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docta fysikaal
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Ort: Ingolstadt
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Ryme tyme – ryme tyme (1210 rec)

Tracks: timeswitch (ryme tyme, nasis, touch), pipebomb (ryme tyme, touch) yes (rymetyme), abyss rmx (rymetyme, nasisi), move vip rmx (tyme tyme, trace, drum kru mix), shapecharge (rymetyme, optical)

Mampi swift – mainframe (charge)

Tracks: future mainframe, blaxploitation, lomgplay, night train, defect, the tone, damage, ultimate sound, tripped, rock it

Krust – decoded (mercury)

Tracks: re-arrange_die rmx, re-arrange_die intstrumental, proof_b-boy mix, transmission, witchcraft, proof_original instrumental

Dom & roland – industry (moving shadow)

Tracks: thunder, connected, spirit train, elektra, city, chained on two sides, time frame, industry, remote view, kinetic

Dom & roland – back to the future (movingshadow)

Tracks: soundwall vip, imagination vip, sand gun, the voyage, moulin rouge (dom & kemal), clip kill, firewire, mordor (dom & keaton)


Dj friction – the power (charge)

Tracks: trauma, immortal (feat k-tee), teethgrinder, power to the people

The hideaway (architecture)

Tracks: hideaway (inke, j dub), nightbreed (mind machine), culture shock (loxy, dylan), next level (manifest)

Bad company – book of the bad vl. Three (bc)

Tracks: mindgames, rodeo, miami flashback, story teller > 1 Platte fehlt: Nur noch mindgames & rodeo ist da!

Randall & flex – water tech ep (reinforced)

Tracks: water tech, the journy pt. 2, eclipse, sniper

Mampi swift – resurrection

Tracks: resurrection, jaws-2, illusions, trippin

Bad company – book of the bad vl. One (bc)

Tracks: the voice, numbers, spider, believe

Bad company – book of the bad vl. Two (bc)

Tracks: dogs on the moon, grunge 2 (britneey speers edit), ladies of spain, the running man

Cause 4 concern – symptom (renegade hardware)

Tracks: skewer, give it 2 em, Symptom, research (usual suspects rmx)


Heads of industry (industry)

Tracks: manhattan transfer (total science), scarred (bulletproof), Friday (david carrbone), time stobber ( cause 4 conern), i feel music (accidental heros), cosa buena (influx datum), whitw widow futuer cut & kontrol black widow rmx (accidental heros)

No smoke without fire (metalheadz)

Tracks: rhythm killa (rufige kru), spellbound (spirit), headz roll (loxy, ink), urban style music hidden agenda rmx (lemon d), pulp fiction lemon d rmx (alex reece), all strung out (fresh), star revisited (danny c), erased from existence (calyx, kontrol), tight fit (total science)

The harder they come part one – (renegade hardware)

Tracks: streetlife (universal project, fricition), nightfall (marcus intalex, st files), longboat (sonic, silver), outcaste (usual suspects), blindside ( cause 4 concern), nightmare digital rmx (loxy, dylan)

Dylan – trapped in beats vl. 2 (outbreak)

Tracks: inferno dylan, robyn chaos rmx (dylan), counter attack (dylan), ghetto dub (dylan, ink), runnin (dylan, b key)

Go global (hard leaders)

Tracks: manhattan melody (lemon d), visons (manisfest, lisa viva), get down (ruffstuff, elay), chameleon (surreal, parameter), slipstream (total science), no sacrifice (andy b)

Killabites 03 (moving shadow)

Tracks: original sin ( dom & roland), force (hex), traction (ncode), cactus (pro-active), twister (rascal, klone), agent 007 (tj rizing)

Killabites 02 (moving shadow)

Tracks: thunder rmx (dom & roland), judgement day (ryme tyme), mr men (pro-active), fatal exception (exile), spasm (ncode), polymorphic (hijackers)

The harder they come part two (renegade hardware)

Tracks: venom (keaton, nitrox), junglism (dylan), mirage ( ink), big tyme (total science), skewer sinthetix rmx ( cause 4 concern), one day (tronik 100)

Aftermath essential rewindz (renegade hardware

Tracks: stealth (future cut), tunnel vision ( reality), the craft (usual suspects, universal project), rock steady ( digital), out of touch (total science), forcefield (kontrol), ice age ( ink), spasm (dylan), caution ( loxy), horns 2000 ( future cut), messiah (konflict), bodycount (usual suspects), researsch (cause 4 concern), moonwalk (marcus intalex, st files)


The kraft: quartz / metric (frontline – promo)

Bulletproof: poker / sign of the times (subtronix)

Skinnah: hyperbole / metaphysical (ruff-teck)

Bulletproof: double touch / trigger (cyanide)

Facs: stutter / kromedome (dropin science)

Cause 4 concern: future funk / develop (white – limited)

Konflict: bad acid / usual suspects: doorway (renegade hardware)

Kaeton, hive: death threat feat busdiver / death threat (violence)

Dieselboy, kaos: barrier break / submission (human)

Universal project: danger chamber / the craft rmx (renegade hardware)

A sides: crazy / planet beyond (eastside)

Universal project: haunted dreams / relentless (universal procject)

Dj spice: dynamite jb rmx / it´s love ( back2basics)

Ryme tyme: payback / payback pt 2 (dsci4)

Usual suspects: spawn / hole punch (renegade hardware)

Usual suspects: killa bees / contortion (renegade hardware)

Konflict: cyanide / outpost (renegade hardware)

Fellowship: delusions / resistance ( phuturistic bluez)

Kemal: clsuter / pace ( cryptic audio)

Universal project: bleach / the truth? (universal project)

Bulletproof: paradigm / capture (square one)

Bulletproof: bombjack / the birds (subtronix)

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