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Video Sonic Impact : a History of Drum&Bass - A DNB Documentary Film

... schöne Doku über Drum & Bass. Für 8,50 EUR kan man sich Doku auf Vimeo für 72 h ausleihen:

This is a documentary film on the origins & the evolution of Drum&Bass.
Directed by Laurent Pasquier this movie is release in streaming VOD on http://vimeo.com/ondemand/sonicimpactdnb​ with some extras bonus on UK Garage and Dubstep.

This is the Bass Extase documentary project.

EN/ This documentary film is a 7 years research across Europe to understand and tell the story of a musical culture and testify the richness and the vitality of Drum&Bass.

From the origins to nowadays, we will travel along the history of this multi-racial music, and will tell about its evolution by meeting up with its major figures, like Goldie, Congo Natty, Andy C, Roni Size and more...

Coming from the underground, we will see how this sound succeeded to reach higher spheres, by renewing constantly and spreading everywhere in Europe and the rest of the world.

This movie is being part of the Bass Extase project supported by Trax Magazine, Mixmag and Dnb France.
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