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Calculon-Exclusive mix-The Everyday Junglist Podcast


Click the link above to listen to the mix!!
Episode 298 is up and live, featuring Calculon!!

Episode 298 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast brings us a mix from Calculon, who is based of out of California! The mix Calculon sent us is filled with energy, combining footworkesque dnb tracks, tunes with old school vocals and breaks, filthy neuro tracks, and deep bass rollers! This mix is the perfect way to end 2016!! Thank you to everyone who supported our podcast in 2016 and keep an eye out for some more big mixes in 2017!!!

For more music from Calculon, please click the links below:

instagram/twitter/facebook @nikcalculon

Enjoy the sounds of Calculon!!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!!
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