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Future Prophecies

Wer den Namen Future Prophecies noch nicht kennt, muss das Jahr 2004 verschlafen haben. Das norwegische Duo hat im vergangenen Jahr mit einigen Titeln, wie "Dreadlock", "September" oder auch "Magnetic" für allgemeinen Begeisterung in der Drum'n'Bass Szene gesorgt und mit Veröffentlichungen auf renommierten Labels wie Breakbeat Kaos, Subtitles und Outbreak ihre Erfolgsgeschichte weiter geschrieben.
future-music.net hat Tony und Richard ein paar Fragen gestellt, aber lest selbst!

Let's start with a bunch of questions: May you introduce yourself and how you get into Drum'n'Bass? When did you first started to DJ / produce? What was your first release and on which Label?

Richard Animashaun Thomas grew up at his Grandfather's house at Bjolsen, Oslo City, Norway. After some pressure from his Grandfather, who was a well known accordion musician, he started playing clarinet at the local marching band at the age of eleven.

He soon switched to saxophone and after years of playing in different jazz, classical, pop and rock bands it finally led him to attending Music College in 1992 to do a four year study in jazz, pop and rock. This was also the time that Richard started doing real studio work, programming and experimental "techno-ish" live shows. After becoming tired of the traditional western styles, he sold everything (except his horn) and left for India, where he started studying Indian Classical music with the Bansuri, or Indian Flute. As he says himself: "I can't stay still. I have to experiment and learn new stuff. I have to be on the move or else everything stops. As with my music I have to explore new territories." After a year of hard work and a lot of Delhi Belly he went back to Norway.

Tony was born in Oslo and brought up in Assbroken, a suburb in Oslo, and around '84 he started playing at the local youth club. He then started playing at weddings and friends' parties, and soon progressed on to playing in clubs and at rave parties. After experimenting in different styles of music he got hooked on breaks, which resulted in him becoming a record collector.

After realizing that the breaks records were mainly pieces of samples put together from different classic records he started making music. "At that time I thought it was just a case of putting together different samples, and the music would be there, but after years of producing and learning I found that there is so much more to it than that. To do what I wanted I soon understood that I needed somebody with knowledge of music theory. That's when I met Richard".

Richard elaborates: "After doing a local gig with his new project Poetry, Tony was DJing at the same club and approached me asking if I would be interested in doing some stuff on his project Huba Buba".

It was after this that they began work together and soon experienced the magic of having musical knowledge and extensive DJing backgrounds, which resulted in several 12" releases on labels such as (The first release ) Boombox, Kickin, Black Jesus and Quiet Riot. It also led to them starting their own label, Domination, on which they released Poetry's EP.

What's your musical style and background?

When it comes to our influences we have in a way a very different background with me earlier listening a lot to jazz like Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and so on. In 1987 Tony went to Ibiza. The island introduced him to house and baleric beats. In 1990 one of Tony's friends moved to London he then regulary sent Tony records. He was hooked...HARDCORE YOU KNOW THE SCORE., but then again we both always have had great love for Funk, Soul, Reggae, Disco, R'n'B, Trance, Flamenco, Electronica, Classical etc.

We try to listen to as many different styles of music as possible and be open minded. This again means that Tony and I brings in a variety of influences into our tracks that wouldn't happen if we where working separately. This is definitely one of our strengths in making D&B. This and using music knowledge/theory, live instruments, turntableism etc. to make the music live (not sounding totally computerish) is definitely what Future Prophecies is about.

What was your biggest tune so far?


What equipment do you use for productions?

EMU sampler, diffferent software, Genlec monitors , Macs and the most important thing we use is our head... it doesn't have that much to do with equipment. :)

Tell us more about the hybrid sessions!

It's mainly a DJ set / turntable act with live stuff happening around it, computer, synthsax, sax, flute etc. playing fx, bass lines, lead lines etc. It's a little bit diffcult to explain since people tend to think very traditionally about DJing, so the best thing is to check the video teaser [1]. The set is quite hard dancefloor stuff, and not at all a atmosheric jazz&bass session. This is the best way for me to explain it.

What was your best DJing and performing experience?

That's hard to say. We've done a lot of memorable gigs, but I would have to say Meltdown in Dallas on our last US tour. People where screaming so loud when we got on that we had problems hearing the intro : )

So whats a typical day in your life ? How do you spent - lets say: a Wednesday?

In the studio makin beats, checking emails, talking on AIM (Aol Instant Messenger). We've been working hard with our R'n'B and Hip Hop beats lately so we had a couple of vocalists runnin around as well.

Where do you see the future of Drum'n'Bass?

It will get even more digitalized with more CDs, MP3s, computer instead of turntable etc. This will definatly influence our record sales, but at the same time this will give you exposure that you wouldn't get without it. Sometimes it's what makes a track a hit. Because a lot of DJs will copy it and start playing it in places you wouldn't normally reach. And it makes it easier to get them tracks.
Drum and Bass will still be underground, but of course with some hits now and then.

Any future projects in the pipeline?

We also have Future Prophecies live session where you have us with Svein Schultz on Bass, bass computer, Carl Oluf Wennerberg on drums, drum
computer and David Solheim as sound engineer, computer. This are some great musicians with tons off experience and immense musical output. With this
setting we do everything live. It may not sound like it's live but it is. It's some new heavy, dark, hard hitting shit.

We have also just finnished a track with MC Jamalski, and you will be hearing Future Prophecies with more MCs, hopefully we do a track with MC Navigator in March 2005.

Other releases:
Future Prophecies - Concrete EP (Moving Shadow)
Future Prophecies - Eastern Organic / Elektra (Sound Trax 12")
Future Prophecies - Thunder & Lightning / Deceived (UnderConstruction 12")
Future Prophecies - My precious Bassline EP (Outbreak)
Future Prophecies - Illusion of Time Paul B Rmx (Disturbed 12")

We also have just finished our first album Warlords Rising which is due on Beatservice in March. A couple of remixes and Control of the Beast on compilation CD/Vinyl World of Drum'n'Bass Formation Records

Anything you want to let the german scene know?

To up&coming producers and DJs work hard as hell, never give up, and train you're ears for producing. Tell you're self to do one thing every day that will move you forward in the music industry/field. Learn playing piano and/or guitar (chord instrument) and singing (it will educate you ears and make you able to play what you hear in you mind).

Don't be narrow minded. There's a lot to gain from all the music genres that exist in this world. Both the commercial and uncommercial stuff. Have no limits. And have a lot of fun. Be experimental, but also know that if you wan't to make a living of it sometimes you have to compromise to survive.

And don't be an asshole. It will come back and haunt you one day in the future if you are.

A while ago, in 2000 we already established our own label "Domination Records" with three releases on (two under our former alias Poetry). This summer 2005 we will start up again working on distribution with SRD now. Already got a couple of our own tracks ready for it.

"Berzerk" is gonna be a party/dancefloor oriented label. SO WE REALLY NEED GOOD PRODUCERS TO SEND US STUFF. We're also planning a more leftfield label for our deeper stuff. But that's sometime into the future. The story behind the Berzerk label is really about when the Vikings where getting ready to go to war they used to eat mushrooms and go berzerk. You can compare it to Tony when his doing his war dance behind the turntables. Heheheh...

Don't hesitate to contact us: futureprophecies@broadpark.no [2]

Thanks for playing our tunes! Thanks folks & take care!

Video: Future Prophecies live @ Hybrid Sessions [1]
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