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Social Security (Child Support & Chrisis Loan)

Seit 1992 sind die beiden Brüder Zobee (Child Support) und Inz (Chrisis Loan) in die britische Drum'`n' Bass Szene involviert und haben in den vergangenen 10 Jahren viele Kontakte zu DJ`s, MC`s und Produzenten aufgebaut.

1999 kauften sich die beiden einen günstigen Computer und brachten sich selber den Umgang mit Programmen wie Cubase, Rebirth und Recycle bei. Nach etwa 3 Jahren, also 2001 / 2002, waren die beiden von ihren Produktionen so überzeugt, dass sie Demos verschickten und bald darauf folgte der erste Release auf Diagram Records. Fort an veröffentlichten sie unter dem alias "Social Security" auf renommierten Labels wie Creative Source, M.A.S.H. / Hospital, Deep Structure, Emotif und Formation / Reformed um nur ein paar Namen zu nennen – aber lest selbst, denn Zobee hat uns ein paar Fragen beantwortet ...

May you introduce yourself and how you get into Drum'n'Bass?

I welcome all europeans to my domain, my name is Child Support from Social Security. The year was 1992 when I got into Jungle / Drum'n'Bass, I was in school at the time and I was 12 years old, me and a bunch a ghetto youths picked up the microphone and started MCing over Jungle / Drum'n'Bass, 'cus at the time I couldn't afford decks, I was the only one who kept it up out of the bunch, 2 years later I started DJing and then from there it was full steam ahead!

When did you first started to dj/produce yourself?

Well as you already know im an MC / rapper / vocalist, that all started in 1992, the DJing came like 2 years later in 1994 when I was 14, that's when me and my brother Crisis Loan the other half of Social Security saved up some money and bought these belt drive decks called Ariston's, it was a proper ghetto set up, we use to run the decks through a ghetto blaster, back then it was like THEEE PHATEST SOUND WE THOUGHT WE COULD GET FOR A BED ROOM SET UP, hahaha! Funny how things change and your ears grow as your ghetto / musical mentality grow's.

Producing was a dream of mine since I was 12 but due to money it could'nt be done at all, I had so many ideas written down bout tracks and how I wanted them to sound and different concepts, ORIGINAL ideas but only until like 4-5 years ago that dream I had came true. So I started making music with my brother Crisis Loan, and then from there I learned a lot from him and then I started working on some solo projects which then as you know got signed up to labels like Hospital / Mash Rec., Blu Mar Ten's label Deep Structure, Emotif / D.Z.R, etc, etc!

Whats your musical style / background?

If I could describe my style and musical backround in one word yeah it would have to be ghetto, it's amazing cus ive been brought up on all sorts of music from Muhammed Raffi to Marvin Gaye, and I truly love all sorts of music, I have a really good ear for music since I was born haha! I was like 5 - 6 years old and I asked my mother that I wanted to learn how to play piano, usually you get your parents telling you you have to play piano or some sort of instrument but not my family, it was me that said to my mother "I wanna play piano!" I was so amazed by the size of the piano, the keys, the 2 peddles but due to unforseen circumstances it couldne be done, that's life you know, you win some and you loose some! When I went to secondary school in my 1st year I took up how to play the double bass but that did'nt last that very long, a year at the most.

So musically I've been intouch with these sorts of instruments from when I was born, now I consider my ear and my body and my hands and my mouth but most of all my heat and soul as my musical instrument. Iv'e even invented my own very jungle scale, and basicaly you follow your heart and soul, if it sounds good, and everything is working together as a unit then go with it, it's all about the jungle scale!!!

What was your first release and on which Label?

My 1st release was the 1st ever tune I wrote by myself which was called "Stop, look and Listen", that became a firm favourite with the ravers and all the big dances in the U.K. "Stop, look and Listen" came out on Hospital / M*A*S*H Rec., the other side is "Twin Peaks" which is Hospitality's dance floor anthem! So that was my 1st ever release by my self.

Whats your biggest tune so far?

Tricky question, because we have had quite a few, but at the moment I would have to say the track that me and Stevie Hyper D have done together which is called "Buffalo Soldier" that's coming out on the Tribute L.P, it's the ravers anthem and for me thats what its all bout. I would also have to say me and my brother we have recently remixed easily thee biggest jungle track of 1996, the track was by RebelL MC feat. Peter Bouncer "I'm a junglistic man", now we have done a 2005 remix, Social Security style, dance floor pressure for the world to enjoy! Its already getting massive amounts of response from the ravers!

What equipment do you use for productions?

I'ts really amazing now with what you can actually do with so little equipment, I feel that its all bout your foundation 1st, like your breaks, sounds, basses, concepts etc, then it boils down to dynamics sonics and finally your mixdown. Getting those thing's rite is important, then overall its what you as a human being what you put into your track, it needs the heart and the soul, once your track has those 2 spirtual elemnts then thats wen everything in your track starts to talk to eachother, and thats what me and my brother are all about! So it doesn't really matter to a certian extent what equipment you have its how you use it and what you put into to it.

Are you lot more into DJing or producing?

I love both as equally also doing vocals, im very fortunate to have these talents and thats why I treat each unique talent on the same level and always try my best to push it futher and further, DJing / MCing / rapping / vocals / producing, it's me, and it will always remain me and be a part of who I am and what I am and what I represent. When I get booked by promoters, if its to DJ or to MC etc., I do each art to a professional level and always think bout the people, im here for them and I always want to give them the best of me, I want them to come away from the nite with a little bit of my self in them, I want to be be entertained but at the same time educated in what I give them. I love it all!

What was your best djing experience?

There's different experience's I have had while DJing and MCing, even when people come up to me and say to me "your Child Support from Social Security, you done such and sich track etc, I love that tune, I even have my own dance when that tune gets played etc..." those sort of comments are beautiful and I keep them close to my heart, that way I know that I make my music with love and the ravers who recieve it they feel the love that im giving them, which is another dream come true.

The best DJing experience, well one of them would have to be when I was DJing and MCing in Norway, Oslo in a club called Club Bla, I was on the mic 1st then I stepped on the decks later but there was this women who actually took out her breasts for me, which was wikkkkkkkdddddddd!!! She had some nice firm breasts too, SO BIG UP THAT WOMEN WHO TOOK OUT HER BREASTS FOR ME AND THE CREW THE WHOLE NITE THRU! HAHAHAHAHA!

So whats a typical day in your life? How do you spent, -lets say: a Wednesday?

Studio, studio, studio, non-stop! We don't only work on Jungle / Drum'n'Bass, we do all sorts of music and projects, also I have my own projects to work on in terms of music and also vocals. I also try and keep my self fit by going to the gym, im not getting younger so the gym is one of the main parts of my life too. I love the sauna and steam and I would'nt mind having a steam and sauna with a sexy women!

Where do you see the future of DnB?

Hmmmmmm, to me that's an interesting question, I could talk about so many diiferent angels where I see Jungle / drum n bass in the future, but where I see it is where we should all together as a whole unity see it in the future, of corse I have my own vision of were and what it should be like but I want us as a whole as one to see it together.

Theres too much hate and not enough love, we need more love, we need to think bout eachother more, look out for eachother more, lets not create boundaries, lets no shut doors, let's open them, so every one can benefit from it and then the whole scene will last longer and it will be a long term vision rather then a short term vision. I see Jungle / Drum'n'Bass as a humanbeing as a body, if we dont look after the body, if we don't give it the rite food, the rite shelter, the love, the want the need, if we dont look after it, its going to die, so lets look after it, lets show the body love, let us all together do this and then take it together to the next level like it use to be in the old days.

At the moment there's alot of hate and confusion theres not enough producers / DJ's making track with love, they may think it is but they are only fooling them selves but we have to show support and love so they will find it once agian, let's do it together rather then individuals or labels, unity is the onley way!

Any future projects in the pipeline?

There so many projects we are working on and that we will be working on, first of all we have done the Stevie Hyper D track called "Buffalo Soldier" that's out now in your records shop's or if you wish to buy it online go to Black Market Records, we have also just finished the 2005 remix of Rebel MC feat. Peter Bouncer "I'm a junglistic man" that should be coming to a record shop near you. Me and my brother and Ges - we have done a remix of thee biggest bhangra tune to date, Swami's Desi Rock, we have given it a Social Security & GES - E Nasha eastern ghetto dance floor edge, thats geting heavy plays on Radio 1 by Bobby Friction & Nihal. Also got a few vocal projects that im working on too.

Anything you want to let us know?

All I can say is thank you very much for letting me have this chance to show you what one half of Social Security is all bout, I wanna big up all you guy's and girl's out there pushing and backing Jungle / Drum'n'Bass to the max, we can only do this together as a unit! I wanna big up Crisis Loan the other half of Social Security, I wanna send it out to my mother and my big brother, also god, the angels, the prophets, all animals, planets, all the different dimensions in our universe, and you, the raver, the buyer, the supporter, the original die hard junglist that keep it real! Social Security loves you, and we are always here for You!

God Bless,
from Child Support, Social Security
Peace and Love and Unity!

Discographie (November 2004):

Social Security - Warm bass rising / Mculsky (Diagram Rec.)
Social Security - Never Never Land / Take Away (Creative Source)
Social Security pres. Child Support - Stop, Look and Listen / Twin Peaks (M*A*S*H)
Social Security pres. Child Support - Alien vs Preditor / The Feel Good Factor (Deep Structure)
Social Security - Freedom of Speech / Lation Lover (D.Z.R)
Social Security - Tom'n'Jerry / Happy Dayzzz (Emotif)
Social Security - The past the present and the future / Speaking spells (Deep Structure)
Lenny fontana - Spread Love (Child Support Rmx) (Hospital Records)
Social Security presents Child Support - London Zoo / Strawberry Jam (M*A*S*H)
Blu Mar Ten - Trauma (Social Security Rmx) (Exceptional)
Child support & Influx UK - Taxi Driver - Reformatted EP (Formation/Reformed Rec.)
Social Security pres. Child Support feat. Stevie Hyper D - Buffalo Soldier (Stevie Hyper D The Legend LP)
Rebel MC & Peter Bouncer - I'm a Junglistic Man (Social Security 2005 Rmx)

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