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mp3 Kommander Keen - RAWR! / Long Time Ago [Giana Brotherz 008]


Out now! KOMMANDER KEEN - RAWR! / long time ago (Giana Brotherz Rec.)
You can listen both tracks on the myspace player:


Check also on the blog:

La Roux - bulletproof (Kommander Keen Remix) [Free Download!]
Dead Famous - DHD Scene (Kommander Keen Remix) [Free Download!]

After Kommander Keens first outstanding release on Giana-Brotherz- Recordings, which was high ranked in the Breakbeat and Nu Disco sale-charts and also played by lots of DJs around the world, like Greg Kozo (Make the Girl Dance) or Kissy Sell Out on BBC 1 radio, it's now the time for the next strong output. „Long time ago” is an extraordinary electro-track with a pumping beat and a deep bassline, that blows your mind. „Nu-Rave” in best „Old-Rave” -style! „RAWR!” is a breakbeatlike dancefloor smasher that kicks you with a huge sawtooth bassline!


First Release: >> Klick: KOMMANDER KEEN - trash de disco / problem kidz (Giana Brotherz 006)


20.11.2009: Robot Rock mit Mizekaze vs Buttonpusher @ Live Night, Neuwied
28.11.2009: Tanzbefehl! mit Buttonpusher, D.Va, Matt & Mille @ Sansibar, Koblenz
12.02.2010: Under the Ground mit FLX, Scumdog, Buttonpusher, Chicken, Kommander Keen, Brigz... @ Circus Maximus, Koblenz
15.02.2010: Tanzbefehl! mit Scheckkartenpunk (tbc), Buttonpusher, D.Va, Matt & Mille @ Sansibar, Koblenz

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