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Filthcast 009 featuring Silent Killer

With so much music about these days it's all to easy to miss something special. You've probably already slept on New York's Silent Killer, but not today.

Enduser - Across (Adnoisiam)
Silentkiller - Savior (Ohm Resistance)
Counterstrike & Forbidden Society - Extreme (Algorythm Recordings)
Current Value - Running (Cooh Remix) (Future Sickness)
Donny - Fucking Offensive (Barcode Recordings)
Counterstrike & Silentkiller - Purify (Algorthym Recordings)
Silentkiller & Breaker - Destroyer (Ohm Resistance)
Pyro & Mundane - Post Physical (Unsigned)
Gancher & Ruin ft. D-Light - Banshee (Unsigned)
Current Value - The Unknown (Freak Recordings)
Silentkiller - Everyone Bleeds (Ohm Resistance)
Counterstrike, Silentkiller & Breaker - Weapon (Counterstrike Recordings)
Silentkiller - Supremacy (Ohm Resistance)
Silentkiller - The Great Machine (Ohm Resistance)


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