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Vinyl V:D&B Vinyls (Ram Trilogy, True Playaz,...)

So, hier die Liste meiner Platten, die ich verkaufen würde:
(bei Interesse bitte mail an noa@basketball.de)

Track Label Artist Features
Monkey See, Do / Big Deal Baron Incorporated Total Science & Baron
Coma / Spracan BC Recordings Bad Company (D Stein)
UFO-Something out there Rmxs BC Recordings Twisted Anger, Bad Company
Faster EP Bingo Rec. DJ Zinc
Flim D&B Vocal / Dub Rmx Bingo Rec. DJ Zinc Slarta Jon
People 4 / Bingo Rmx Bingo Rec. DJ Zinx
Rattlesnake / Attack Blade Recordings Mampi Swift
Temple of Doom / Dalicks Breakbeat Kaos DJ Fesh Picture
Submarines original / Rmx Breakbeat Kaos DJ Fresh, Rmx by Pendulum
Another Planet / Voyager Breakbeat Kaos Pendulum Picture
Zion / World of Change Charge Records Mampi Swift
RAZ / Wu Tang Sword East Side Uncle 22
High Hopes / Intellect Encrypted Subwave
C.Measures/Still want your Touch Flex Phobia & Piper
Form LP 06 Formation Records DJ SS, Barcode
Ist like that / Oasis Frontline Records DJ Zinc
Terradaktil / Breeze Frontline Records Pascal ´n´ Phantasy
P-Funk Era / Xpandin Minds Frontline Records P-Funk
Already Mine / Running Scared Full Cycle Full Cycla
Rest in Space / Turbine Fuze Recordings T Best
Tigerstyle / Mash up da Place Ganja Records DJ Hype Rmx by Orig. Unknown
Eventual /Technology Hard Beats Inc Distorted Minds
Come On / Rollin Hard Leaders Souljah
Itz On / Torn Fury Hard Leaders Venom
Antibody / Mode 7 Hard Leaders Youpho
Pitch Switch / Screwball Liftin Spirit Red One
Adroid EP 2xLP Liftin Spirit Red One, Decorum, …
Will Barrow / Conquest Mekanism Secret Service
Matrix / Fierce MTRR Tightrope, Climate
Destruction / 241 Outbreak Records Monkey & Large
??? Promo ???
Ready or Not Rmx / 2003 Rmx Promo DJ Hype
Friday Bootleg Promo Roni Size, Mask
Morphy, JEZQ, Devize, Gridlock Promo (Ur.Takeover) Cheb MK2, Fell the Music, Ballast
Ram Triloy Chapter One Ram Records Andy C, Ant Miles, Shimon
Ram Triloy Chapter Two Ram Records Andy C, Ant Miles, Shimon
Ram Triloy Chapter Three 2xLP Ram Records Andy C, Ant Miles, Shimon
Ram Triloy Chapter Four Ram Records Andy C, Ant Miles, Shimon
Screamer EP 2xLP Ram Records Andy C, Ant Miles, Shimon
Ram Raiders Part 5 Ram Records Andy C, Ant Miles, Shimon, Night Breed Sare X
Body Rock / Orient Express Ram Records Andy C, Shimon
Ram Raiders Part 4 Ram Records Andy C, Shimon, Ant Miles Rmx by Ed Rush & Opt.
Ram Raiders Part 3 Ram Records Andy C, Shimon, Red One, Orig. Unknown Decorum,Moving Fusion
Music Maker EP 2xLP Ram Records D Stein
Moving Fusion Remix EP 2xLP Ram Records J Langton & D Sparham
Star Sign / Party People Ram Records Moving Fusion
Cold Fusion / Symetrix Renegade Hardware D. White, J . Maldini
Torture Chamber / Defcon One Renegade Hardware DJ Friction
The Joint Renegade Hardware DJ Ink Rmx by Spirit
The Reloaded EP Part 1 Renegade Hardware Loxy, Dylan, Raradox, Future Cut, DJ Ink Rmx by Raiden
Konflict / Future Cut Renegade Hardware Phobia, Whiplash
Killa Bees / Contortion Renegade Hardware Usual Suspects
Cambraia / Brasil SambaLoco Records Various Artist
Quest / Roswell Southern Session Ridla
Time Check / Buzz Timeless Recordings Outrage
Twist'em Out (BC & Vocal Rmx) Trouble on Vinyl Dillinja Rmx Fresh & Skibadee
Yeah Yall / Deininition Trouble on Vinyl DJ Kane
Importance of Drums / Holocaust True Playaz D'Cruze
Slipstream / Robocop True Playaz DJ Friction & Nu Balance
Peace, Love & Unity, Remember Folks True Playaz DJ Hype
Stronger EP 2xLP True Playaz DJ Hype & Zinc
In Session EP 2xLP True Playaz DJ Hype, DJ Daddy (feat.) MC Fats, Spikey T
Reload / Space True Playaz DJ Swift
Reach Out / Pranksters True Playaz DJ Zinc
Pink Panther / Bad Break True Playaz Dope Skillz
Tighten Up / Blocked True Playaz Dope Skillz
Contoled Freak EP 2xLP True Playaz Dope Skillz
No Diggidy / Break the Loop True Playaz Dope Skillz
Who can Draw / Favous True Playaz Pascal
Spiral / Ulterior Motive Uprising Records Pendulum
Five On It (Vocal + Dub Mix) Urban Takeover Aphrodite
the Beginning / the Swerve Urban Takeover K Martin & B Rigby
50000 Watts of Foak / Da Foakt Urban Takeover Rayner
Live or Die / South Manz Valve Recordings Dillinja
The Medicine / Punchbag Virus Ed Rush & Optical
Bacteria / Gas Mask Virus Ed Rush & Optical
Pacman / Vessel Virus Ed Rush & Optical Rmx by Ram Trilogy
Fiesta Remixes V-Recordings Danny C, Sonic
Warhead, Bio Mechanics V-Recordings Krust, Dann
Blaze dis One / Change V-Recordings Krust, Lemon D
Planet V Part One 2xLP V-Recordings Peshay, Dillinja, Ray Keith
Fresh Rmx / Fashion Rmx V-Recordings Roni Size, Mask

Die Preise sind verhandlungssache. Bitte bei Interesse mail mit evtl. Gebot an noa@basketball.de

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