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Alt 22.02.2008, 16:53   #1
Silver Head
Benutzerbild von sick_noize
Registriert seit: 03.12.2006
Ort: Ilmenau / Thüringen
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[Dubstep] Hollow Point Recordings Podcast Vol. 1 feat. SPL

Here's the first installment of the Hollow Point Recordings Podcast hosted exclusively by our friends at http://PDXinDub.com. On this installment we have a studio mix from SPL.

Click to download.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the first release from Hollow Point with the mighty "Gangster" by Babylon System and SPL and "Lust" from SPL on the flip. More on that later.

Here's the list of beats...

Amon Tobin - Kitchen Sink - Noisia Remix [Ninja Tune]
SPL - Quagmire [Dub]
Babylon System - Loaded [Argon]
Headhunter - 7th Curse [Ascension]
Roommate & SPL - Face of Horror [Bassism]
Skynet - Swamp [Argon]
Ekelon - Timewarp - Headhunter Remix [Dub]
SPL - Smelly Garbage [Ascension]
SPL - Road to Salvation [Hollow Point]
Headhunter - Axis [Dub]
Babylon System & SPL - Gangster [Hollow Point]
SPL - Guns [Hollow Point]
Antiserum - Skullfucked [Mode]
Technical Itch - One of Us [Ascension]
SPL - Lust [Hollow Point]
Babylon System - Our Moment [Six6Six]
Roommate & SPL - Foundation [Bassism]
Babylon System & Noah D - Examination of Time [Argon]
Babylon System & Antiserum - We at it [Hollow Point]
SPL - Cobalt [Hollow Point]
SPL - Bullet of Truth [Habit]
Morcheeba - World Looking in - DZ Remix [White]
SPL - Spellbound [Hollow Point]
SPL - Reflection [Lost Soul/Hollow Point]

Oh yeah, and it's still in the infant stages but if you want to join up early, we have a presence on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/hollowpointrecordings

What I do is, I get girls like you jobs that pay 1000 or 5000 dollars per day.
I will send this demotape to the producers and if they like you, they're gonna hire you.
Does this sound good to you?
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Alt 22.02.2008, 17:05   #2
Platinum Head
Benutzerbild von Robyn
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Ort: Berlin
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as said earlier: SPL+Dubstep=
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Alt 22.02.2008, 20:45   #3
Senior Head
Registriert seit: 24.09.2007
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Thumbs up Awesome

the set is raising the roof !!! VERY BIG !!!
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Alt 04.03.2008, 20:33   #4
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Alt 04.03.2008, 21:05   #5
Gold Head
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Ort: fernab
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robovoice: "setting download immediately" ...
<<< ((( [|]\^!^/[|] ))) >>>

ich hab kacka in mein bett gemacht also hab ichs auf den fernseher getan
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Alt 05.03.2008, 14:13   #6
Hardcore Head
Benutzerbild von soundsurfer
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man man man


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Alt 07.03.2008, 00:35   #7
Silent Darkness
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Alt 07.03.2008, 13:10   #8
Diamond Head
Benutzerbild von Arsonist
Registriert seit: 23.12.2002
Ort: MA-Neckarstadt-West
Beiträge: 6.716
richtig fettes ding!
facebook.com/dnbarsonist /-/ soundcloud.com/arsonist /-/ soundcloud.com/spinning-time /-/ mixcloud.com/arsonistarsidub
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Alt 08.03.2008, 16:53   #9
Gold Head
Benutzerbild von slazenjah
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Ort: Karlsruhe
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serious music.
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Alt 03.04.2008, 11:03   #10
Silver Head
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Ort: auf der flucht
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schönes ding!!!

slow down everyone, you're moving too fast
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Alt 04.04.2008, 13:09   #11
Silver Head
Benutzerbild von gmaagsta
Registriert seit: 03.01.2008
Ort: KA
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abardiiisch!!!!!!!! jaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
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