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Vinyl DJ Vapour - No Smoke (Jamal Remix) / Jamal - Screwheadz (DJ Vapour Remix) [36THCH002]


Cat No: 36THCH002
Side A: DJ Vapour - No Smoke (Jamal Remix)
Side AA: Jamal - Screwheadz (DJ Vapour Remix)

Release: December 2007

The original mixes of 'No Smoke' and 'Screwheadz' caused maximum damage
throughout the DnB
scene when they were chosen as the flagship tunes for the first EP on new
Metalheadz sister label "Rufige". Both caused chaos on dancefloors worldwide and the EP promptly sold out in every shop
within one week of release, Jamal and DJ Vapour now step back up to the table with sickening remixes of what are probably their biggest tunes to date.

The A side, Jamal's bone-shaking remix of the bass-driven monster 'No
Smoke', features an epic intro to which Jamal has added his trademark
half-step vibe before a menacing drop which has turned the track into a
monster that soundsystems throughout the world have been having extreme
trouble coping with; our mastering engineer commented that he has never
mastered a track with such a heavy bassline before...

The flip features Dj Vapour's reworking of the massive 'Screwheadz' into a
dirty dancefloor stomper. Whilst retaining the dark, bass-heavy vibe of the
original Vapour has transformed the track into a huge tune which guarantees
a reaction from any crowd. Constant club and radio play has come from the
highly limited number of dj's who were lucky enough to receive advance

Dj support from Bailey, Randall, Dj Hype, Marcus Intalex, Fabio,
Goldie and Ray Keith and radio play on BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra.

The 'Screwheadz' remix has also been licensed for Randall's forthcoming
mix CD "Street Rollers".

To view the no smoke remix video click over to : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy4tSWvjzos

Worldwide distribution by Nu Urban Music UK tel : +44 (0) 1635 587 900

For all other information on 36th Chamber Recordings Aim : THIRTYSIXDEMOS

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