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mp3 Drums.ro Podcast - Podcast No.4 - Sensorship - Order in the Hood

Hello for the 4th time !
After our podcasts signed by
Vlad Cheis (Big DaBass Promotion) (Moscow)
Ross D (Playloop Records/Allstreet Records/Liquid Brilliants – Philadelphia)
& The Square (Universal/Human Soul/Fokuz/Vibez/Next Sense/Mindsaw/Influenza Media) , we have changed a little bit the BPM and we proudly present Drums.ro Podcast 04 by Sensorship (TMBASE), a romanian producer/dj/promoter with a 10 years experience in the broken beats business. As we already accustom you, a short interview by Sensorship himself will fallow


I am a DJ and electronic music producer from Timisoara, Romania. Back in 1998-99 when I was in high school I started going to electronic music partyes in my home town. At the same time, my school mate Alex begun making some electronic music and experiments on his computer at home. It was all happening very fast, I was drawn into all that and shortly I joined him. We had a project called "Missing in Action" and we were doing some sort of house music. Shortly after, we decided that house was not our cup of tea and produced drum and bass and jungle music under the "Alien Kru" moniker. We had live appearances at the TM Base festival in Timisoara and around. At the same time, we helped in organising and establishing the TM Base crew and electronic music festival. About 2001, we decided that we no longer want to make music together and split ways. I took the name Sensorship, somehow by accident, while watching some dodgy movie about communism on TV, somehow influenced by the garage / speed garage scene that I was into at the time. With my music I had appearances in clubs and partyes in my home town but I felt something was missing, and during college I got my first pair of turntables and started DJ-ing. Some of my music has been released and appreciated on the TM Base compilation albums we used to put out for 4-5 years. As a DJ I have played in various clubs and venues in Timisoara and the country, in cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Targu Mures, Constanta, Deva, Sibiu, Iasi. Abroad I have played In Wien, Linz and Beglrade so far. I have opened or played along the likes of Jay Cunning, DJ Deekline and Donna Dee, Tes La Rock, Chris SU, Fine Cut Bodies, DJ Palotai from Budapest, TRG. Other endeavours include the Heineken Music Thirst competition where I received appreciation as a DJ and producer, radio shows, producing radio commercials for my own company, helping the TM Base crew organising the festival each year from 1999 and so on. Together with friends UFO, DJ Dr. Dan or Alex S throughout the years we have promoted lots of weekly or monthly partyes in local clubs and venues. Right now, I play mostly breaks, but as music is ever changing, I am also into dubstep, baile, nu rave, baltimore bass music etc. Some of my favourite acts include Leftfield, Forme, DJ Deekline.

Stefan: Your career as a DJ, promoter and producer is nothing else but impressive. Could you please describe what was it that motivated you to get involved on so many levels?
Sensorship: Impressive? I have no idea of what you are talking about I don’t consider I’ve done enough to qualify; there are others who are more relevant to this than me. I’ve always loved music and I wanted to do something new that gets me working. Slacking is awful, it’s a slow death!

Stefan: Regarding producing and styles of electronica you’ve been involved with, what caused the move from jungle and dnb towards breaks and bass music?
Sensorship: At a certain point I stopped loving dnb as much as not to promote it anymore, either through tunes or sets. Plus, I’ve listened to breaks music and dance music in general, at tempos between 120-140 BPM since I started getting into electronic music.

Stefan: How would you describe the underground electronic music scene 10 years ago compared to the present one?
Sensorship: I’m always thinking about the scene 10 years ago as the time when I started getting involved. I will never forget the party that took place on the court of the West University of Timisoara. It was summer; there were several hundred people, motorcyclists, school pupils, students, punkers, rockers, “Depeche Mode” fans.
The scene was just building up and the people were coming because it was something new to them, not because there was a certain genre of music being played. Now the public is filtered, can’t say that they are more cultured, but it’s a fact that they aren’t “wandering” anymore. I cannot agree if this is really a good thing or not.

Stefan: How do you think the Romanian scene will develop in the next 10 years? (Disregarding the current financial crisis )
Sensorship: We shouldn’t worry about the financial crisis, when it comes to quality events.
As for time, I could not say exactly. If you had asked me this question 10 years ago, I would not have described the actual one as it is now. The public needs to grow up and the Romanian public needs to evolve culturally. You’ll see that those who are partying now will not be present at the events 10 years from now.

Stefan: What’s the Romanian breakbeat and bass music scene like in your vision?
Sensorship: I think it's more eclectic than in most other countries; I like to see it that way. Sometime in the past breakbeat had lost some land, other subgenres appeared and took its place, but in the same time they brought new people at parties. Personally, when I mix, I like to go through all of breakbeat’s related genres and I admit that DJ Palotai influenced me the most. I have to say that TRG is a major benefit for the dubstep scene, putting Romania on the map.

Stefan: What is your opinion on dubstep’s ascendance and its effect over breaks and dnb?
Sensorship: As to any new thing emerging, it received attention from foreign media and pretty soon it had the same effect here. I like the fact that you can look at it from a bass music, fidget house, nu rave, breaks perspective even, and as an independent genre as it is.
Honestly, I’d be bored at a party where there’s only dubstep playing.

Stefan: Describe your perfect party? (One you were at or you would be at )
Sensorship: TMBASE 04 – with Deekline, Ragga Twins, Donna Dee, Jay Cunning, D-Bridge & Stamina MC and I think I’ve said enough. I played too, with Alex S scratching and we had a wonderful time.

Stefan: What does Sensorship hold for us in the future?
Sensorship: I don’t have any plans for now. I'm busy with other issues.
I would like a party with Booty bass music, scratching, MC’s and b-boys.

Interview by Stefan (Scuffle)

Drums.ro Podcast No.4 - Sensorship - Order in the Hood


Artwork by DiStress

1. The Cool Kids - Bassment Party [Chocolate Industries]
2. DJ Icey - Dayz And Dayz [Zone Records]
3. Stanton Warriors - Precinct [Finger Lickin Records]
4. Sporty-O - Guestlist - Keith MacKenzie And Fixx Vs Angel Alanis [Illeven Eleven]
5. Breaking News - Rush Hour - Quadrat Beat Remix [Subtribe Records]
6. Plastic Shell - Parks On Fire (Beatman and Ludmilla Remix) [Ayra Recordings]
7. Cam'ron - Rude Boy (Skit) [Roc-A-Fella Rec]
8. Rod Lee - Let Me See What U Workin With [Dre$$ 2 Sweat Rec]
9. Urbanural - Pentru minore (Senor Ship Club Edit) ???
10. Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir Feat. Young MC - Know How Theme [Delicious Vinyl]
11 .Skool Of Thought - Heart Of The Hood [Cool And Deadly Records]
12. TRG - Time is Now [Immerse Records]
13. Botz & Flydrums - Lock [Elastica Rec]
14. Marco Del Horno - Samurai - Rusko 'Safe Sex' Remix [Bullet Train Records]
15. L-Vis 1990 - Black Snax [Tres Cool]
16. Dub Frequency - Whoop! Whoop! [Cheaper Thrills]

- http://forum.drums.ro
- http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=69381062153
Drums.ro Radio - http://www.drums.ro
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