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bad taste
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Bad Taste podcast and 'Talk to Frank' - free mp3 and competition!


It's all go over at here at Bad Taste towers... first up we've got the first in our brand new podcast series available for you to download through iTunes. It's presented by BLOKHE4D and features brand new and exclusive music, news, details of our Talk to Frank competition and lots more. When you've listened, don't forget to head on over to the Blokhe4d website and them know what you think!

Check out the Bad Taste Podcast here.



Also we've got a brand new track from Blokhe4d 'Talk to Frank' available for FREE download! Why are we doing this? Well it's to celebrate the launch of the new BLOKHE4D website and also to mark the launch of the Talk to Frank competition that is running through the Facebook page..

For the BLOKHE4D FACEBOOK PAGE click here

Click the link to grab your FREE download of Talk To Frank here

Or follow this link to find out more about our Talk To Frank COMPETITION



Last but not least the tearing debut from Loki on Bad Taste is in shops NOW....


1. Splash Damage

2. Dreamweaver

Buy your:

Vinyl - here

Digital MP3 - here


For more info check out the Bad Taste or Blokhe4d websites

Podcast tracklisting
1: Blokhe4d – untitled (WIP)
2: Blokhe4d – Cretin_Prolix Rmx – Bad Taste
3: Die Zorros – Der Lachende Sarg – Voodoo Rhythm Rec
4: Blokhe4d – Martyr – Bad Taste
5: Optiv – Smoke Screen – Shadeybrain Rec
6: The Equalizer Theme

Bens Favorite Tune Segment
1: Foul Play

Mix Segment – Mixed By Blokhe4d
1. Blokhe4d – Great Cities – Bad Taste
2. Da Vip – Napalm – Aeph Rmx – C2D
3. The Upbeats – Tor – Audio Rmx – Bad Taste
4. Prolix – Mean Streets – Bad Taste
5. Loki – Splash Damage – Bad Taste
6. Audio – Collision – Virus
7. Aeph – Scumbag – Bad Taste
==Alien Girl
8. Blokhe4d – Cretin_Prolix Rmx – Bad Taste
9. Fourward – Excessive Use – Bad Taste
10. Optiv & Btk – Let It Hit Them – Subtitles
11. Matrix_Shelter_?
12. Gridlok & El Hornet – Hollywood – Blokhe4d Rmx

13. Blokhe4d – Kisses and Lies – Bad Taste
14. ???????
==The Nine
15. Blokhe4d -Fade Away – Bad Taste
16. Blokhe4d & Dieselboy – Get Back – Unique
17. Fourward – Untitled – Bad Taste
==Get Raw
18. Hedj & Cativo – Intersections – Freak
19. Fourward & Mephjus – Doctrine – Bad Taste
20. Blokhe4d – The Way Life Used To Be – Bad Taste

1. The Black Keys – Next Girl
2. Telekinesis – Untitled – Bad Taste
3. Blokhe4d – Talk To Frank – Bad Taste
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