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Alt 29.07.2008, 20:38   #1
Sustained Records
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MacheeeN Boi back catalogue of mixes to download

For all you lucky boys and girls out there I have uploaded the majority of my back catalogue of mixes. Click the link to download some aural nastiness

2005 FleX - Its Not An Option

Drum n Bass
2006 MacheeeN Boi - Vinyl Kombat Demo

2006 MacheeeN Boi - I bet you cant do this with just your left hand

Drum n Bass n Core
2005 FleX - Audio Resistance

2005 FleX - Menace to Decency

2006 Enter The MacheeeN

2006 MacheeeN Boi - Theme for the Apocalypse

2007 MacheeeN Boi - A Nonchalant Audio Genocide

2007 MacheeeN Boi - Rageoholics Anonymous

2008 MacheeeN Boi - And this is just me fucking around

2008 MacheeeN Boi Presents The Drum n Core Extravaganza

I hope you enjoy them and if you have any comments, questions or booking enquires give me a shout at www.myspace.com/macheeen

If you like the really dark drum n bass and hardcore sound check out my label Sustained Records. The first release is out on promo on August 4th and the second will be out not long after. Check out www.sustainedrecords.com or www.myspace.com/sustainedrecords for more info and clips of tracks from The Teknoist, Throttler and I:Gor.

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Alt 02.08.2008, 17:20   #2
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Ort: Kronach (Oberfranken) / Jena
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Flex - Audio Resistance is der Hammer...

Tracklist any1?!
03.03.12 Ausnahmezustand Pt. 4 mit FORBIDDEN SOCIETY & KATHARSYS @ Sächsischer Bhf, Gera
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