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Sampler19: Panic 31 - Hardcore Is The Future (Hardcore Breakbeat)

Sampler19: Panic 31 - Hardcore Is The Future
(Breakbeat Hardcore/Nu-rave/Electrohouse/Catstyle)


It's a mix. With music in it. I mean what did you expect? Schnapps? Aeppelwoi? Pumpenzangen? I go a bit bass this time, Paul Cronin goes a bit hipster, Trials goes Blood Dragon, Xenophobia goes back in time to some early but just recently released tracks on their new album. Watch out for the future, it's hardcore and arriving soon!

Update: Tracklist's isn't stuck in the future anymore...


1. United States Beat Squad - Dabbin (Original Mix)
2. Meowski666 - Meow Machine (Original Mix)
3. Paul Cronin - Whoooo Original Mix
4. Power Glove - Boss Fight
5. DJ MARK C - The Fifth Mountain
6. B2N - Hardcore Come Again!
7. DJ Mark C - 2Dark
8. Xenophobia - Tears Of Gladnuss
9. Xenophobia - Syko D.F
10. Captain Cobalt - The Beat Kicks
11. Nicky Allen - Rave Party
12. Inspector Sands - Can't Stop - 12 Dance (2016 Update)
13. Psychopathic Hysteria - Manarchy
14. DJ Laugh - You Can Dance
15. Chiqui & Luffy - Tear It Up
16. Orestiz - Freedom
17. ORESTIZ - Enhance
19. Nefti - I Can't Stand It (Orestiz Remix)
20. Waitin For My Lovin Original Mix
21. Nefti - Falling (Original Mix)
22. Flosstradamus feat. Waka Flocka Flame - TTU (Too Turnt Up)
23. DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down for What
24. DJ Snake feat. Alesia - Bird Machine


PW: raven
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