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Alt 01.11.2015, 19:21   #1
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21.11.2015: Freakwenz Fest #4 @ VOID

Freakwenz Fest and HellDrop are teaming up to offer two rooms of electronic madness.

Flyer 1
Flyer 2
Flyer 3
NEW! Video flyer by Ciners


■ BRANDON SPIVEY & RICHIE ANDERSON (Audio Riots - Drop Bass Network) LIVE - UK
■ COEXSYSTEMS (Special Weapons/Badback/Holzplatten) LIVE - DE
■ XOSPHR (Impakt/Shadowboxing) DJ - BE
■ D-TRONIK (Electro-Activity) DJ - BE
■ CURT COCAIN (FreakSoundz/Demolition dirt Crew) DJ - DE
■ Q-CHIP (Bunker/Solar One) DJ - UK
■ SHVLFCE (Gabber Noir) DJ - USA


■ MATT GREEN (Epileptik/Special Forces/HK Violence) DJ - UK
■ ARS DADA (Peace Off/Cock Rock Disco/Braincore) LIVE - NOR
■ H-KON (Clash Of The Titans/Praxis) DJ - DE
■ AMBOSS (Praxis/Mindbender/No Room For Talent) LIVE - DE
■ GRR (Industrial Strength/Mechanical Brain) LIVE - IT
■ ZIM (Helldrop) DJ - DE
■ BEATXO (Helldrop) DJ - DE

Facebook-Event: Freakwenz Fest #4

The perverted, extreme and forceful sound of audio deviants Richie Anderson and Brandon Spivey. These audio hooligans are based in the North of England and have been making hard acid and disrespectful techno since since 1993.
They have had releases on labels such as Alien Reign, Kill Out, Drop Bass Network, Epsilon, Deadly Systems, 666, Toolbox, appearing on the early Spiral Tribe mixtapes (sp23k) etc... Working under names such as Prole Synthesis/Asymetric/Wah Wah/Agro/Acab/Collective Strength.
They described their music as fucked up acid and techno and have done their best to follow their own course and only to do what is instinctive to themselves.


Growing up in the London borough of Hackney, Matt Green was quickly infected by the Electro and Hip-hop hitting the alternative alleys of the nineties.
He bought his first sampler (at the age of 12!), started creating and later on, everything fell into place and by the year of '96 when Matt released his first EP. He then, quickly had the chance to release several guest EPs on labels like Epileptik, Hong Kong Violence and many more.

With a respected list of past performances, including sets at Hellraiser, Darkness4life and the r_AW event, Matt Green continues his hardcore battle on stage. Strength and intensity are just a couple of words describing the waves that bleed from Matt Greens' live-sets. A familiar style to the loyal follower, with an ever going need to push the distinct Matt Green sound forward.

Coexsystems from Germany is part of the techno scene since 1994. He is founder of the vinyl label Audio Riots and the Acidcore broadcast Fucked Up!
Furthur he is co-founder of the vinyl label E.A.R and co-organisator of the Ground Zero event.
His tracks are released on labels like Holzplatten, Narcosis, Special Weapons, Analogate, Photon Emissions, E.A.R and Audio Riots.
To reach the purest form of Acidcore he works in the studio as well as live with hardware equipment like TR-909/TB-303/FR-777/DSI Evolver.

ARS DADA is Erlend Bilsbak, a breakcore/dubstep/hardcore artist/drummer based in Oslo.
Ars Dada has released shitloads of wicked albums and EP´s on various labels like Peace Off, Cock Rock Disco, Braincore... He played festivals and venues all over Europe, Russia and the US, where he's shared stage with some big names in underground electronic music such as Bong-Ra, DJ Donna Summer, FFF, Xanopticon, Venetian Snares, Otto Von Schirach, Drumcorps and many more.
This is his first time in Berlin, so don´t miss him!

D-Tronik is DJing Electro/Electro-Funk/Hip-Hop/Techno/IDM since more than 15 years in local Belgian events.
With indiscutable scratch and cut creative techniques that has now reached a high degree of quality, he delivers, perfectly beatmatched and brought together, tactical tunes that would awaken the most rusted android from the last cosmic war.

XOSPHR is a dj and event organizer in Brussels. He began to DJ and organize underground evenings in early 2000 as Electro-Activity (with artists such as E.V.A.C., Stormfield, the Dexorcist,...) with the nickname Autokinetik and participated in several projects such as Shadowboxing (with UltraDyne ...) or NYE Acid Rave (Cosmic force, global goon ...) etc. His latest project Impakt brought together artists like Ceephax, Luke Vibert, Minimum syndicat, The black dog ... XOSPHR is a mix between techno, acid and idm with a spatial atmosphere, mechanical pulsions and a lot of drama.

Representing Praxis Records and Clash of the Titans, H-Kon is a wicked DJ and music maniac who has been killing it for years and years. If you have not experienced his marvellous selections yet, phasing from Breakcore to Jungle and across, you NEED to come by and get busy on the dancefloor! And if you have heard him play before, then get another dose at VOID, you know you want it.

Massive, that´s the word to define one of the hardest drum and bass producer in Berlin! He released reference albums on pioneer labels like Mindbender Records, No Room For Talent, Restroom and others... Hook up to survive a thick storm of phat hoovers, sweeping heavy beats and dark doomed athmosphears.
There is no need to introduce GRR if you hang out in the actual Berliner underground scene. Into music creation since more than 10 years, he released kicking hard hybrid Breakcore EP´s on Sub/Version (Praxis), Industrial Strength, Mechanical Brain.... and organized numerous sick parties in Friedrichshain´s hood.

CURT COCAIN is a dj since 2001 and plays since 2003 in Berlin city clubs. In 2010 he builds FreakSoundz crew and organises gigs in Arthouse Tacheles and clubs Spielraum, Subland and Kili. His favorite sounds are hard based, from Acid to Drum´n Bass, Breakcore and so on. Everything but minimal and house.

Manages to remain something of an enigma within the electro scene despite DJ performances at the legendary ORBIT (UK), FUTURE PAST and DARKSIDE parties.
Little is known about this producer. His releases on BUNKER and SOLAR ONE caused reviewers to speculate about his identity, whilst raving about his tracks. An extreme electro blast using powerful, raw baselines with extreme electrical currents, contorting melodies and twisted harmonies cause dancefloors to disintegrate. Lose yourself in cinematic atmospheres and robotic cold paranoia, as the convulsive treatment is administered by the inhumane sounds of Q-Chip, in this rare public appearance.

ZIM got hooked on the drum-n-bass virus when he lived in warsaw. Later on he started DNB evenings in Bamberg, Germany, then moved to Berlin in 2011 and teamed up with Beatxo to form HellDrop.

Escaped from Colombia and stranded in Berlin for 8 years, his passion to metal/Industrial/Techno/Drum and bass brought him to DJ a mixture of fat, nasty and dark electronic sounds for now 10 years. Responsible with Helldrop crew and Bogotrax for organizing numerous events,
he offered many artists a place on various Berliner hellish stages.

✜ Come early ✜ Get wasted ✜ Stay late ✜






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Alt 18.11.2015, 00:57   #2
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Ort: Berlin
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Video Flyer by Ciners added

The wicked video flyer can be found here:
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acid, breakcore, freakwenz fest, helldrop, void berlin

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