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DJ Payne - From L.A. to Mannheim

Im Rhein-Neckar raum laß man ab Sommer 2003 immer öfter den Namen DJ Payne. Aber wer ist das? Wir haben den Amerikaner zu einem Kurzinterview getroffen...

Wie alt bist Du, wie heisst Du und woher kommst Du?

I'm 19 years old. Born on September the 5th 1984. My full name is Adam Phillipe De La Pena.
I was born in Los Angeles, California if you’ve ever seen the film Blood In Blood Out I live about 10 minutes away from that part of East Los Angeles.

Wie ist die D&B Szene so generell in L.A.?

Well it's more of a ragga jungle scene in L.A., you hear some U.K. style, but only at a couple of the bigger clubs and the residents play a lot of weird shit, so unless a U.K. d.j.’s playing you don’t see me at those places.

Wie kam Deine Connection zu Deutschland zu stande?

Through my cousin Tony, actually I got into D&B completely through my cousin, he came to L.A. one summer, and at the time I was a hip-hop d.j. Tony showed a jungle tape and told me to come to Germany and check out the scene there, so I did and it’s all history from there.

Wie lange bist Du jetzt hier in Deutschland?

Till April 2004.

Du kannst ja jetzt vergleichen L.A. - Mannheim bzw. USA - Deutschland.
Wie unterscheiden sich die D&B Szenen?

The scene in L.A. is a bit on the gangster side, which is cool, but I like the scene here better. People are always happy at party’s here.

Was für einen Style legst Du auf?

In L.A. I spin ragga that our crew the Q Continuum produces, but here I play a lot of U.K. style, like Dillinja, Total Science, Clipz, Baron, a lot of hard shit.

Stimmt es, dass Du hast an den DMC Championships teilgenommen hast?

Naw that’s actually not true, but I can scratch and beat juggle pretty good, maybe I’ll participate in an I.T.F. or something like that some day.

Du bist auch in verschiedenen Clubs in L.A. resident?

I have a residency at Evolve, at Recon, Databass in LA. I just play at off and on.

Wo hast Du in Deiner Zeit hier in Deutschland schon aufgelegt?
Gab es einen Gig der Dir besonders in Erinerung geblieben ist?

Conexxion in Manheim, Hale 02 in Heidelberg, Juz in Manheim, Lopez in Karlsruhe, Ex Steffi in Karlsruhe, C 22 in Stuttgart, Zurich at the street parade, but not at a club just on the street heh…and that’s about it.

Produziert Du auch? Sind irgendwelche Releases in Aussicht?
Wo kann man was von Dir hören?

Yeah I’ve been producing for almost a year now. Only got 1 release to date on Clonez it was a song called Deadly Ring, it was the first song I wrote and anything else I write will go out on our label Q.C. REC, other than that I have just been writing music for myself really and anyone who asks for my tunes. I don’t have a problem giving them to anyone, well given that they don’t suck as a DJ. Hahahaha...

Was hat es mit dem "Q Continuum" auf sich? Du bist dort member, oder?

The Q Continuum is our crew in L.A. we produce ragga, hip-hop and dancehall as Q.C. Movement and D&B as the Q Continuum. Myself, Loqtus, ProfeSR and Dmented are the other members.

O.k., sonst noch irgenwas was Du losweren willst?

Shoutouts: Big ups to Sven, Christof, Andre, Ollie, Christian, Roland, Michael, Stone, Tone, Anna, Ellen, Nadine, Mouse Man, Mathias, Daniel, Mark, Durko, Volker, Marco, Angie, Nash, Felix, Jan, Cem, Lisa, Sandra, David, Simon, Kai, and of course all the ladies ...

Adam, wir danken Dir für das Interview.

Thanks to Adam und Tony!
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