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Jay Rome 24.07.2013 17:12

BLUS019FREE - Merce - All About Tonight

While you were staying busy listening to [B]MERCE’s[/B] last release, [B]“We Own the Night” [/B]the man has been diligently at work, expanding his genre list to include the newly famed ‘trap’ sound. But this is unlike any Trap you’ve heard. Ya hear? This isn’t cheesy repetitious bass with commercialized sounds that you’re used to hearing on every popular radio station. [B]This is bliss. This is Merce. This is Blu Saphir. [/B]


Smooth, sleek, enticing, sexy and wonderfully produced,[B] ALL ABOUT TONIGHT[/B] is like an orgasm to the ears. Stepping away from drum ‘n bass for a moment, [B]MERCE [/B]delivers this complex number overdriven with orchestral textures, rapid-fire drum hits and a delightfully enhanced vocal to send you flying to the stars.

First introduced to a combination of vocals, pianos, snare, bass, and claps, the strings introduce themselves while the piano thins for a moment to give these tones their moment of fame. As the piano and the strings dance about in ‘call and response’ fashion, the break brings a wonderful synthesized harp melody, sure to bring you to your knees. The trap style drums come back in alongside pizzicato string stabs before the full essence is brought full circle. Beautifully done!

[B]Free Download:[/B]
More info´s about MERCE over:[/B]

[B]BLU SAPHIR ->[/B] [url]www.blusaphir.com[/url]

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