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Jay Rome 30.05.2014 02:47

Underdog - Point Blank Ep (DIGIBLUS029 - Out Now!!)
Influenced by labels like Proper Talent and Metalheadz, Can Celik, also known as underdog (with the definitive lowercase 'u'), has been a champion in drum 'n bass culture around his homeland, Turkey and could be seen regularly DJing on NRG-FM. Following the completion of his degree in film and TV, Can relocated to London to study sound recording and music technology at the prestigious Islington Music Workshop. Then working multiple jobs, the Turk would finance his studio with his earnings. Inspired by the completion of his first tune, Can sent the finished product to Good Looking labelhead, LTJ Bukem. The positive feedback received became an inspiration, and encouraged him to move forward. Later years also saw underdog performing to a wider influence on Turkey's premier dance music station, Dinamo FM.

2008 with a Knowledge feature saw his first release with DJ Rap's Proper Talent, proving that inspirations do come full circle. Underdog can also be found cooking up some "Soul Food" on Dinamo FM. Catch him onTuesdays´ from 00.00 A.M.- 01.00 A.M.


A. Point Blank
B. Love Compass
C. Harder They Fall
D. The Setup

RELEASE DATE: 30.05.2014

ORDER: [url]http://www.junodownload.com/artists/Underdog/releases/[/url]

Organic basslines and flavorsome piano chords accompany sliding chimes and seagull-esque soundscapes in the extended player's first number, Point Blank. Perfect for a nightime stroll on the beach with your lover, this opening track sets the mood for the oncoming trio. Despite its so-called simplicity, the elements speak for themselves when the track is done. There's no need to let this tune cut short.

Nectarian chords introduce the follow-up, Love Compass. High end driven drums intermingle with filtered vocals before the bassline drops. Definitely one for the ones dancing in the speakers, Love Compass encompasses all that drum 'n bass is known for – heavy bass, hard-hitting drums and exquisite production.

As we approach the second half of the EP, Harder They Fall takes the music to another level. Multiple layers of keys lace top notch drum programming. Sax riffs phase in and out as the intensity within waxes and wanes. As the break comes, the sax, bass and piano come around one more time to beautify an already excellent piece as the drop hits. Gorgeous!

The Setup hosts eerie winds atop flailing drums, as keys and bell tones give way to the floor-smashing bassline. Driven and energized, Underdog has captured the essence of Digital Blus Recordings. As the break inches closer, you're in for a treat. As trilling trumpets decrescendo, a male chorus moves forward. Tranquil keys and drums approach the second drop, sending the dancing crew straight to the speakers. Approaching its tenth birthday, Digital Blus shows no sign of slowing down! Big up crew!

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