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Alt 18.05.2004, 18:15   #1
Diamond Head
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Paul B & Souru (DSCI4 / Step 2)

die russen kommen!
extrem faire preise, bei interesse pn an mich!

here is info about souru and paul b:

Anger Management Europe presents

Paul B and Souru - Step 2 Disturbed European tour July/August 2004

Pavel Burakov aka Paul B began his drum and bass career in early 1997 and
by 1999 along with 2 other producers had created his first project The
Sounds Of Infinity. After a few releases and performances all over Russia,
Paul found himself ready to take on the world scene and teamed up with Alex
Sta. In Summer 2001 they made their first track and within 3 months DJ
Trace discovered their talents and signed them to his label DSCI4, a
massive breakthrough for the Russian scene! Tracks include The Lick, Step 2
Zero, Gush, Secrets Inside and of course their first vocal tune Come
Closer. These tunes have been getting lots of airplay by likes of
Grooverider, BC, Kemal, SS, J Majik, Optical, Marky and many more all over
the world thanks to Trace and DSCI4 recordings promotion.

Paul started to put his online studio mixes up monthly for free play and
found himself in great demand as a DJ and causing a ruckus everywhere he
played, Austria, Estonia, Norway, Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland
and more...Paul keeps collaborating with other Russian producers such as
Dissident and Subwave. Dissident and Paul's Technecium has been signed to
Renegade Hardware thanks to its futuristic mixture of pure techno and drum
and bass. Paul and Subwave's Something Sick became an anthem for DSCI4 WM
2003 party.

Nowadays Paul appears as the most active Russian drum and bass DJ and
producer having lots of releases under a number of labels, still recording
his freeplay online mixes (called Nuborn) and has now launched his own
label - STEP2ZERO recordings, surely the one to watch for.


Marko Russiver aka Souru, sits at the top of the Estonian drum and bass
scene, running Tallinn based Disturbed Recordings, Estonia's first drum n
bass imprint, which has turned heads across the globe and is achieving
swift international recognition and acclaim, headlining massives in Tallinn
and broadcasting to 10000 listeners on his weekly Showdown FM show. Not to
mention an arsenal of gigs under his belt, spanning from Estonia to Russia
and almost everywhere between.

Being brought up in the northern block, electronic music wasn't something
that Souru was exposed to very often. He grew up listening to the street
poetry of MC's from other countries and being inspired by the lyrics hip
hop soon engulfed his life. Souru took his love of the music to the next
level and began to experiment with turntablism. He was introduced
to drum and bass in early 2001 when Bad Company made an appearance in
Tallin, he was instantly hooked and proceeded to buy as much drum and bass
vinyl as he could, not an easy task in Tallin, which motivated him to start
organising his own events/club nights and he became actively involved with
radio and internet broadcasting.

A newcomer to the international field, Souru's future seems bright, he is
about to start his International career with a US tour and then straight
back over the Atlantic to hit Europe, his label Disturbed goes from
strength to strength signing artists such as Danny C, Future Prophecies,
Muffler (featured on Knowledge magazine mix cd this month), his fierce
selections combined with his precise mixing skills ensure Souru is one not
to be missed.


best regards,

rum & ass
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Alt 13.06.2004, 18:26   #2
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Oh ja, Paul B, buch' den doch bitte mal wer!
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Alt 13.06.2004, 23:40   #3
Silver Head
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Thumbs up

aber echt , der "zidane" an den tellern
wer das liest , ist doof
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Alt 30.06.2004, 05:02   #4
Kaos & Karma
Metal Head
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Thumbs up

Paul B fanden wir schon immer HAMMERmäßig!!FAV..
Wäre nice den mal wieder Live zu hörn'
Von Souru leider noch nicht viel gehört, aber kann sich ja ändern
Aufjedenfall sind die Jungz immer ein Booking wert..

Geil wäre STA & Paul B..

O M F G ! !
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Alt 30.06.2004, 08:38   #5
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Zitat von Kaos & Karma
Geil wäre STA & Paul B..
sta ist übrigens auch hier im Future Forum am Start:

Future - www.future-music.net

Germany's online magazine for Drum'n'Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat
news, forum, events, DJ-mixes, history, merchandising,
interviews, features, charts, reviews & more ...
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Alt 30.06.2004, 17:05   #6
Kaos & Karma
Metal Head
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Zitat von kai@future-music.net
sta ist übrigens auch hier im Future Forum am Start:

Geile sache
Da siehste mal..hehe
Is leider ned so Aktiv hier..
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