woman who's been invited into the mysterious and titillating world of Playboy icon Hugh Hefner talks about what goes on behind those very private walls, but you have. Why haven't others ?

Most of the girls who have been in that position still have checks coming from Playboy.

Even when they've "grown up," so to speak, and moved on?

Well, they still get jobs.

What kind of jobs?

Like at the 50th Anniversary of Playboy. They got all the past Playmates together and they all got to visit and hang out at the mansion, and they get paid for that. Also, every year when they announce the new Playmate of the Year, all the past Playmates get to come back. It's like a family. It's very exciting to get to go to the Playboy mansion.

They don't want to lose that open invite by talking about what Hef might not want them to talk about.

Exactly. Everybody always wants to ask me what goes on at the Playboy mansion. Everyone wants to know!


(Laughs) I guess I won't be going to any more Playboy parties! In fact, in the book it tells how Hef's secretary personally called me and uninvited me to all their parties.

Because you wrote this book?

Well, one of his girlfriends set me up.


I don't want to give her real name. In the book I use a fictitious name. She was one of his main girlfriends and I shared a bathroom with her when I lived at the mansion. She told me that if you're one of Hef's main girlfriends, you get to invite four people to the Playboy parties. She also told me that each invite was $2,000 apiece but that she sells them for $1,200 dollars a piece. I wanted my boyfriend to go because I had gone to the parties all year without him. So, I thought for $1,200 it was worth it for him to get to go to the mansion. So anyway, she gives me her number and I leave her a message saying how I really wish my boyfriend could go and that I would be willing to pay two grand. Anyway, she gives the message to Hef.


Because she's a bitch. She wanted me to get in trouble. So, Hef's personal secretary calls me up and tells me, "that was not proper etiquette," and that I am uninvited to any future Playboy parties from that moment on. My boyfriend felt so bad! I tried to explain, but it was no use. I knew right then and there that that was it for Playboy. I probably wouldn't have written the book if that didn't happen. Instead, I would still be going to the parties. I was done with Playboy and I knew it.

Doesn't the fact that you don't give real names take some of your credibility away?

Well, I did that so they can't sue me.

But, if it's true?

Plus, I don't want them to be embarrassed because they have families, you know?

You have no problem using Hugh Hefner's name.

Right, and I also use Miss January's name.

But certain people you protect.

Right. I just didn't want to ruin their lives. Many of them are still living that life, but they still have a chance to get out and maybe make something of their lives.

Okay, so let's back to the story. You got a call from Hugh Hefner's personal secretary telling you that you are no longer invited to the parties. Why?

Yes, because she is one of Hugh Hefner's personal slaves.

Personal slave? Define what that is.

A personal slave is someone who has to follow all the rules of Hef or you're asked to move out. She gets to live in the house, but she has a 9:30pm curfew and she has to participate on Wednesdays and Fridays for sex night. They're required nights for sex. You have to go upstairs [to Hef's bedroom] unless you just had a nose job or a major operation. Otherwise, you have to go. Even if it's that time of the month, or you're sick and the doctors tell you that you can't participate. You still have to show up that night.

What happens on sex night?

On sex night you go upstairs and the girls that are brand new, or the girls who don't have their own room yet, have to take a bath. That's a requirement. You also have to put on a certain pair of pink pajamas. They're all lined up and neat. You can tell they've been to the cleaners. They tell you to put them on, even though you take them off as soon as you enter Hef's room.

What is Hef's room like?

It's pitch dark, and there's this loud techno music playing. There's also two large big screen TVs.

Is it a very big room?

No, it's not exactly huge because it is an old house. But it has tons and tons of stuff everywhere to the point where you almost have to make a trail to get around.

How do you feel when you first walk into Hef's room and see all this?

I'm terrified!

How many other women are in the room with you?

The night I was there, there were 12 girls.

I guess this is the million-dollar question. Does Hef actually have sex with the girls?

I didn't think he did, because nobody talks about it. There's not one girl who talks about it! I actually studied this before I went up there!

What do you mean by that?

I actually looked through articles on the Internet and read articles from various magazines about Hef's lifestyle. GQ and Vanity Fair even did articles on it. I read everything! The one thing I noticed in each article is that none of the girls talked about sex, but then there's a video out called "Inside The Playboy Mansion." I even bought that! Through the whole video, whenever a girl is asked about having sex with Hef, they say, "We don't kiss and tell." Nobody says anything!

That brings me back to my earlier question. Why?

Well, most people don't want to admit that they had sex with a 78 year-old. The night I was there 10 of the 12 girls had sex with him.

By sex you mean intercourse?


How is a man who's 78 years old able to have sex with that many women?

He doesn't really do anything. He just lies there with his Viagra erection. It's just a fake erection, and each girl gets on top of him for two minutes while the girls in the background try to keep him excited. They'll yell things like, "F-k her daddy, f-k her daddaddy!" There's a lot of cheerleader going on!

After the two minutes are up what happens?

The main girlfriend wipes off his penis. She's the girl who actually shares the bed with him. She sleeps there all night. She's around 22 years old. He uses all the same girls. She's been there for three years now.

So she was just a teenager when they met.


Don't you think that's crazy?

Yeah, but nobody really knows. I don't think even the main guests know all this.

So let's talk more about Hef's sex party.

When it first gets started his main girlfriend gives him [oral sex], then she has sex with him. She's the first to go because that's the safest for her.

Does Hef use a condom when he had sex with these women?

No. No protection and no testing. He doesn't care.

Don't the girls he's having sex with care?

They care, but they're also getting $2000 a week.

They sound more like prostitutes than girlfriends.

Yeah, they do.

But you're in the room as well. What are you doing?

I'm just thinking to myself, "Oh my God!" But I wanted to be a Playmate and this is the way to do it.

If you didn't have sex with Hef, what were you doing specifically?

Each girl pairs up with another girl and they pretend to have girl on girl sex while Hef is having his turn with the other girl. It's not real lesbian sex. We're just pretending. Nobody else really likes each other. There's also gay porn on in the background.

I was told that Hef likes to watch male gay porn by former Playboy centerfold Victoria Zdrok. Did you find that odd?

Yes, but I think he needs to see that stuff to help him stay [erect].

So why didn't you have sex with him?

I did have a turn with him, but I said, "No."

What happens when you say "No" to sex with Hef?

Nothing, because I kept my pants on. That's a rule. If you leave your pink pajama bottoms on, that means you don't want to [have intercourse].

Once you refuse to have sex are you kicked out of the mansion?

Definitely, but he doesn't give up that easy. I was supposed to be living in the mansion for five days. I moved in and intended on not leaving. I didn't realize they had real sex.

What did you think was going to happen?

I thought I was going to get to play dress up and go out partying and just have a great time looking like I'm [Hef's] girlfriend. I had no idea it was the real deal.

I don't need to tell you how naive that sounds.

I know it sounds like I'm an idiot and very na•ve, but I just wasn't willing to have sex with, him even though I wanted the dream so much, but I also didn't want to not live either. I looked around and thought to myself, "You got to be kidding! These girls are strippers... ex-porn stars."

And those are the girls that make it into Playboy?

Yes. If you took the time to research a lot of the girls you see in Playboy, you'd probably be surprised. If you ran their social security numbers, you'd be really surprised.

Can a girl get into Playboy without sleeping with Hugh Hefner?

Yes, but you have to go in a different direction.

What direction is that?

Not meet Hugh Hefner. That's why he usually only has six or seven girls at a time. Then he only has to fill six or seven months out of the year in [Playboy].

Referring to centerfolds?

Yes. Some girls don't have to be ho's to get in, like Kerri Harrison. She was in soap operas, so she already had a following. She didn't have to be a ho.

But if you want to try getting in Playboy by sleeping with Hef, how does it work? What's the first step? Do you just come up to him in a club and tell him you want to be in Playboy, and if he likes you, he brings you home?

Yep. In the book I list real names of girls who actually slept with Hugh Hefner and made Playmate, and as soon as they made Playmate they moved out.

For instance?

Buffy Tyler. She slept with Hef and got in the magazine.

Is that really such a bad thing if she got what she wanted out of it?

No, unless he's got some disease. Also, she was a very beautiful girl. She shouldn't have to compromise at all.

So why mention her name and not others? Aren't you worried she will sue you?

Because she's known in the media as a "Hugh Hefner girlfriend." She already admitted to it. Brande Rodrick is another Playmate of the Year who had sex with Hugh Hefner.

Do you think a girl can be selected Playmate of the Year without sleeping with Hugh Hefner?


You have to sleep with Hugh Hefner to be Playboy's Playmate of the Year?

Yes, that's my opinion.

But you weren't willing to have sex. So did they just throw you out of the mansion?

No, but I wasn't invited to the next party. I wasn't told to leave the mansion, I just left it on my own because I didn't like what was going on and I wasn't going to participate. I wanted to be a Playmate, but the unprotected sex with a 78 year-old great-grandpa just wasn't my idea- thing.

How did Hef first become aware of you?

I sent him a letter with my picture and he liked it and invited me to his birthday party. I had already done a photo shoot for Playboy.com before I met him.

So you never made it into the magazine, just the Playboy website?

Yes. The website actually makes $16 million dollars a year and they get more visitors on there than they do the magazine, but, of course, every girl wants to be in the magazine.

What happened when you met Hugh Hefner at the party?

Nothing. I just met some celebrities and went home.

At what point do you get the word that Hef wants you to move in?

Well, at the party I tried to sit down at the table Hef was sitting at, but a girl said to me, "No, you can't sit down. This table is only for girlfriends or current Playmates." So I started to think, "How did these girls get to become girlfriends? What does it entitle them to?" I started to do some research and discovered that every single girl that's been seen on the bed with Hugh Hefner ended up being a Playmate. Each girl was described as Hef's personal girlfriend. That's when I knew the only way I was going to make it in Playboy was to be Hef's girlfriend, but I thought it just meant hanging out with Hef and promoting the magazine for a certain amount of time and looking gorgeous. I thought my job was to make Hef look like a true playboy, but I've had the same boyfriend for 12 years. I haven't slept with anyone different during that time.

He wasn't angry or jealous that you were living in the Playboy Mansion?

No. He thought the same thing I thought. I don't think anyone thought Hugh Hefner could get it up. I think most people think it's all for show.

This may be an inappropriate question to ask, but for the hell of it, how big is Mr. Hefner, if you know what I mean?

Umm... average. Five inches. Maybe six.

Let's get back to living in the Mansion. So, Hef asks you to move in?

I invited myself.

And he said okay?

Yes, but none of the other girls knew about it and they didn't know that I would be invited upstairs.

Where they jealous or threatened by you?

Oh yeah! Oh, my gosh, it was crazy!

Are they worried you might be taking their spot in the magazine?

Exactly! There are only so many months! The night I was in his room there was a girl who slept with him who was 36 years old and she made Miss January!

That's old for Playboy, isn't it?

He's started to go with older girls because the young girls move out after they get in the magazine. He's just as naive as I am thinking they would stick around after they got in the magazine. So now he's naive thinking he should start picking uglier girls. At least, that's the rumor. He just doesn't want to have to break in new girls.

How does the bedroom finally end?

He has anal sex with his real girlfriend and all the other girls cheer. As soon as he's finished, everyone just disappears and his main girlfriend and him start to make out. Rumor has it that a doctor comes in and checks on him after the girls leave the room, but I didn't see that.

After sex night is over, what do the other girls say? Are they embarrassed? Do they enjoy it?

They all think it's awful. My girlfriend slept with him and now she has a Playboy tattoo she wants to get removed. He looks for the girls who are weak or poor who go after the money and are looking for the stardom. Not the girls who are already stars.

You mention that drugs are passed around in Hef's limo. What kind of drugs?

There's a little pill that [Hef] gives the girls in his limo. I know what it is but am not allowed to tell you.


Because I can't prove what it is and I could be sued. Just think of the main drug that he used to do in the 70s. I didn't get a pill though because I wasn't his official girlfriend. Only the official girls get a pill.

Not to change the subject but when you attended the Playboy parties, did you see any of the wild things going on that we always hear about? Of course, I'm referring to the infamous Playboy Grotto.

I never saw any of it. Nothing ever happened in the Grotto. The only time anything ever exciting happened in the Grotto was when I was at a golf party. It was a private party that Hef was not involved in, and I got 20 girls to take off their clothes in the Grotto. Guys were in the Grotto, but they weren't allowed to touch the girls. I just spread the word to all the girls, "Hey, everybody, at midnight I want everyone naked in the Grotto."

Why have you decided to talk about your Playboy experience?

To warn the naive girls who are easily seduced. A lot of girls send in their pictures and are getting turned down, but they don't realize that they really are beautiful.

Are you bitter because you never made it into the magazine?

I feel it was because of my lack of sexual participation. The funniest thing is that I'm such a go-getter. When I left the mansion, I wanted to be in the magazine even more so.


It's strange. I don't know how to explain it, but now I'm into the crusade of saving women and pointing them in the right direction. That's why all my proceeds from the book go to charity.

Which charity?

Any proceeds from the book go to PREHAB, which provides prevention and rehabilitation services for domestic violence. It's a crisis center for battered women and children. It helps rebuilds young girls' lives instead of just putting them up for the night.

What do you think Hef's response to this book will be?

I've already heard he's not real happy about it.

Finally, what advice would you give to any girl who wants to be in Playboy?

Give it up! Few of the girls ever end up getting anywhere besides that one month they're in the magazine
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geben sie mir die autoschlüssel oder ich erschieß das kind...

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well, guess we all knew that already...it was obvious wasn't it?
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Ms. Pure
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Zitat von soundsurfer
well, guess we all knew that already...it was obvious wasn't it?
hmmm.... i guessed everybody assumed it. americans always wondered...

78year old man, listening to techno, and getting that much punani. that's one lucky guy.

it doesn't surprise me that sex is not a shock factor in Germany, whereas, in america, sex is headline news....

greetz und gut nacht.
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ja und wo kann ich mir jetzt nackte Tatsachen ansehen ? was solln eigentlich der Text ???
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Ms. Pure
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Zitat von wicked
ja und wo kann ich mir jetzt nackte Tatsachen ansehen ? was solln eigentlich der Text ???
the interview is from earlier this year... and removed


if you want to buy her book, more info: http://jillannupstairs.com

p.s. jenna jameson's book is besser. do you know jenna?

there was an excerpt from Jenna Jameson's book that was in rolling stones magazine where she spoke about the night she slept with marilyn manson. She met him at an awards show and he was with Twiggy and Billy Corgan (smashing pumpkins). In the limo he pulled out a massive handful of pills and ate them all at once. He said twiggy's eyes were rolled up in his head and billy couldnt walk. Then, Manson was doing lines every 5 minutes yet still banged her for hours that night. She said he was SO fucked up yet acted completely sober
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Zitat von Ms. Pure
p.s. jenna jameson's book is besser. do you know jenna?

we LOVE jenna
Nein, antworte nicht.
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Silent Darkness
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Exclamation Jenna Jay all the way...

Everyday more then the day before!

What "secrets" of the Playboy mansion are there yet not released upon the world? Cameras are everywhere some one told inna da TV!

And good ol' Hugh Heffner is da bachelor number one I'ld say, init?....

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Wie Ms. Pure war auch dabei?
"Ich distanzier mich von allem, was JVXP jemals geschrieben hat. :)"
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Zitat von Ms. Pure
You have to go upstairs [to Hef's bedroom] unless you just had a nose job or a major operation.

that was funny.
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Zitat von Ms. Pure
it doesn't surprise me that sex is not a shock factor in Germany, whereas, in america, sex is headline news....
well it's not that much of a shock factor, as we are basically getting to see it every day (ads, news, first page of "bild", etc.)...true, there are news about sex scandals from time to time but who really cares. we are all human, this stuff happens.

as for hef: strange methods, but nothing new really.
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Btw: Is the name-similarity (Ms. Pure - Miss Pure) coincidental?
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yea... getting fucked by an 78years old man with an viagra pumped up dig while watching gay porn...
that must be great fun...

well ladies do yourself a favour...stay at home !
thanks for reading...sucker...


[ich verfalle immer mehr in diesen dnbszene slang...sollt mich schämen ]

mFg Cameron
geben sie mir die autoschlüssel oder ich erschieß das kind...

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