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Post Wayside records new releases!!

Wayside records new releases!!


Link to the release on >19.47 on Beatport<

Wayside is proud to present Recall's Extra Full legnth release titled '19.47'.
16 songs Which will take its listeners on a galactic voyage through the depths of
this Universe's sonic frequencies and vibrations.


Is undoubtedly The pinnacle of Recall's Career as a dnb Producer.
Three years in the making. This release, stretches through the realms of dance floor dnb,
Bringing you Deep Tunes with Rich Tones, Mastered to perfection.
Married with the most intelligent styles of Atmospherics and Soundscapes.
Much like the Universe and Dimension it was created in, "19.47" Reflects Existence and our
observations of it form our very special and unique perspective.
With tones of Beautiful Creation in the Light indulging us in the beginning.
Progressively leading up to the End of times, sounds of Glitch Tech Chaos in the rim
of a Black Hole.

Here Recall Describes a lil about every tune on the release on "19.47" Take a glimpse
into WSR's Head Mind of Madness. Starting out


with Positive Vibes is the massive

"MathMatix" Ft. Mc DVS.
MathMatix Clip

An Immense production that creates the perfect track through the infusion of elements
from urban Styles, To Jazz, And of course NeuroFunk DNB. Slaying with a Deep Refreshing
bass, and crisp Arena Drum Sound this one sets the pace for the LP's listener's, as you
are about to venture through 19.47 Vortex.The next Arrangement

"Feral Lovin in Las Vegas"
Feral Lovin in Las Vegas Clip

Is A Song For Life and all that is good. For that which brings people together, even
under the worst conditions of oppression or poverty, Music. Rooted in Organic tones and
Hip Hop Vibes, Wrapped in love this tune reminds us of how good things can be, even when
it seems things are falling apart on a global scale. Moving us in to the Fragile
Department of the Mind.

"Neuro Rehab"
Neuro Rehab Clip

A mellow vibed Neuro Funk tune, Gently Glitched Vocals, Tight Snappy Drums,
Low Warping Bass Cuts and Sexy Sax, create a place where the Chaotic Minds can go for
Reparation. Once the mind thirsts for more than Sex, Money, Food, Shelter, Power,
It searches for more esoteric meanings, as the true relationship with the universe is forming a

TimeStamp Clip

occurs, you are no longer 'Alone' but you are 'All One'. As a creation with the Potential
to Create, as well as Destroy Creations. This is where the Mind Snaps, and an insatiable
thirst is awaken inside the mind. A thirst For Knowledge.
In this Search, one will climb to the highest peaks in Questa for Vision.

"Killamanjaro" Ft. Secret Agent
Killamanjaro Clip

Represents the start of that Voyage. Every Churn of the Synth feels like an ascension
closer towards Space, as the tune rises Into an explosion of Drumcraft and Bassmagic,
Setting Fire to the mind as well As the Dancefloor.As we rise into Space we see the earth

GlimmerDown Clip

As all we hang on to Fades away. As a million lights become one singularity event
we get lost in the new cosmic light show exploding form the Synestesic Synth tones and
16th note twitch aprs, Stompy Drums, Galactic sized bass. Launched Far into the outer
Reaches of the universe of Recalls mind.

Grilled Clip

is the essential Destruction of Ego and Social Behavior. A tune 3 years in the making.
"This tune has grown to me like a Cancer. A battle of my mind as i would Grill my mind
over and over for purpose and more internal drive,
this tune was always there like a Mona Lisa to my art Smirking at me, until i realized
my purpose in this world was to make music and explore how much i can impact the world
with positivity through that median." Every tone mastered to perfection. Grilled served
up Ready to Spin.Which leads us suitably To

Nieva Clip

"A Very inersting tune in my opinion, as ambition drives us we must ask what is the goal?
To be the star of the room? To get rich? Why do i want you to hear my music.
Much as society builds idol's and destroys them With Glamor, "Nieva" Sends glamor
through the rendering plant and spits out Neuro Tech Madness, Insane BassWarps and
twists with High Energy DrumWork Glichy Female Vox and Etheral Guitars, setting us in the
middle of the coil. Now the Darkness has set in."
As the darkness is where the rest of the lp resides we find much color in the dark, many
fractals, and this is

"Mushroom Funk" Ft. Mk Ultra
Mushroom Funk Clip

Synesthesia comes together to bring you this colorful piece Neuro Funk Business.
Deadicated to Fractals and Quantum Mechanics, "A voyage through the mind in a
Psychedelic trip. The Drum Work on here is my fav part of this tune. I Def funk it out
with some quantized breaks here and there, and a Apache styled tech beat.
Also the Swarmy Synth and mechanoid beaps going off Reflect its Fractal Nature,
keeping the tune true to its name And sending the mind into a trip into the darkness"

"The End Of The World"
The End Of The World Clip

"Another tune long in the making, I started this in the end of 2006 and well its changed
a lot in the course of making it, and i finally made a version i was totally thrilled with
after the tune from scratch 5 times.At first i was a bit discouraged, and almost scrapped
the project, then I Showed this tune to Skynet and it was his enthusiasm in the tune which
lead me to finish it. and i am glad i did as the tune finally reached it true potential.
I feel this tune alot probably because of its duality its kinda catchy but really dark
and its dance floor but intelligent, its a Vocal/Rock/Neuro/Tech/DnB tune, Which if i am
correct the combination of these styles marks the 5th sign of the apocalypse"

"DayWalker" Ft. K2
DayWalker Clip

"This tune is Just evil with its twisted synth and acid stabs, Grinding Heavy metal Guitar
style Bass Riffs Full Impact Drums. Complete with an intense Grime DubStep Breakdown,
makes this tune one of my personal favs on the release. DayWalker is about those who
survive the Apocalypse only to feast on those who remain, you know the whole making cattle
out of the populous mentality.

HelloPain Clip

As the Silicon Cenobites take you into a world of Tech Rendering Rhythmical Madness in
this VIP of his WSR Smasher. "Previously reworked by my personal tech hero's Klef and
Mystification, I had a lot to live up to remixing my own tune after they did. the original
version was released on my limited edition '4th Dimension Trilogy' release, but i always
saw the tune being more. This is that Version. Mastered to perfection and crazy as Hell!"
After the Pain

"Death Approaches"
Death Approaches Clip

"The Original Was the first tune I ever had sent out for mastering.
At that point i started hearing and making my sound dramatically different.
Much thanks to Skynet as he taught me so much about sound, through the 5 tunes he had
mastered for me, teaching me more about sonics, and showing me the k12 mastering System
etc. So i went back and took all this new knowledge back to the original idea of the tune,
for the VIP. I think it sits well next to the Hefty Chaotic Pulse Remix, the Slamming
Vortech Remix and the Original, they all Stand apart different and original, in style and
form. I love these tunes so much. I still think there is room for a couple more Remixes."

"Forever In Darkness"
Forever In Darkness Clip

After the passing of the physical vessel, memories rest in darkness and the soul can
cleanse its self. I really embrace all aspects of this life, especially that unknown part
we know very little of, and this tune pays homage to that aswell as the dark styles of
minimal Technoid DNB and Screamo Rock Like Mars Volta, Deftones, Etc. Blending beautifully
the Drumwork of minimal Technoid Dnb, Swamp Rock Bass, Rock Guitar stabs,
Evil Synth leads, and eerie haunting vocals. All teasing the darkness Creating a Beautiful
dark Fractal Where earthly emotions Can be rendered from the soul. AkA Why Death Is a
Beautiful Thing. The soul Must go through

Retribution Clip

of its physical sins and memories of its 3D perspective before it can return to the life
cycle or else its knowledge is contaminated, thus making the cycle of life point less.
After Knowing this you are either enlightened or

"Shrouded In Layers Of Darkness"
Shrouded In Layers Of Darkness Clip

"A tune I had originally given away but this is the final form and if you didn't get the
free tune you can still appreciate this version as its an artist piece much like the
Brother track to "Death Approaches".

Please Click http://www.thebizmo.com/waysiderecs To Get Limited Edition 19.47 LP Sampler Free!


"Living in the 19.47 Frequency of life, Modulating your environment, being creative living
life. Not harming, but creating and filling creations with joy, to create a fractal of
continuous Pleasure and Love is the goal and purpose of my music.
Investigate your creativity and support the creativity of others, the universe is mostly a
Void! Don't let your mind be one as well."

For more info on Recall Please Visit Recall On Myspace.
And Visit WaySideRecs.com
For mechendise like T-Shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Mixes, Free Tunes........

WaySideRecs Presents: SubSide Projects Vol.1 - Hedlok - Hedlok EP

Hailing from Austin, Tx. Hedlok reps the tribal, trip hop, vibes, as well as
the club styles of dub. This group consists of Recall, K2, Mk Ultra, And Nick Easy.
This "Hedlok" EP Release is part one, of a two part concept release.
Two years in the making. 22 tracks were concieved and finished for these
releases. Here are clips to the first six Tracks in the story on
junodownload.com, where the release is available first at. later into jan
it will be available @ Beatport, DjDownload, TrackItDown. etc.

Tied To The Grave (Skynet mixdown)
Zero Below Zero (original mix)
Null & Void (original mix)
Kabol (original mix)
Flex Capacity (original mix)
Sugar Gliding (original mix)
The second installment to the story is a full legnth cd release with
uk label MidNight Rockers later this year, with more tales of ancient evil,
giants who roamed the earth long ago, and ghost's from the future.

Please Enjoy the music all feedback is welcome
Thank you for the support.
To Purchase the release please click on the cover to be taken to the
Release @ JunoDownload.com.

Daily drum&bass news: @wizdnb
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