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Faith in Chaos - Possession

Come, I'll keep you warm
Keep you safe from harm
You know you needed me
You're crawling at my feet
I'll give you one more time
You push it all behind
There's nothing I wont do
I'm getting close to you

Who do you think you are
You'll never get that far
I'll keep you where you are
I'll hold you where you are
You dirty fucking whore
(There's nothing I wont do)
You dirty fucking whore

I'm getting close to you

You're nothing without me
You can't do anything
I made you everything
You're crawling under me

You dirty fuckin bitch
You're the one who's crazy, you're the one who's sick
You know you asked for all of this
You know you asked for all of it (Huh!)

Faith in Chaos - Possession (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) (Outbreak), 2001
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