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Arkady - But I (Exclusive Mix for Headphone Commute.com Podcast)


Tracklist as follows:

1. Hecq - Steeltongued (Spyweirdos Remix) [Hymen]
2. Rockwell - Snare Drum Awareness [Digital Soundboy]
3. Jade - This is My World (Icicle Remix) [Citrus]
4. Alix Perez - I'm Free [Shogun]
5. Jubei - Alignment [Metalheadz]
6. Sabre - A Wandering Journal (Rockwell's Club Mix) [Critical]
7. Phace - Cold Champagne [Neosignal]
8. Dakosa - Hideout [Shadybrain]
9. Hybris - Macrophage (Sample) [Vampire]
10. Stray - Timbre [Critical]
11. Hecq - Howler (Edit) [Hymen]
12. Sabre - Follow Polaris (Club Mix) [Critical]
13. LV & Untold - Beacon [Hemlock]
14. Amon Tobin - Kitchen Sink (Noisia Remix) [Ninja Tune]
15. Amon Tobin - Hokkaido [Ninja Tune]
16. Sabre - Quarters feat. Noisia & Icicle [Critical]
17. Phace - CCTV feat. Noisia [Neosignal]
18. Noisia - Sunhammer feat. Amon Tobin (Extended DJ Edit) [Vision]
19. Dom & Roland - Odd Job [DRP]
20. Sabre - Javelin feat. Alix Perez [Critical]
21. Two Fingers - Subway Rhythm [Big Dada]
22. Spor - Claret's March [Lifted]
23. Spor - Kingdom [Lifted]
24. Maztek - Electric Rain (N. Phect Remix) (Sample) [Subculture]
25. Phace - You Keep on Talking [Neosignal]
26. N. Phect - Cascade [Syndrome]
27. D Bridge & Instra:mental - Detroid [Autonomic]
28. Phace - Zeitgeist [Shadow Law]
29. Martsman - Disharmonic Anti-Anthem [Offshore]
30. Dom & Roland - Jedi (Edit) [DRP]
31. Billain - Dopamine (Sample) [Citrus]
32. Distance - Fallen (Vex'd Remix) (Sample) [Planet Mu]
33. Dubchild - Take me (Boxcutter Remix) [Storming]
34. Amon Tobin - Ownage feat. Doubleclick (Edit) [Ninja Tune]
35. Sunchase - Pushing This [Drone]
36. Elemental - Sparkle (Boxcutter Remix) [Hot Flush]
37. Emika - Double Edge (Pinch Remix) [Ninja Tune]
38. Machine Code - Vessel [Combat]

Total time: 1:09:01

Click the artwork to download the 320 original directly or preview and download at http://soundcloud.com/arkady/but-i

This mix was recorded as an exclusive contribution to the HeadphoneCommute.com podcast, a regular showcase of some of the most fascinating electronic musicians and DJs the world over. After the Commuters approached me to curate a guest mix, I offered to introduce their listeners to some of the more intense sounds of drum & bass and dubstep. This is the result.

Seeding the initiative for a collaborative effort, Headphone Commute's invitation engaged my design partner SHVLFCE and writer Julian Van Zandweghe in a parallel triptych project. As I put together the mix, Julian worked to relate a similar narrative through piercing science fiction story writing while SHVLFCE applied his signature visual style. As accompaniment to the mix, the two of them developed a short story with an integrated visual series that you can download over at www.ItoIContact.com or grab directly at http://itoicontact.com/wordpress/Texts/Triptych.pdf

You can also check out the whole package at the headphone commute site. Be sure to subscribe to their podcast.

Immense thanks to the Commuters for inviting me to do a guest mix for them and for supporting the eclectic frontier of electronica.

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