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TrickeryCollective 19.03.2009 02:03

Loop deVille - The One (w Z-Listers/Butter Party Remixes) [TC007]

[b]LOOP DEVILLE - THE ONE[/b][i] with remixes from[/i] [b]Z-Listers[/b] & [b]Butter Party[/b] [i][TC007][/i]

For the seventh [url=http://www.myspace.com/trickerycollective][b][u]Trickery Collective[/u][/b][/url] release, we bring you [url=http://www.myspace.com/loopdeville][b][u]Loop deVille[/u][/b][/url], a Brighton-based trio with a penchant for tomfoolery. Their track [b]The One[/b] is summer festival breaks at its best, with glitched-out female vocals sitting atop huge drums and sub bass, with a lush mid-section drop that's simply irresistable.

On remix duty, we call on electro-house superstars [url=http://www.myspace.com/zlisters][b][u]Z-Listers[/u][/b][/url], whose sound has blown up in a massive way in 2009, becoming a DJ crate staple worldwide. Their sawtooth-heavy remix keeps the lush midsection from the original, but flips everything else on its head with some hard-as-hell bass, rave stabs and distinctly "Z" beats.

Last but not least is [url=http://www.myspace.com/butterparty][b][u]Butter Party[/u][/b][/url], who loops, chops and crushes the original bassline, hardens up the vocals, and throws in some trademark techy stabs for good measure.

[b]AUDIO SAMPLES[/b] - click to launch mp3

[url=http://www.trickerycollective.com/mp3clips/TC007/01.mp3][u]Loop deVille - The One (Original Mix)[/u][/url]
[url=http://www.trickerycollective.com/mp3clips/TC007/02.mp3][u]Loop deVille - The One (Z-Listers Remix)[/u][/url]
[url=http://www.trickerycollective.com/mp3clips/TC007/03.mp3][u]Loop deVille - The One (Butter Party Remix)[/u][/url]



"All versions are cool. Liking the Z-Listers mix best tho. Like the Butter Party mix as well, but would play the z listers one." - [b]Aquasky (Passenger)[/b]

"All mixes are good but the butter is the best! gets your insides tickled red!" - [b]Soul Of Man (Fingerlickin)[/b]

"Yes, Z-Listers mix is very dancefloor friendly!" - [b]Anne Savage (Ministry Of Sound Radio/Most Wanted)[/b]

"Original and Butter Party Remix are tight!" - [b]Jaytech (Hussle & Bussle)[/b]

"Original is great. and remixes are great too. good stuff." - [b]Asle Bjorn (Full Blown/Size/Cr2/Yoshitoshi)[/b]

"Great energy and atmosphere in the original (best mix). Great to hear from fellow Brightoners." - [b]Desyn Masielo (SOS)[/b]

"All good tracks here, original mix is the one for me. Hot!" - [b]The Beatmonkeys (Chibuku Shake Shake)[/b]

"Like the orginal and Z-Listers remix, pretty sick bass line!" - [b]Ben Hebel (Urb Magazine)[/b]

"Z-Listers mix is the pick of the bunch for me!" - [b]Dylan Rhymes (Lot49/Adrift)[/b]

"Original mix is getting good reactions out, keep 'em coming!" - [b]General Midi (Distinctive/TCR/Kilowatt)[/b]

"Original sounds sweet." - [b]Kosmas Epsilon[/b]

"Z-Listers is the one here for me." - [b]JDS (TCR)[/b]

"Z-Listers is the one for me, love it!!" - [b]10 Rapid (Burrito)[/b]

"Original and Z-Listers mixes been going down well, nice one." - [b]Cut La Roc[/b]

"Another great release from Trickery Collective. Played the BP remix on the weekend and certainly had the desired effect." - [b]Nick Thayer (Breaking Point/Triple RRR Radio/Inpress[/b]

"It's all about the Butter Party mix! Monster tune!!" - [b]Introspective (Sinister)[/b]

"Playing all mixes!" - [b]Peter Paul[/b]

"Butter Party mix is DOOOOPE!!" - [b]The Scumfrog[/b]

"Both remixes are rollin' it. Nice action..." - [b]Force Mass Motion (Critical Mass Recordings/Lot49)[/b]

"Top stuff from the LDV boys who seem to be on a roll. Butter Party remix is probably my pick." - [b]Plaza De Funk (Mantra Breaks/West)[/b]

"All good mixes here! Favourite is the original, with its emotive groove and cheeky vocals to spice it up." - [b]Kickflip (NSB Radio/Fat!)[/b]

"Yeah wikid stuff! Full Groove Diggerz support on all 3! 8/10" - [b]Groove Diggerz (Breakin Even)[/b]

"Nice release! Thanx!" - [b]DJ Aleksij (Sloevenia)[/b]

"Wow... Butter Party mix? You mean Burning Man peak hour 4am right?!! Will giver a few spins for sure, nice one!" - [b]Mephisto Odyssey[/b]

"Kicking energetic stuff with electro lick, not so stupid as usual electro is now. Except of original I also like Butter Party mix." - [b]Josef Sedlon (Radio 1 Prague)[/b]

"Nice release... I'm digging the Original and the Z-Listeners the best." - [b]Simply Jeff[/b]

"Butter Party are really on a roll, their version gets nicely demented. Lufff it!" - [b]Janette Slack (iBreaks/Re:Connect)[/b]

"Butter Party mix for me!" - [b]Kid Blue (Lot49/Chew The Fat!)[/b]

"Two good rmxs in this package, will play 'em both!" - [b]Jnr J (/Fakt)[/b]

"The original and Z-Listers remix are alright, but the Butter Party one is the one doing it for me the most... wicked remix! Their stuff keeps getting better... excellent track. Played it out a few times recently and it rocks!" - [b]McQueen (Technique)[/b]

"Quality electro house... Butter Party remix is sick too." - [b]Joel Xavier (Whoop!)[/b]

"Huge stuff from Butter Party on the remix, nice heads down feel. Sure to bring out the clepto in you..." - [b]Hyperion (U&A)[/b]

"The Butter Party remix is the bomb, I kind of like Z-Listers but it's not really the sound that I normally play out. Thanks!" - [b]Tini Tun (We Are Here Records)[/b]

"Z-Listers remix is the winner! love the zipper sound and phat bassline..." - [b]Connie Wong (DJ Icon)[/b]

"Love the original, unique and original ideas there - doesnt try too hard, great production/engineering tho a few more hooks would have made it an anthem. Top marks! Loving Butter Party's as well, chunky, glitchy, all the right sounds! Z-Listers is sonically really tight but not up our alley. Great package." - [b]Bitrok (PACK Music)[/b]

"Great release from the LDV boys once again, can't get enough of the storming Butter Party mix though, madness." - [b]Jung (NSB Radio/Muujuun Blog)[/b]

"Full support here. Original has a great groovy percussion feel, while the Butter Party remix shows a darker well done club version. Not to mention great vocal work on both these mixes! Thanks!" - [b]Ariel G (behold)[/b]

"Three equally strong mixes with distinctive styles and very playable too, my personal favourite would be equally between the original and Butter Party remix." - [b]Vladimir Sokolov (TCR/Breakneck/Sokolov Sounds/Ministry Of Sound Radio)[/b]

"Butter Party remix is the one for me :)" - [b]Pablo Decoder (Lot49)[/b]

"Loving all three of these, and as usual it's horses for courses on which one you choose. I think for me the original stands out. I'll be showcasing them all on the radio show though, and playing out the original in club sets." - [b]High Eight (Re:Connect)[/b]

"This is a nice package but it is all about the punishing Butter Party remix here - what a monstrous take! Love it. Straight into my box, my chart and my radio playlist. Will play it out today in my Basstion radioshow. Will support it for sure." - [b]Boogie Mafia (Radio Euro, Laif magazine)[/b]

"Butter Party mix is wicked." - [b]Dopamine (Title Fight/TCR)[/b]

"Butter Party remix is a stormer! Wicked!" - [b]Chris Cargo (Choo Choo/Renaissance)[/b]

"I really like Z-Listers mix, that will get many spins from me. The Butter remix is hot too, I know I will play this mix as well. Very, very good remixes - club land will love these..." - [b]Sonique Sonique[/b]

"Both the original and Butter Party remix rock, the original has lots of funk for when you want to liven things up. Feeling the Butter Party Remix the most.. 8/10" - [b]Filth and Splendour[/b]

"The Butter Party remix is definitely for me!" - [b]Tony Tay (Zouk)[/b]

"I like all three mixes, hard to choose between them but a great release, cheers!" - [b]Hexadecimal[/b]

"Quite likin this one - a little on the housey side for us, but the Z-listers remix is the one we will be droppin for sure! When the bassline drops on this mix it definitely puts a smile right there and gets you movin as it builds - wicked track and a great little remix too - will be on the lookout for more from this stable..." - [b]Jo Stokes[/b]

"Ooooofff...this Butter Party remix is a heater. Lowslung and chugging just how I like it...will play 100%" - [b]Tigerhook Corp[/b]

"Brilliant! Best release of 2009 for me so far... the perfect package all around. Well done!" - [b]Chad North (NYC)[/b]

"It's all about the Z-Listers' mix for me! Awesome." - [b]Mike Ball (Silo/Spectrum)[/b]

"Butter Party mix is sure to work, a good mix." - [b]Swain & Snell[/b]

"Butter Party is on fire right now, this is one of his many great pieces of work." - [b]Matthew McCurry (Nmity Sounds)[/b]

"Very well produced on the Dirty Electro Tech Break House tip. Top notch quality. The original mix is my fave, I love it... Z-Listers 2nd... Butter Party 3rd..." - [b]Mezzy Matos (Mestizosix9/Nike DJ)[/b]

"Really good release, the butter Party mix is one of the best tunes i've heard for a long time, liking this a lot." - [b]Simon Jackson[/b]

"3 excellent tracks! Z-Lsters is my fav... dirty wonkey electro! 10/10, perfect for a Disco Science set!" - [b]Disco Science[/b]

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